Acer Aspire 4530 (update : 8 Aug 08)

Posted: July 18, 2008 in Hardware
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Acer Aspire 4530 is my third notebook, which I review / commented in this blog. The first one is Acer 4520 (AMD Turion x2) which you can read here and the second one is Lenovo Y410 (Core 2 Duo) which you can read here.

For the record, all three notebooks, I bought and setup it using Windows Vista Ultimate with latest driver available, properly restart and defrag all of them before benchmark it using Windows Vista Experience Index. So, roughly, what I am going to write here is my short experience with my new laptop, and how good or bad it is compare to the other two.

Design wise, Acer Aspire 4530 a little bit different compare to Acer 4520, which for 4530, Acer decide to use black color as 4530 theme (while beige color for 4520). It look a bit mature and professional (but, rough black surface is not my liking…why dont they just use slick and shiny surface as 4520 but black in color) . However, since look and taste are subjective, I will not comment on this section. Design wise, I prefer Lenovo layout.

Actually, before I bought 4530, I had tough time to choose either Compact Presario V3839TU (Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz with 2 MB L2 Cache, 1 GB Rams, 160 GB hard disk, Bluetooth etc) or Acer 4530 which use brand new AMD 64 Turion X2 (Lion), 1 GB Rams, 160 GB hdd, Bluetooth, wifi etc, just like V3830AU.

But, there is several things which I can’t ignore. They are :

  • Compact Presario 3839TU notebook use X3100 graphics chipset (which the performance is Ok’ish (3.5 for 2D and 3D under Vista Performance / Experience Index) while Acer 4530 notebook use the latest nVidia 9100G M chipset which support Cuda and Physix as well. After doing some homework, I found that (from web), the reviewer claim, 9100 chipset could perform as well as nVidia 8400G discrete graphics chipset. In other word, this new 9100GM chipset will blow out and beat X3100 chipset like no tomorrow.
  • Core 2 Duo definitely has excellent architecture in term of speed and power consumption. However, this new Acer notebook use new core (Lion), labeled as RM-70 instead of TL-60 (which is used in 4520). A quick check at Wikipedia and AMD website, RM-70 consume 31 Watt of power while TL60 use 35 Watt. I was about hmm… I might give it a try to see how good 4530 battery life improvement compares to 4520. Perhaps, it could catch up C2D CPU battery performance. From my pass experience, Acer 4520 (AMD Turion x2 TL 60 : 2 GHz) has shorter battery life compare to Lenovo Y410 (Core 2 Duo, 1.83 GHz). Note : C2D 1.83 GHz performance = Turion X2 2.0 GHz.
  • Acer 4530 use Hyper Transport 3.0 which double the HT2.0 bandwidth. Acer 4520 is equipped with Turion 64 x2 TL-60 which use HT2.0, and even so, I experience Acer 4520 has better responsiveness compare to Lenovo Y410. It is not too significant, but you could feel a little bit lag at Y410 which is not exist at 4520 system. I believe, AMD integrated memory controller and Hyper Transport are responsible to 4520 better responsiveness compare to Y410. So, if HT2.0 could perform like this, how about HT3.0. I wonder and keep wonder. But I have no answer for this one since this notebook is so new, so I couldn’t find any in depth review for this unit.
  • Price gap. Acer 4530 cost me RM1830 while Compact Presario V3830AU will tax my wallet as much as RM2330. A flat RM400 price different. I could buy a lot of upgrades and gadgets for RM400. Upgrade to 4 GB rams (DDR 667) which is maximum capacity for this notebook, will only cost me RM200. I still have another RM200 to be spend. Perhaps, a portable hard disk or 16 GB of pendrive …yummy. Should I mention Lenovo Y410 cost me RM 2300+ too?
  • I know, this Presario notebook will perform more or less like Lenovo Y410, but in graphics and 3D department, I could speculate how bad it will be. Acer 4520 or any notebook which use nVidia 7000M chipset also not a good performer. So, how could I resist when someone claim, nVidia 9000G M (Aspire 4350) chipset could perform as good as dedicated 8400 nVidia chipset.
  • Acer provide Windows XP and Vista drivers while Compact Presario notebook user need to find compatible XP driver on their own. There are numerous report that, many of that Presario notebook user, unable to make the sound chip working under Windows XP.

Base on these reasons, I decide to buy Acer 4530 notebook from one of reseller (nick mugmug aka Mr. Yap ; very nice and reliable person to deal with). Bear in mind, market price for this notebook approximately RM1999.00. So, if you would like to buy this unit for RM1830, you know where to find this person 😀

Installing Windows Vista Ultimate on Acer 4530 is child play. No hassle, no drama. Just put the OS disc, set the first boot sequence (F2 to enter bios menu) to CD/DVD and viola, after several clicks on next button, Windows Vista Ultimate properly setup.

Installing Acer 4530 driver is pretty easy. A single DVD disc with interactive menu to guide user how to install drivers in sequence. Pretty handy. But still, compare to Gigabyte motherboard which allow user to install the whole system drivers in a single click….Acer solution still has a lot of improvement. However, compare to certain manufacturer which only provide driver disc without any interactive menu, might cause newcomer a bit lost, which driver need to start first. I pretty love Acer driver aid/guide solution for 4530.

So… well this notebook perform you may ask. Well, at this stage, my Vista still has no update. Let alone Service Pack 1. But, I still insist to benchmark it using stock WinVista and stock driver. The outcome really promising, consider Acer 4530 is a budget notebook.

  • CPU : 4.8
  • Memory : 5.7
  • 2D Graphics : 4.1
  • 3D Graphics : 4.4
  • Hard Disk : 5.2

Note1 : My Acer Aspire 4530 is equipped with 2×2048 (4GB) of RAMs. And I would love to highlight, Acer 4520 only able to support up to 2 GB of RAMs only.

Note2 : Even after SP1 and latest update, the score remain as above.

Generally, Acer 4530 beat both of 4520 and Y410. No surprise for that. However, I really love to see 3D graphics score 4.4 which prove nVidia 9100G M is far superior compare to Intel solution, X3100 (3.5 for both 2D and 3D). And I feel relief, as I made the right decision to buy Acer 4530 instead of the Presario I mentioned before or even Lenovo Y410.

But, even until this very moment, I still couldn’t find Acer Aspire 4530 e-Power utilities software. Strange enough, Acer seem don’t provide these utilities, even they brag about it almost everywhere. Same thing happen to Acer Aspire 4520 too which I need to download from Acer Australian website (Acer Malaysia don’t provide this utilities back then). For those who are not familiar with Acer  e-Power feature, it is actually a set of utilities which make user computing life easier, especially for beginners which might have no clue how to fully utilize their notebook potential. As far as my memory serve me well, among those utilities, I love e-presentation, signal up, power management (throttle), and err…. Short term memory lost..sorry. However, for hard core user, they might think, e-Power utilities are bloated software. It is a matter of taste. I would love to test Signal Up Features and e-Power shortcut bar upon ‘summoning’. But, I believe, it is a matter of time. Sooner or later Acer will release e-Power for Aspire 4530.

Note : You can install Acer 4520 E-Powering Technology for your 4530. Details : HERE

Another worthy note, Acer 4520 do not have Bluetooth. But Y410 has and Acer 4530 has BT EDR 2.0.

Despite Y410 claim to have Dolby Digital Certified and Altec Lansing speaker, trust me, Y410 sound so tiny and average. Both Acer 4520 and 4530 beat Y410 sound quality miles away. Perhaps, Y410 practice weird design layout, which they decide to put 2 tiny speakers in front of the notebook, which direct the sound to your stomach; not your face or ears.

At first, when I read, Webcam Optimize for low light video chatting, I thought it was just a gimmick. But happy to report here, it really work. The picture seem quite noisy (like, when u crank up digital camera ISO to 1600) but it works.

I think, we have sub RM2000 champion here 😀


Spec :


Processor :

  • Model : AMD TUrion X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-70
  • Speed : 2 GHz
  • Model Number : 6000
  • Core Per Processor : 2 Units
  • Thread per Core : 1 Unit
  • Internal Data Cache : 2x 64kB, Synchronous, Write-Back, 64-byte line size
  • L2 On-Board Cache : 2x512kB, ECC, Synchronous, Write=Back, 16 Way, 64 byte line
  • Package : Socket U
  • Generation : G8
  • Revision Stepping : 3/1 (C60)
  • Microcode : MU0F3132
  • Core Voltage rating : 0.950V
  • Maximum Physical Address / Virtual Address : 40-bit / 48-bit
  • Native Page Size : 4 kB
  • Large Page Size : 2 MB
  • LBRV – LBR Virtualization supported
  • SSE support up to SSE3

System :

  • System : Acer Aspire 4530
  • Mainboard : Acer Grasmoor
  • Multi-Processor Support = 1 Processor
  • APIC Support = NO
  • System Bios : Acer 255.255
  • Total Memory = 4.0 GB

Chipset :

  • AMD (Family 11h) – Hyper Transport Technology Configuration
  • Front Side Bus : 1x143MHz

Video System :

  • Monitor : Generic PNP Monitor
  • Adapter : nVidia GeForce 9100M G
  • Imaging Device : Acer Crystal Eye Webcam

Physical Storage :

  • Hard Disk : ST9160827AS 160GB, (SATA300, NCQ, 8MB Cache
  • Optical : HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T50N (SATA150, 63X CD-R, 24x CD-W, 8x DVD-R, 3x DVD-W, 2MB Cache)

Peripherals :

  • 3x USB
  • Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader
  • LaunchManager
  • Synaptics Touchpad

Communication Device

  • HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartCP

Network Services

  • Adapter LAN : Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet
  • Adaper WLAN : Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter

nVidia Geforce 9100MG Chipset

1 GB (already upgraded to 4 GB DDR2 667MHz)

160 GB Sata HDD

DVD-SuperMulti Dual Layer

802.11 b/g Wireless LAN

Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR


Add-On (2 days using experience) :

Acer aspire 4530 definitely responsive enough for my working environment. Vista boot time is faster than my PC (blaim Creative X-Fi sound card for this one 😀 ), but, it has it flaw too.

Battery life performance : Just average. Acer Aspire 4530 more or less like his brother, 4520 even it use new core of processor. The different is not justified. Complete charge and discharge, I realize the battery last around 2.5 hour for economy and 2 hour for medium power setting. I don’t test for high performance power setting yet. Activities involve : browsing internet (mean network should be on), listening to music sometime, yada yada…as other normal notebook user activity with his/her notebook. Interesting comparison, Lenovo Y410 (with C2D processor) able to be used for 3 hours with medium battery power setting. From my pass experience, I could watch DVD or DIVX full length (2 hours with pause) film using lenovo with maximum brightness LCD and still got 30% battery left. Gonna test 4530 for this one later. Currently, both notebook are super busy with their benchmark torture :p

Heat : My state of the art lap-o-meter indicate, both notebook has no overheat issue. I could use both notebook 3 to 5 hours without feeling uncomfortable. At least these notebook will not fry my ball. However, I notice, Lenovo emit less heat compare to acer 4530 but the different is not significant. But, using my palm-o-meter, Lenovo Y410 palm rest much warmer compare to 4530 and make my palm sweaty. While Acer Aspire 4530 has no issue in this department. For extended period of use, I prefer Acer 4530.

Build Quality : I need to say that Lenovo Y410 has better quality compare to Aspire 4520 and 4530. My 4530 battery compartment, a bit loose. Maybe its ok for the rest of us, but when you have 2 or 3 notebooks in your hand, I can’t avoid myself to judge them. Lenovo Y410 feel sturdier than Aspire 4530.

Keyboard : As a touch typing user, I felt both notebook has good keyboard. Easy to type and the size and depth just right for notebook. Some other notebooks, their keybord to shallow or too small for my liking.

Touchpad : Acer 4530 touchpad win my heart. I hate lenovo slick touchpad surface which make my sweaty fingger hard to move on, which render my cursor navigation suck. I always need to find mouse when I need to use Y410. However, since I bought Acer 4530, I haven’t plug any USB mouse yet. That statement alone suffice to justify, how easy to use Acer 4530 touchpad. Accuracy and acceleration of 4530 touchpad are just right for most application. (Please use mouse for your FPS games )

Drivers :

To date, Acer only provide driver for Windows Vista and Windows XP. No official driver for linux yet. A lot of forumer said that Acer don’t provide XP driver from their FTP. Well, last time I check, this statement remain true but bear in mind that Acer provide XP driver in driver disc. I am not sure why they do this but I have both XP and Vista driver. For me, driver is not a big issue espcially if 4530 will follow 4520 foot step. Check out what kind of driver 4520 got currently? XP, Vista, Linux ….. either 32 bit or 64 bit. Wide spectrum coverage. Acer use custom nVidia graphic driver, so, directly use driver from nVidia is not a wise decision. nVidia claim, Acer customize it to include lid control, power management yada yada tadaa.

Acronis TrueImage can’t be used at Acer 4530 in IDE mode. Neither from bootable disc nor from windows environment. In fact, I can’t event successful install Acronis TrueImage Home 11. I can load acronis trueimage from boot CD or install it at Lenovo Y410. My friend dell inspiron notebook also exhibit same problem as my 4530 notebook. At the end, I need to use Vista Ultimate Complete PC backup feature.

Note : Norton Ghost 14 able to run either in IDE or AHCI mode.

Fixed : Use AHCI instead of IDE will fix Acronis problems.

Performance (Benchmark) :

In order to have a better view how well nVidia GeForce 9100M G graphics chipset compare to most intel  X3100 graphics chipset base notebook, I decide to put Lenovo Y410 (Intel Core2 Duo base notebook with Intel X3100 graphics chipset) benchmark result.

Lenovo Y410 3DMark 03 Result : 1701 points

Lenovo Y410 3DMark 06 Result : 571 points

Lenovo Y410 PCMark05 Result : Pending

Lenovo Y410 PassMark result : 443 points

Lenovo Y410 : 3.5 (X3100 limit, both 2D and 3D = 3.5). Detail vista benchmark for lenovo y410 :

Hard Disk Benchmark (IDE Mode)

Notice that temperature of HDD increase from 45 to 53 degree celcius upon completing the benchmark.


Update (1 Aug 2008) : Temperature Benchmark

Due to some request; to measure actual temperature of this notebook in well technical method, I decide to give it a run.

Enviroment :

Ambient temperature : A bit hot for standard room temperature (I took a quick shower while waiting this notebook do its temperature test).

Location of notebook : On top of my working table in my computer room (which got my PC too…running 24/7). Ventilation not soo good coz no aircond in that room, windows closed due to eye prying neighbor.

Prior testing : 1 hour before the test started, this notebook just did Acronis Image Backup. Compress 31 GB Vista partition into single 12 GB .tib backup image (highest compression, run for 50 minutes). So, I let it cool down for 10 minutes and restart the notebook.

After 30 minutes of idling + some background download and light browsing, I start Hardware Monitor and Prime Test. Set the prime test to torture CPU and RAM. The result…as the picture below.

Idle Temperature : 48 degree celcius

Highest Temperature : 84 degree celcius

CPU and RAM activity : 100%

Duration of torture test : 32 minutes.

High temperature (with Prime do its stuff) settling at : 81 to 82 degree celcius.The temperature maintain between 81 to 82 degree, for 20 minutes which I decide to stop the test at 32 minutes.

Room temperature : Suspect around 30 degree

Table material : Transparent glass.

No cooling pad. (I dont think I need one coz i use this notebook on the go. I use my PC when I work at home and office.)

Note : Bear in mind that Prime Test extremely test your notebook to the limit. It make the CPU (both core) 100% busy all the time. So do with your RAMs. In practical sense, normal computing will only consume around 10% of CPU usage. As I type now, both core, only run at 7% to 16% (Avira AntiVirus + Orbit Downloader + iBurst tools + Vista Sidebar gadget + Daemon Tools + Paint + Task Manager and standard vista ultimate service.


Update : 08.08.08

What are you doing here….go watch olympic..

Joking aside… I am happy to report that, my acer 4530 notebook battery life….is alive 😀

After a series of charging and discharging…..finally this battery able to run this notebook for more than 2 hours….. using balance mode. Activity involve…well…browsing, mp3, broadband (network on, wifi off, bt off), ms word. 3 hours and still has some extra juice.

Conclusion :

Acer 4530 with nVidia Geforce 9100G M chipset is 2.5x faster than Core2Duo with X3100 base notebook for complex 3D rendering (3Dmark06) and at least 2x faster for less 3D demanding application (3Dmark03).

  1. expertester says:

    I will benchmark this new notebook using 3dmark, pcmark and sandra if time permited.

  2. Jason says:

    Excellent review! Would love to hear more about battery performance.

  3. lol says:

    just buy, in 1 week wireless adapter not detected. hardware failure.

  4. expertester says:

    Jason :
    Sad to say, battery performance just average. Perhaps, Acer provide its budget notebook with average performance battery. Lenovo Y410 easily could reach 3 hours casual use (medium performance) while Acer 4530 struggle to get there.

    Base on my non scientific observation, Lenovo Y410 beat Acer Y410 battery performance at least 30 minutes flat.

    However, one interesting finding (while doing my work with my colleague), she use Dell Inspiron (1 month old, with 250 GB hdd), her battery could last more than 3 hours with heavy usage ….installing VMware server + install suse linux 10 2 copies on virtual machine…and still not out of juice. Acer 4530 cant complete 2nd installation, which i need to plug electric.

    Stay tune for benchmark result : 3dmark 03, 06, Sandra and Perf.

    Lol :
    have u install the wireless driver yet?

  5. zikwie says:

    nice review. bought one already after reading your reviews from the forum. So far so good. for an average user like me, i’m very much settled with its current performance..

  6. mnx says:

    can 4530 run on vista 64 bit?
    btw,which one is better 32 or 64 bit ?

  7. expertester says:

    I believe 4350 able to run vista 64 bit…in fact I prefer to use 64bit version of OS. Vista 32 bit only allow the system to use 2.8 GB of Rams (total my ram = 4 GB). Even it report 4 GB after install SP1, actual ram available for the system only limited to 2.8 GB, unless I disable 256 MB shared memory, leave 64 dedicated n9000Gm chipset memory.

    But, I am not sure either driver for vista 64bit available (supplied DVD) or net.

  8. donnaopi says:

    where is the driver… i’m using the same aspire.. I’ve problem install vista. It hang when completing the instalation. however, it settle when i change in bios the sata from isde to SATA. then ok after that… But seem to have problem when the driver doesnt install automatically. The LAN cant connect. So i cant update to the internet. However, i do have the standalone SP1 installer.. I’m trying to do now.. any new thing i’ll update here..

  9. expertester says:

    Dannaopi, I forgot to mention, you need to install LAN driver manually from device manager like the old days.

    Right Click On My Computer –> Property –> Device Manager –> Network Adapter (Here u see a device with exclamation mark –> Right click on that device –> Update Driver Software –> Browse to LAN driver located in supplied DVD (SW1)->LAN ->Vista->IA32

    If you have problem installing vista under AHCI, change to IDE at BIOS.

    • maya says:

      hi i also bought this acer 4530 last month and it works well and a great help to me as a student..but i have a big prob i left my os disc in my uncle’s house far away from where im staying right now and the system warned me that the utimate windows 7 in my laptop is going to expire after 7 days so i have to back-up my files. please help me wath to do coz im not that good in programming or even backing up my files this is my first time to own a notebook…please please help me…what the best thing i could do cause my os disc is not available…

  10. Dhani Widyanto says:

    hope she comes to Indonesia shortly

  11. Dhani Widyanto says:

    What Linux distro can run all the devices in?
    My AA 4520’s devices are all recognized and worked well by Mandriva One 2008.1

  12. ujang_je says:

    My review from me for this lappy is Very Good perfomance when running Vista Home Premium with 2 Gb of RAM,cute black surface…no need to wipe d surface frequently,friendly button…

    I installed multi OS ,and there is no prob about driver for XP,so i;m recommend this lappy for all,…thinking to swap my 4920 to this model oso..sometimes the cheapest doesnt meant the bad product,my friend bought a brand new Dell,but got suck keyboard for just 2 days usage,d specs is lower then this 4530,but d price almost rm3k…cute shape Dell win,cute price Acer won..

    ok thx from me..

  13. don says:

    Has anyone tried to install Ubuntu on this machine?
    Does it work perfectly? I want to install Ubuntu on Acer 4530, but afraid that the system might crash.

  14. antonius henry says:

    finale…. comes to indonesia aspire 4530, just brought it 3 days ago, i’m
    very please with it’s performance, i think this one, is the most cheapest gaming laptop, tested with Gear of war medium setting run smothly. 😀

    upgrade with 1x 2gb ram pc6400 …..

    turion64 X2 + gforce is the best

    fully recomended!!!

  15. expertester says:

    Holy crap…Gear of War. LoL.

    Since my notebook solely purpose for my working environment (including 3ds and Maya), so I never stress it capability in gaming division. But the benchmark seem, the performance almost close to my old rig, Athlon 2500+ OC at 3200+ couple with Radeon 9600XT.

    Ubuntu, I think should be OK to be installed. But you need to double check, either nVidia release it linux proprietary driver for Ubuntu or not. Otherwise, it might a bit dificult to find GeForce 9100GM universal / open source driver since this chip very new.

    But I can 100% sure, it will not crash your notebook. I bought my notebook with linux pre-installed. Linux without GUI….hehehe.

  16. panchorguy says:

    just wanna ask.. why after i install VGA driver for windows XP, the display setting only 4 bit? or need to install XP 64bit?

  17. expertester says:


    It is weird. Have you check device manager to see any driver or hardware conflict regarding your display adapter.

  18. JJ says:

    how can i contact this Mr. Yap..???

  19. expertester says:

    you can PM him at forum, look for nick mugmug.

    I have his mobile number but it is not polite for me to advertise his mobile number without permission.

  20. JJ says:

    could u possibly email his no 2 me..?

    and how would this laptop fare with the latest games such as
    crysis and mass effect..??

  21. abdul hadi says:

    i have problem with my usb…juz bought this lappie last week.sometimes, when i switch on the usb doesn’t work.i don know why it resolve this, i have to set my bios to default..then my usb works like come it can be like that?

  22. expertester says:

    Not sure either you have play with the bios setting before or not, but out of the box, all the usb work fine for my setup. I havent change anything yet in the bios except change IDE to AHCI.

    This notebook is not gaming laptop, so dont expect you could run Crysis and Mass Effect on this one. Even using my GeForce 9600 GT, which score 3x than this notebook struggle to play Crysis at DX10 setting.

    But, some user report that they can play COD4 and Devil May Cry 4. I myself could play Need For Speed Underground II, at maximum setting (without anti-aliasing).

  23. Ej says:


    I am quite interested to buy this notebook.

    Could you also email me Mr. Yap’s mobile number to


  24. expertester says:

    Since so many people are looking for his number :

    Mr. Yap
    Tel: 016-3011515

    His thread :

    Maybe you should mention my blog to him, so he have to belanja me teh tarik later :p

  25. ableagent says:

    did you solve the problem for your gpu driver?

  26. vincent says:

    how about the audio quality & autocad performance for this model?

  27. Akonx says:

    I’m wondering about the display improvement over the Aspire 4520. Is there any significant changes?

    From the spec:
    14.1″” WXGA high-brightness (200-nit), Acer CrystalBrite™ TFT LCD, high-def 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, supporting simultaneous multi-window viewing via Acer GridVista™.
    16 ms high-def response time.

    It looks very promising. But I wonder is it the same with Aspire 4520?

    In my Aspire 4520, I noticed that playing games & watching movie is not very pleasureable since the display show some lagging ( although the laptop cpu and gpu is good enough to handle the game and the movie ). So I suspect there is something about the display ( high ms? )

    I’m interested in Aspire 4530 especially if its display really improved.

    I would love to see a comparison about this. 😀

    Thank you

  28. blacko says:

    Dear Akon,

    for ur information, 4520 gpu not that great, in fact intel x3100 is better than 4520 gpu. But this model in other hand have new gpu which is far more superior than x3100. Very far actually.

    With this new gpu, u can even play CoD 4 and Devil May Cry 4 without a problem. But of course only with low setting.

    But if u wanna play game, its better to upgrade this laptop ram to 2g or 3g. It will help you alot since 256mb will be given to gpu.

  29. expertester says:

    Agree with blacko.

    Acer 4520 is equipped with nVidia nForce 7000M, while Acer 4530 use 9100M. 2 Generations ahead. Playing DVD or hd s video on 4530 is not a prob.

    Regarding display, which i believe u are talking about response time right. 16ms actually, for fast action movie, you will still see the ghosting effect. If I compare the notebook monitor directly to my samsung 2ms lcd display, the different is there but not significant. Only on very fast frame change, I could trace the ghosting (notebook lcd).

    I am sorry, I cant direct compare 4520 and 4530 since 4520 already at my sister in law hand.

    As 4530 notebook screen, I think it has a good one, well, a very good one consider the price they ask from us. Unless this notebook cost me RM8888.00, then I will say, the screen is mediocre 😀

  30. Ibnu says:

    Nice review, gonna get me self one of it next week.. 🙂

  31. Akonx says:

    I see. I should have choose Intel then compared to 7000m. But hey now Aspire 4530 appears.

    so what do you think about the difference between 4520 and 4530 displays? It there any significant changes? How about the specifications of the display? From the acer website I found out that Aspire 4530 has 16ms, while I didn’t find any information regarding Aspire 4520’s ms.

    I noticed that 8920g has 8ms. But it is a way too big for me. Which 13- 14 inch laptop that has such low ms?

    How about 49xxg series? Is the display same with 45xx series or better?

    Sorry if my question is OOT. But I’m desperately looking for the information. 😀

  32. expertester says:

    To be honest with you, I can’t compare directly 4520 vs 4530 lcd screen because 4520 is not in my hand currently. But due to your request, I try to watch Batman begin (DVD) using 4530 and without comparing to my Samsung 2ms lcd screen, I cant spot any ghosting effect at 4530 screen. Just sweet and nice. In fact, I even watch it to the end.

    So, you can mark this word. Acer Aspire 4530 LCD screen is fast and responsive enough even for action pack dvd viewing. Unless you have super duper train eye, that will be different story. As for my not so train eye, Aspire 4530 is suitable for watching movie.

    I even test Need For Speed Underground 2 (racing game), and I use front bumper view. Still, without comparing with my desktop 19 inch LCD 2 ms monitor, I can’t spot any ghosting effect as well.

    So, what can I say, I fail to find any kind of lagness you mention with 4520.

  33. Akonx says:

    thank you for your respond.

    I did some mistakes regarding the ghosting. I just realized that the ghosting effect comes from the codec or from the movie that I downloaded from the website. So it wasn’t my aspire 4520 display that caused this. I’m sorry for my false information.

    But I do see kind of ghosting effect in Warcraft 3 ( dota ) game & CS 1.6 that run under vista. Now I doubt whether this has something to do with the display or other factors ( perhaps vista compatibility ). Does anyone have clue?

  34. Akonx says:

    I used PC Wizard 2008 to identified the brand of the LCD in my Aspire 4520 and it shows Manufacturer : LGPhilipsLCD
    Product ID : LPLE800

    Could you show your aspire 4530’s result? 😀

  35. expertester says:

    OK, here we go…hopefully it will clear your doubt my friend 😀

    Purposely download PC Wizard 2008 (freeware, but surprisingly nice software) for this test.

    Result :

    Monitor Type : LGPhilipsLCD LP141WX3-TLNI-14 inches

    I update the article above for this screenshot. Have a look.

  36. Akonx says:

    Your review does makes me thinking to upgrade to 4530 😀

    I did some research in the net about the lcd of 4530 ( based on your information ) and find out the specification.

    Futher more, when I did some searching in the google about which laptops that are using the same display. I found out that some HP Pavilion dv2000 is using it.–HP-Pavilion/Detail

    And also with their compaq presario

    Supposedly it is a quite good display since it used in the pavilion series too.

  37. expertester says:

    thanks for the link…

    However, what is your 4520 LCD screen model number?
    The one you gave is product ID right..

    Ubuntu 8.04 for Acer 4530…
    I try to install Ubuntu 8.04 (live CD and alternate CD) into this notebook but fail to make it boot after installation. I tried to troubleshoot it using 4520 tricks but, seem cant make it work. (Not even Wubi can solve this).

  38. don says:

    I’m a little confuse, Acer 4530 VGA card is shared or dedicated? How many MB is it?

    Damn.. this means, i can’t Use Ubuntu in this laptop..

  39. expertester says:

    Acer 4530 has dedicated on board 64 MB memory. However, you can set in bios to add another 256 MB memory using system memory aka RAMs.

    Doesn’t matter to me either 64 or 256+64 because 4 GB rams is cheap like peanut. All the benchmarks were done using 64+256 MB.

    Don, I am not linux expert. Perhaps, with a little bit passion, patience and try and error spirit, you might able to figure out how to use ubuntu in this laptop. Last time I check, Acer 4520 user had their dificulties to make 4520 working properly with Ubuntu. Assuming the hardware hasnt change much, I predict, within months, someone might able to crack this one.

    I am downloading Open Suse 11. Suse SLES 10 unable to deal with AHCI thingy. However, happy to say, Vista Ultimate + AHCI + 4530 = lagless computing experience.

  40. Akonx says:

    So sad to hear that Aspire 4520 can’t run linux out of the box for now. One of the reasons why I want to upgrade to 4530 is that it might run linux out of the box ( nvidia and atheros should be linux friendly ). Compared to my 4520 which used broadcom ( sadly i got the broadcom rather than the atheros ) which are not really linux friendly. But I believe it just matter of time before Aspire 4530 become linux friendly ( new driver included in the new distro release ) 😀

  41. Akonx says:

    Here is the information regarding my aspire 4520’s display. Strangely it doesn’t show up its model number.

  42. expertester says:

    Akonx, that is why i wanna try Open Suse 11. Read from the web, open suse 11 user dont strungle much to make 4520 working. Ubuntu/Debian seem has a boot problem with 4520/30. Anyone able to tackle this problem, pls guide us 😀

  43. Andit says:

    a few days ago i bought 4530 with linux preloaded.and i changed to win xp sp2,but i couldn’t install xp sp2 if ahci mode is selected.why? is there a problem.and also atheros is yellow mark in device manager

  44. expertester says:

    Andit, Windows XP do not support AHCI directly. You need to slip stream your Windows XP installation disc with AHCI driver (provided). Install in IDE mode instead.

    you may visit this site for detail on how to slip stream ahci driver into winxp installation disc.

    URL :–Slipstream-your-XP-installation

  45. Akonx says:

    I don’t think the result will differ much. But let me know the result anyway 😀

  46. expertester says:

    result of what Akonx?

  47. Akonx says:

    I mean is between Ubuntu and OpenSuse. Have you tried? I’m curious too 😀

  48. ayumi says:

    Nice review 🙂
    I want to buy this one and than upgrade ram from 512mb (4530-700516Mi/Indonesia) to 2 x 2GB PC6400. And change the HDD from 160GB to 250GB/320GB.

    the question is:
    1. that is posible to upgrade with that spec?
    2. the HDD use IDE or SATA?
    3. how about sound quality? Is this one more better than my old IBM Thinkpad R31?

  49. expertester says:

    Akonx :
    Oh, I see. I am still downloading it. Open Suse server seem only provide me 15 kBps. What a pain need to waits for days… stuff. Can’t complain 😀

    Ayumi :

    Thanks for the complement.Upgrade your RAM is a must. Vista will only work like charm if you have 2 GBs at least. I install 2x2GB to fully utilize dual channel capability, but mind you, windows vista 32bit only recognize 2.8 GB only when you assign extra 256 MB to graphics memory. But no worries, average use pattern, vista only consume around 1 GB with application loaded. With games, perhaps it will climb to 2 GB.

    As far as I know, retailer in Malaysia even Acer don’t provide hdd upgrade. But, you can install it as after market upgrade. Just, it will void your hdd warranty. I suggest, instead of you upgrade to 320 GB, why dont you buy portable hard disk. It is better that way. I myself plan to buy 250 GB portable hard disk (2.5 inch one). Mostly for storage. 160 GB I think big enough for dual OS + games + application + some permanent entertainment stuff (like mp3 and stuffs).

    Sound quality? I rate it as good for notebook tiny speaker output. It use realtek audio HD as sound chip. Should be decent enough but unfortunately, no 5.1 configuration for this one. Too bad. And if I am not mistaken, this notebook is not dolby certified (strange enough, Acer 4520 got that one). Use my state-of-the-art human ears meter, 4520 and 4530 sound pretty identical. The sound chip allow you to set it movie mode (for surround sound) or music mode (no artifial effect). And pretty decent pre-set equalizer setting too.

    My 2 cents worth opinion.

    Since this notebook actually bought for working and light gaming, I don’t pay attention much to its sound quality. I got PC for that purpose (x-fi platinum to be paired with my Grado headphone for audio listening). But what can I say, the 4530 speaker is good enough for you to watch DVD or listen your fav. song directly (without ever need to plug external speaker or headphone). The clarity and bass are not there (built in speaker) but loud enough to enjoy movie on the go or with couple of friends 😀

  50. ayumi says:

    external storage? why i’m forgot that ‘stuff’ 😀

    actualy, i only want to instal Win XP SP2. is 2 x 2GB bring a big performa (in games) or i’m just need to upgrade 2 x 1GB?
    btw, why Vista only recognize 2.8GB? maybe this stuff only support 3GBs!

  51. expertester says:


    Vista x86 or XP x86 edition only able to recognize 2.8 GB because of 32 bit address limitation. This is not hardware/notebook limitation but OS limitation. If we install 64 bit version, this prob automatically vanish. RAM is dirt cheap now. IMHO there is nothing to be afraid to upgrade straight away to 4 GB. Sooner or later, you will feel 2 GB not enough and choke the system.

    I am not a big fan of vista too. In fact, my PC got 3 OS, Vista, XP and Ubuntu. But, for this notebook, I prefer to run it using Vista since I don’t see any slowdown especially when I equip it with 4 GB. Furthermore, this 9100MG chipset support directx 10 and have really good memory controller which make Vista experience silky smooth. Think it this way, if you settle with 2 GB (2x1GB), you need to throw both of the stick when you need to upgrade later. But, if you settle with 1x2GB, you waste dual channel speed. We all can predict, more and more software including games is design for windows vista now, not XP. And in 2009, Ms will introduce now OS, Windows Seven. My advice, go straight away with 4 GB. Acer will release linux and 64 bit drivers on their website soon, as they did with 4520.

  52. don says:

    Anybody know how much this thing worth in Indonesia?
    I want to know the retail price here before I decide to buy it.

  53. ardi says:

    Which one is the sodimm?

    ddr2 667 or ddr2 800?

  54. Yo says:

    what a nice review, thanks for expertester.
    could you posssibly tell me the difference for acer 4530 released in malaysia and in indonesia ( i do want to know, if there’s something different beside the amount of RAM.

    how about running coreldraw and adobe premiere on this one? could it run smoothly or there’ll be a lag? (with upgraded RAM to 2GB)
    i heard that there’s no firewire input, hm…how to solve this problem if i want to transfer video from video camcorder?

    thx be4

    the retail price in indonesia is around 6,1-6,2jt with default specification.

  55. Kenny says:

    So the lappie comes with Window Vista 32-bit or 64-bit?I wanna upgrade it straight to 4gb ram…and if the the lappie comes with 32-bit,how do i make it to 64-bit?By the way,the hard disk is a 160 Gb 5400rtm SATA right?

  56. expertester says:

    Don :
    This notebook cost around 6.2 mil at Indonesia.

    Ardi :
    It use DDR 667

    Yo :
    Thanks Yo.
    Beside RAMs amount, nothing different. Exactly same with this lappy.
    Yes, 4530 doesn’t have firewire output. Perhaps, you need to use FireWire to USB2.0 converter then. If firewire is a must for you and a big no for adapter, then this notebook is not for you…honestly.

    Kenny :
    4530 in Malaysia come with FreeDos (Linux Lipus). However judge from the driver Acer provide, this notebook support 32 bit OS out of the box. I can’t install my retail Vista 64 Ultimate due to driver restriction. Try to googling 64bit vista vs 32 bit vista. Even 64 bit vista could fully utilize 4 GB rams, but for 32 bit application, Vista 64 use WoW emulator which will affect the performance. Moreover, do you really think, your application will consume as much as 3 GBs RAM at once?

  57. expertester says:

    Linux 64 bit on Acer 4530.

    Finally, I found a distro which allow me to install Linux as easy as ABC.

    Mandriva One. Live CD. 700 MB.

    Almost everything work out of the box, including my LAN Internet connection sharing with windows, bluetooth, sound… hmm..pretty good.

    I will do a deep cover for this one later.

  58. zappy says:

    can i play PES 2008 with acer 4350??

  59. Kenny says:

    So does it means that even when i upgrade it to 4Gb ram,i will show 2.8Gb ram since u said 32-bit will restrict it to 2.8gb ram only instead of 4gb ram?So should i upgrade it to 2,3 or 4Gb ram?

  60. Kenny says:

    From this website,it’s written there under PROCESSOR that this lappie comes with 64-bit does it means that i’ll hav no problem when i upgraded it to 4Gb ram?By the’s also written there 1.9 GHz instead of 2.0Ghz..different model perhaps?

  61. Akonx says:

    I’m waiting for your Mandriva review with this laptop 😀

    Which version and kernel of Mandriva are you using?

    Btw how about the wireless? is it working out of box?

  62. expertester says:

    Zappy, I don’t have PES

    Kenny, by all mean, go for 4GB. RAM already very cheap. Add RM200 got 4 GB. Furthermore, if you use 3 GB, you cant fully utilize dual channel feature. If you choose 2 GB, then what a waste. 2x1GB…next time need to throw away both stick. Moreover, extra 256MB for geforce take from your ram. I fully recommend 4 GB. Install Vista 64 to fully utilize it (I am going to, will cover this later).

    Kenny, Acer 4530 in Malaysia and Indonesia, confirm has different spec compare to the link you gave. That is old link actually. Here we got RM70 2 GHz Turion processor not QL. And yes, RM70 turion processor is 64bit. Well, either Core2Duo or Turion 64 is not a pure 64 bit processor. It is 32bit processor with 64bit extended instruction. In other word, you can install WinXP 64 or Vista 64. Even linux 64. Only 64 bit OS could tackle 2.8 GB probs, which I am going to install (for the sake of community, I am going to burn several hours for this one).

    Akons, I test it using Mandriva 2008.1 Live CD which is 32 bit (accidently download for the wrong one…hehehe). However, I am downloading Mandriva 2008.1 Free DVD 64 bit. I will cover it after my vista 64 bit one. Wireless seem OK but I dont know either it fully working or not…no wireless coverage here and very busy to go to Starbucks. Furthermore, I am not going to install this 32 bit permanently..just to see how good Mandrake support this notebook out of the box. Happy to report, nVidia already provide linux driver for 9100MG chipset (but dont have oppurtunity to install it yet). I will have different post for vista64 and mandriva64 review.

    Stay tune.

  63. Kenny says:

    Oh..thanks for helping..i will be waiting for the new updates about installing Vista 64-bit.Thanks Expertester =)

  64. Kenny says:

    Sry for asking,but wat’s the difference between a 4Gb ram ddr667 and a 4Gb ram ddr800..they said ddr800 will be much more expensive but much does it actually cost?

  65. ebinx says:

    there were same as my trouble with acer 4530 that cant use linux….
    may be acer join with microssoft to hit down LINUX…… really sad about that T_T

  66. Kenny says:

    And this is actually wat they called AMD Puma?

  67. expertester says:

    okay…here is the fast result :

    Vista 64 ultimate could be installed without any problem (AHCI ON).
    Driver from the supplied disc working EXCEPT graphics display. I am testing several beta drivers which hopefully support 9100MG. Some of the forumer complain this beta driver not support physix. We will see in the benchy.

    Kenny :
    DDR800 is clearly faster than DDR667. The question is, does your notebook chipset support DDR800? If not, there is no point as the chipset will use DDR667 speed instead.

    Ebinx :
    This is not acer fault. Major release like ubuntu can’t support linux out of the box is expected. What can we expect from 700 MB installation disc. This is more to distro incompatibility especially Acer 4530 use new hardware. However, some distro able to fix this, such as Mandriva One (spring). I am still downloading DVD version. If you could get Mandriva 2008.1 PowerPack, that might solve a lot of propietary driver etc.

    Kenny :
    No, this is not PUMA. PUMA will have integrated GPU into the CPU. This is LION.

  68. vexus says:

    does this lappy support ddr800 ???

    i wonder.

  69. ayumi says:

    so, this lappie only support DDR667 (PC5300)?

  70. expertester says:

    This laptop support up to DDR800. Confirm.

  71. abdulricks says:

    I changed my laptop since my acer aspire 4530 still under warranty. The problem was my USB didn’t work and my clock setting always changed. However, my new 4530 still have problem with the clock setting. Everytime I disconnected with internet, the time changed, How could this happned? It’s really irritating for me to set up my clock first after switching on my laptop. Does anyone hre have same problem with me?. Thank god, the good thing is my USB seems fine. Please help me… 😦

  72. Kenny says:

    Nice.Thanks for the patiece as i am quite new to these kind of stuff.1 final question,wat’s the difference in price for 4Gb ram ddr667 and 4Gb ram ddr800?As i know 4Gb ram ddr667 cost around 200.

  73. gray says:

    Hi,i’m also interest with this notebook,just curious about the ram slot.My question is:
    -how many slot for ram actually does it provide?

  74. Akonx says:

    expertester Says:
    July 29, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    This laptop support up to DDR800. Confirm.

    Does it run at DDR800 or still run at DDR667?

    I tried to search the information regarding this, but I can’t find it.

  75. expertester says:

    Abdulricks :
    I dont have that kind of problems. You must call Acer to fix your clock thingy. Do you dual OS? Frankly, I never experience clock change everytime we off from net.

    Kenny :
    No problem mate. Whoa, the price different between DDR2 667 and DDR2 800 really significant. That is why I opt for DDR2 667. 2 GB (single stick) DDR2 800 cost around RM345 (Lowyat Plaza price, PCZone) while DDR2 667 2 GB around RM130. Performance different (real application benchmark), performance improve around 1 to 10 percents. Hint : I ask the reseller to buy back my RAM for RM50 (1 GB) and he agree. Math wise, RM 260-50, upgrade cost RM210.00

    Gray :
    Acer 4530 has 2 slots. Normal for any laptop nowadays. Max memory support : 4 GB (2×2 GB). Max speed DDR2 800.

    Akonx :
    This laptop able to support DDR2 800. But I don’t know the supplied RAM is DDR 800 or DDR 667, since I dont have any chance to see the original stick. Reseller change for me at his shop (because I ask him to deliver the unit at my place, COD)

  76. darling says:

    bro…is this lappy can burn cd?

  77. Gray says:

    Of course darling…even can burn dvd dual layer (9gb..)

  78. sandbox says:

    hi expertester,

    nice review and u made me really wanna buy this lappie! XD

    one question though, if i install the 64 bit vista, does it support most of the softwares available now? Like autoCAD, some engineering softwares, firefox, some online games i’m playing, etc etc?

    cos if the compatibility is low, i will install the 32bit vista but still upgrade to 4GB ram.

    What do u think?

  79. Jason says:

    Thanks for the response on battery life. Nevertheless, I’m still quite impressed with the 4530 as a whole.

    Just wondering, why is this new model not publicised widely by Acer Malaysia? It seems like a potential bestseller. 🙂 Is this model only available via alternative channels? I have a copy of the Acer’s latest promotion leaflet and this model is not being featured anywhere. Any insights on this?

  80. i got 1 problem wit this wont start after it automatically switch to standby me to resolve…or u guys have such problem???btw i m using pirated windows la….

  81. this same apply to when i close the laptop lid down…it wont start back…but the hdd led got blink…

  82. borneo says:

    [quote=u noe who i m Says:]
    July 31, 2008 at 6:58 am

    this same apply to when i close the laptop lid down…it wont start back…but the hdd led got blink…

    just want to share, you should push any key and screen is coming back from what so-called ‘hybernate’mode

  83. Ardi says:

    Whoa! I just got my 4530!

    The design is stylish with dark blue which at glance it colors black.
    I installed it with xp ori sp 2 and great performance on it. I also upgraded the memory into 2 gb that is enough for me to do design works (photoshop, freehand), typing, music stuff and watching movie, gaming…not yet 🙂

    Unfortunately, the battery life is just 1 hours 15 minutes for first time trial (under my expectation about 2-2 a half hours) don’t know after that cause the fresh lithium battery can grow up its lifetime (but, is it true?).
    The dvd is a little bit noise when reading disc early, but going calm then.

    overall, it’s nice to have it.

  84. din says:

    elo..ive got problem with my 4530.the usb port can’t detect my mouse or solve this i change the bios to ide mode.after i shutdown and start the laptop again..the problem still occur and i must repeat the step above..for ur info i use windows xp sp2…

    somebody please help me…i just bought this laptop 3 day ago..its so frustrating..

  85. abdulricks says:

    expertester Says:
    July 30, 2008 at 10:48 am

    Abdulricks :
    I dont have that kind of problems. You must call Acer to fix your clock thingy. Do you dual OS? Frankly, I never experience clock change everytime we off from net.

    what do you mean by dual OS?xp and vista altogether?

  86. expertester says:

    Sandbox :
    For your info, I have done testing it with WinVista 64 bit. There is no compatibality problem with those program actually, provided they are either 32 bit or 64 bit. Vista64 bit CAN’T run 16 BIT application only. By today standard, 16 bit application almost not exist anymore (remember windows 3.11 and Win95 era :D).

    If your application is a 32 bit (natively) software, windows vista 64 will run it using WOW (Windows on Windows) emulation layer automatically. You might not notice it at all. Performance impact around 1 to 3 percent. To be honest, I can’t spot any performance degradation when i use 32 bit software on top of vista 64. Only benchmark application could reveal that. However, if your application is natively 64 bit, you could enjoy better performance, espcially for math intensive application such as movie converter, 3d studio application. Photoshop CS4 will natively 64 bit application.

    However, sad to say, Windows Vista 64 bit is not fully support yet by Acer driver. Their website still do not supply any 64 bit drivers. Their DVD (driver) support all hardware except motherboard and graphic driver…what a pity. At the end, I have 2 hardware driver which is not complete….which is SMBus and CoProcessor. For graphics, I use beta driver from web, which work great.

    I have the benchmark data but still not content to release it since 2 driver conflict will not reflect actual performance of this laptop. But suffice to say, even with this handicap (no mobo driver + beta graphic driver), WinVista 64 on this laptop able to perform 10% on 64bit application (benchmark), maintain its 3DMark2006 score but a bit slow in PCMark05 (blame no mobo driver for this…bleh)

    So, at the end, I revert back my Vista32 bit and hope, soon, Acer will release 64 bit drivers, so I could fully utilize 4 GB ram at my disposal.

    My advice, maybe you need to settle with Vista32 bit first at this very moment, unless your application natively support 64 bit and you have 4 GB on board.

    Jason :
    This is very new unit. Even their website still do not cover this completely. But, regarding parallel importer issue, don’t worry about that. This unit is fully support by Acer Malaysia. Blame their SLOW marketing team 😀

    Who say this unit not hot? If you go to lowyat, every seller now seem too eager to sell unit. Even indpendent seller like MugMug hard to keep his stock. This unit is hot cake at this moment.

    Promotion? Let see what Acer booth in action PC Fair…

    U Noe Who I M :
    Go to control panel and re-assign power saving button action, either you want it to hibernate, sleep or shutdown when you close the lid, or press Sleep button or simply press the power button. If you laptop hibernate, it will act like total shutdown. Fire it up using Power ON button. If it sleep, simply press any keyboard will do.

    Ardi :

    Okay, for battery life, if you read the manual, it clearly state that you need to charge and discharge it 3 times before it start to shine. Charge it when your lappy turn off. When the charge is full, disconnect it from electric source and use this notebook until if fully discharge (disable hibernate if possible). It will auto shutdown. And repeat this step. Don’t worry much about memory effect….as Li-Ion battery has no issue on this one.

    From batteryUniversity website, I read that, to prolong batter performance, it is advisable to remove the battery if you are going to use that laptop using home electric. Fully charge battery + hot temperature will reduce its charge cycle. I myself, only plug the battery when I am going to use it outside from my house.

    Note : If you do not charge and discharge it according to the manual, your battery might perform not at its max. But your guest is good as mine 😀

    Note2 : I use balance scheme when I use battery not Max Performance. And please note that my unit is equiped with 4 GB RAMs which reduce swap file usage (instead, there is non already) which help to extend a bit my battery life.

    Din :
    It is hard to assist you on this matter because I never test this unit using Windows XP. Windows Vista work flawlessly on this notebook. No slowdown, fully support direct X 10, CUDA and physic as well. I suspect your problem don’t lie on hardware issue but more to driver/OS issue. Why dont you try to install Vista and let see does it fix your problem

    Note : When we buy free DOS laptop, it is either we are going to use Pirate windows and prepare for the technical hassle OR we already have extra copy windows license. But I believe major ity will fall into first one. If you windows is pirate one, I dont think acer will entertaint you regarding this matter right. Try to install vista first. If this problem still exist, at least you know what to complain to Acer care.

    Abdulrick :
    I mean Linux + Ms Windows.

  87. ken says:

    hi expertester,

    will it be hard to find driver for window 2003?

  88. din says:

    ok…thanx 4 ur advise…..

  89. optimizer says:

    any 4530 user can help me to test the temperature of the CPU? i mean both when the CPU is IDLE and when it is stressed…
    plz use this software HW Monitor to check your temperature and use StressPrime to stress the CPU… both are green application and no installation needed.. XP and Vista compatible… open HW monitor first to know the initial temperature then use StressPrime to stress, take note of the temperature.. NOTE: if the temperature is above 90C i think you better stop the stressing part, or you notebook will re-boot or shut down…

    my friend’s DELL notebook with Intel Core2Duo T7250 has the idle temperature less than 50C, when stress after half an hour, the max temperature stable at less than 80C…. BUT my compaq AMD Turion 64X2 TL-50 has the initial temperature of 75C and can never stress more than 5 minutes, coz the temperature will shot over 95C… so i wonder how this RM-70 can perform…

    really need this piece of infor urgently… any one can help? expertester?

    Download Link:
    HW Monitor

    (press the “Download starten” in the green box to download… it will start automatically…)

  90. optimizer says:

    i know the vista 64bits driver is not release yet… does this notebook come with WinP 64bits drivers? u can fully utilized the 4GB ram with WinXP 64bits too….

  91. optimizer says:

    any 4530 user can help me to test the temperature of the CPU? i mean both when the CPU is IDLE and when it is stressed…
    plz use this software HW Monitor to check your temperature and use StressPrime to stress the CPU… both are green application and no installation needed.. XP and Vista compatible… open HW monitor first to know the initial temperature then use StressPrime to stress, take note of the temperature.. NOTE: if the temperature is above 90C i think you better stop the stressing part, or you notebook will re-boot or shut down…

    really need this piece of infor urgently… any one can help? expertester?

    StressPrime 2004 Orthos Beta 0.41

  92. optimizer says:

    my friend’s DELL notebook with Intel Core2Duo T7250 has the idle temperature less than 50C, when stress after half an hour, the max temperature stable at less than 80C…. BUT my compaq AMD Turion 64X2 TL-50 has the initial temperature of 75C and can never stress more than 5 minutes, coz the temperature will shot over 95C… so i wonder how this RM-70 can perform…

    by the way, the HW monitor, you can get them from CPUID…

  93. expertester says:

    Optimizer :

    This notebook doesnt come with 64 bit driver by default.

    All your mention software already downloaded. Waiting notebook to cool get valid idle temperature (I just made a maximum compress acronis backup image : Running 50 minutes.

  94. expertester says:


    What is Windows 2003?
    Do you mean XP or Windows Server 2003?

  95. wox says:

    i’ve bought this stuff yesterday, but i have problem on the LAN, anyone can help me?

  96. ken says:

    hi expertester,

    I mean Windows Server 2003. And this OS can support 4GB RAM right?

  97. Ardi says:

    I can smile wider now about the battery life. Last night, I can enjoy 2 hours 17 minutes, a significant rise from initial usage from 1 hour 15 minutes 🙂
    Yes, after several times charged and auto shutdown of powerless, the battery life gets action up.

    Acer Empowering technology is great too. For XP os, I can use the benefit of e-power, e-setting and e-performance. I can monitor the battery life, the way my xp doing job, knowing the performance of it.

    I wonder how you update the Nvdia 9100MG driver since I can’t find it on Nvdia website?

  98. kacrut says:

    hi im from Indonesia and i just wanna said Thanks expertester and everyone for your review, question ’bout 4530 etc, Now i know what i want to buy… ’cause i’m not a computer/laptop expert like you all, Thank you, Thank you…

  99. expertester says:

    Optimizer : I already update the post above to include temperature torture test review

    Ken : Seriously, I dont have any idea how to find WinServer 03 driver …well, why we need server base OS when most of the work is client side application. Server is more on its service. And yes, WinServer03 I believe has memory mapping, to fully use 4 GB.

    Wox : Check your driver installed properly or not. You need to install LAN driver manually. I already explain this one on the comment above. Check it out.

    Ardi : Sound good. There is no official driver from nVidia for 9100MG yet, but their beta driver with mod inf support it.

    Kacrut : Happy to help you bro. Happy Hunting.

  100. optimizer says:

    thanx a lot…. i need the temperature infor as mine previous notebook actually just died… not coz of burned hardware but the high temperature it got…. as the CPU temperature raise to 80C and above, the components beside the CPU will be come lossy, in long term the notebook will have problem… in short, high temperature = low life span… but seems like this acer 4530 only stay around 80C at full stress, a bit of under volting + cooling pad might just nice to lower the temperature a bit further… hopefully to somewhere around 75C or less… i think i will buy this notebook… hehe…. thanx again, expertester…

  101. d laptop wont start after standby…now it is giving me a headache.pressing all d buttons also got no response…

  102. expertester says:

    Optimizer :

    Thanks for the info.

    U Noe Who I M :
    You are using WinXP or Vista?

  103. U Noe Who I M says:

    im using win xp..but it is a pirated version..but den i used d same cd to my desktop and another 4 years old centrino.they have no similar problems.

  104. expertester says:

    what in my idea is : the problem is not in the OS or hardware….but lie in between.

    If acer 4530 use new kind of ACPI which old and not updated XP can’t handle….that might the cause. That is my speculation. Since you are using pirated one, you can’t update can you. I might wrong 😛

  105. ken says:


    How abt 3GB RAM, since XP only support 3GB RAM.
    i know the RAM is cheap, but if install 4GB RAM, the another 1GB RAM is do nothing but wasted..
    By the way, if install 3GB, will it be unbalance??
    im new to this, correct me if im wrong.
    thanks for ur reply.

  106. expertester says:

    if you install 1+2 GB rams, I afraid you cant use Dual Channel features. Dual channel doubling RAM bandwidth. The effect is pretty significant. Base on this reason, i opt for 2+2 GB.

    In the future, when acer release 64bit driver, we might want to use 64 bit OS (vista or xp). For those who buy retail vista, we got both 32 bit and 64 bit disc. Using 64 bit OS, we could fully utilize 4 GB.

  107. optimizer says:

    hmm… spended about 5 hours of scavenging in a PC fair that i got in my town, there is not other notebook that even come close to compete with this Acer 4530, the closest possible is Compaq Presario CQ50-104AU that has the AMD RM-70, 160GB HD, 1GB DDR2, nVidia GeForce 8200, RM1649 (FreeDOS edition)…. but this notebook has 2 main drawback: only support 2GB ram (read it in the boucher) and the WinXP driver problem (google the model, and most of the result are driver problem posting..)

    any one has better idea or suggestion that can compete with this acer babe? i do wish that i have other option that acer, coz i hate it so much, after i’ve had so many acer defect cases around me… but this 4530 here is too hard to resist… -_-! any help? i have another 36 hours before i make up my mind…

  108. optimizer says:

    expertester, since we cant fully utilize the 4GB, so i was planning to use about 1GB for “RAM DISK” or something similiar as this will It is possible to store a Web cache on a RAM disk and this can improve the speed of loading pages (got this from wiki)….

    how does this dual channel bandwidth work, based on the window platform or down to the hardware BIOS zone? so here’s my question, does it disable the dual channel bandwidth if i use 1GB for my RAM DISK, or is it not? hope u got what i mean..

  109. expertester says:

    Optimizer :
    Ah haa….how could I forgot about RAM disc.
    Okay…dual channel features is hardware base features. It automatically switch ON that features if you have identical (size and speed) ram stick. It was introduce by nVidia in nForce2. Basically, all current mobo and motherboard nowadays has this features. Dual channel will be deactivated once you have NON-identical ram stick such as 1+2 or 1+512. Something like that. As its name, dual channel cant work if you only have single stick ram.

    Even dual channel is hardware level features, 2.8GB usable RAM limitation lies on OS. So, if we are going to use RAM disk to catche things up, what if the OS can’t access to it. The idea is, OS 32 bit can’t access RAM above that limit due to 32 bit addressing limitation. So, if OS can’t access it, what application can bypass OS to do that…I wonder. Perhaps, we need to give it a try…any link for me to try Optimizer?

    Steven :
    Technically, Turion Ultra should be superior than Non-Ultra version. If I am not mistaken, ultra version got 2 MB L2 Cache, but base on spec you posted above, why this notebook has 1 MB L2 cache, but claim Turion Ultra.

    Driver I used to benchmark this lappy is the default driver Acer provide me. I do not use beta driver coz it has some issue with physix. Beta driver only use for vista 64 since Acer don’t provide any 64bit driver. Currently, I use 32 bit OS back (thanks to Acronis True Image Home).

    Another thing you need to be clear, Vista Experience Index benchmark is just for reference. It is not a proper benchmark application. The accuracy of that benchmark is not high. Since the mark start from 0.1 to 5.99, you could imagine, if the processor a bit faster than other one, vista performance index might not able to show. Use PC Mark or Performance Test instead.

    If the processor is Ultra version with 2 MB of cache, I personally believe, ZM80 will outperform RM70. No doubt. Maybe, when you conduct the benchmark routine, there is some background activities.

    I suggest, you download Performance Test benchmark suit (very small actually) and compare the result as I posted above. And dont forget to let us know too 🙂

  110. optimizer says:

    try this link to download

    but if it cant download automatically, then use “FreeGrab build 080518” to download… tested, working, no-password..

    this link below is some infor that you might wanna read, if any of you’re new to RAM Disk…

    let me know if it is working…

  111. optimizer says:

    some of u may wanna try these too… to further boost ur computer.. recommended my my friends..

    eboostr V2.0.1 build 419.rar

    Gavotte Ramdisk.rar

  112. Keng says:

    how to install windows xp in acer aspire 4530?
    actually i have install it in IDE mode…
    but after booting for 4 or 5 times, it change automatically to ACHI mode…
    if i want to install it in ACHI mode, what should i do?

  113. blacko says:


    did u install xp sp3 or xp s2 with update?

  114. Blackamikaze says:

    @Expertester, hope u can put this info on ur review..

    I find out that a few people got a problem with their bios return the default everytime their restart or shut down.

    I dunno if this is the real solution, but from my experiences, it will happen after user update their win xp with WindowsXP-KB896256-v4-x86-ENU.exe either automaticly by windows update or manually. The solution is simple, remove this update via Add Remove Programs. N u done. But this only apply for winxp sp2.

    For WinXp sp3, this update probably already have been include with xp, so i dont think u cant remove it.

    So my advise, stick with with xp sp2 for now..


  115. kayaun says:

    Great reviews, thanks alot for your very helpful details. I just bought one unit after reading this review. I am trying to follow what you did by installing the 64-bit version of Vista Ultimate (original) to get your kind of performance. Sadly, some of the drivers that came with the CD only work for the 32-bit version, eg the graphics etc. Can I know where you got the 64-bit drivers from? Can help? Thanks.

  116. mnx says:

    I have success install vista ultimate 64-bit on my 4530,
    but i can’t turn the disk into AHCI,now i’m using IDE
    every times i turn it into AHCI it won’t start the windows
    always Blue Screen.
    And i already follow the tutorial on :
    the result it same 😦

  117. optimizer says:

    do you wanna try under volt the CPU so the CPU run in lower voltage = less heat?
    try to use a software named “RMCLOCK” but it will be good to take sometime reading before you wanna play with it… (if you’re fresh with it)

  118. expertester says:

    Optimizer :
    Thanks for the link…I will cover that ram disk if time permitted.

    Keng :
    There is a post how to intall AHCI driver without formating for windows xp.

    I am using vista32 bit too. The result here are all base on vista 32 bit. Vista 64 bit installation just for experimenting only (wasted 6 hours for that one) since I cant find mobo chipset driver. CoProcessor and SMBus has no appropriate driver under vista 64. Furthermore, izzi broadband dont have 64 bit driver (and never be)…sigh. If you wanna try, you can search beta driver at Mind you, it is a beta driver.

    Mnx :
    Thanks for your feedback. For your info, under vista 32 bit too, I sometime notice my bios return to its default state, but only valid for boot sequence. AHCI and IDE setting not affected at all. Perhaps bios update will fix this issue. Not critical but sometime annoying (espcially when I expect this lappy to boot from DVD but it boot to vista)

    Mnx :
    I never test forcing vista 64 to use AHCI after I install it under IDE. My Vista 64bit recognize AHCI without any problem. Perhaps, AHCI driver for 64 bit version, located at different address of registry. That’s why you get blue screen. I personally recommend you to use 32 bit vista until acer release 64 bit driver.

  119. Kenny says:

    Based on the website above,tis lappie’s processor is rated 53..n it’s known as seems Intel eats Amd as lunch..big difference in ranking although they hav same clock speed coz Intel core 2 dore has a higher mb cache..

  120. Sekto says:

    Hi Expertester,

    i find your blog very interesting and i’ve read a lot of stuff about this Acer 4530.
    I just bought it around 3 days ago, and i’m struggling about Wifi (Atheros AR5007EG)

    i can get myself connected to the wireless, but the speed is very slow, till now i can’t even open the microsoft update page (I need a lot of upgrade), i can only open google (and probably some more)
    The wireless network sign should keep blinking everytime i access the internet (on the right bottom), but it doesn’t, so sometime i can open the webpage, sometime i can’t

    btw i’m using belkin router, with WEP configuration, and i’m using windows zero configuration for my Acer 4530 (any alternative ?), and the driver file i’m using ar5211.sys
    Also i’m still using IE 6

    Any help ?

  121. Sekto says:

    forget to mention … i’m using windows xp pro thanks 🙂

  122. ken says:

    i get myself a 4530 at yesterday! Thanks expertester for ur review.

    Im looking for the winxp Pro sp3 with SATA driver support,
    anyone can share me the link to download?

  123. kevin says:

    expertester, thank you for your review. i have some questions, but please forgive me if those questions too lame for you, i am newbie here:

    01. i want to install opensuse linux, but i confuse to choose between opensuse linux 32 bit and 64 bit? which’s i must install?

    02. is opensuse linux will work properly on this acer 4530?

    please tell me. thank you.


  124. Kenny says:

    some of u may wanna try these too… to further boost ur computer.. recommended my my friends..

    eboostr V2.0.1 build 419.rar

    Gavotte Ramdisk.rar

    Wat is the use of those following programs?

  125. Maybee says:


    I just got myself an Aspire 4530 at S$1398 (almost double of what you paid) this afternoon!!
    (>_ <!)
    Mine came with 320GB HDD and 3GB DDR2.
    Was planning to get 5920 but saw this selling at a cheaper price so…
    Didn’t know you could get it so dirt cheap in Malaysia.

  126. expertester says:


    If I direct convert, your pay about RM 3k right. There is a lot of different tho…

    You got the biggest hard disk for notebook which is really pricey…. 320 vs 160
    You got 3 GB DDR2 vs 1 GB DdR here (DDR 667 or DDR800?)

    Don’t direct convert dude. Singaporean salary almost double than Malaysian salary too…
    It is all about purchasing power…not number.

  127. Graygeoly says:

    hi expertester,sorry if i’m wrongly post,i have some question here,what is mac os?,is it same like xp/vista os? it can istall xp&vista into mac os?what are the main pro & cons using this os?

  128. Graygeoly says:

    hi expertester,sorry if i’m wrongly post,i have some question here,what is mac os?,is it same like xp/vista os? it can istall xp&vista into mac os?what are the main pro & cons using this os?Thanks in advance.

  129. Graygeoly says:

    And another question,in your opinion,did Acer laptop built quality comparable to other laptop such as DELL or LENOVO,i’ve read comments about Acer laptop quality in Lowyatt forum,mostly Acer would not be their 1st choice,althought they can get better specification in Acer laptop.And i’ve also read other people review about Acer,mostly are the same.And i know that a laptop lifespan also depends on user how they treat their laptop.I’m not a heavy user,just sometimes when new games coming out,would love to test it but not end the game.And most of my usage is on video converting & burning.I never own a laptop,and decide to get 1.

  130. wahyu says:

    i have acer 4530, i always failed to install linux ubuntu 8.04, and always, can you help me?

  131. expertester says:

    Mac OS is for Apple notebook like MacBook. You cant install Mac Os in 4530 generally speaking but technically, it is possible. The only drawback…driver and some hack. You can google how to install leopard in PC.

    In my opinion, Acer notebook built quality is not at the same level with Dell, HP or even Lenovo. These notebooks felt more sturdy and solid. You can feel that once you touch and carry these notebooks with your bare hand. Perhaps, plastic quality does matter. But, Compaq Presario series, basically on par with Acer notebook. Good thumb of rules, you got what you pay. You cant ask everything in cheap package right. For me, I dont care much with this minor issue. What I do really care is performance per price, which Aspire excel in this area. If you are looking for superb battery life and solid built quality, prepare RM2.5k and above and start shopping notebook such as HP or Toshiba or Fujitsu. Dell inspiron built quality….hmm a bit better than 4530 but not significant. Generally, I don’t like dell because dell website overcharge with minor upgrade. Try to visit dell website and upgrade your notebook here and there, dont be surprise when the price reach 3k. Their instant media player also a troublesome for me once I format it. If budget is not a problem, I will go for HP Pavilion with descret graphics such as 9400 or PUMA solution (hibrid).

    Yes, you are correct, lifespan of any notebook depend on the user too. Every component has MTBF (mean time between failure). For a light user, I dont see any rush or urge to buy super duper expensive lappy. Well, that is my opinion.

    Wahyu :
    Sad to say, I am still looking for some external insight on how to install ubuntu 8.04 into 4530 too. I still stuck at initfram, everytime i reboot ubuntu on this lappy.

    • radicalvision says:

      I success fully installed Ubuntu Natty 11.04 . I later installed drivers (NVidia) for display from Software updates package manager from Ubuntu.

  132. ken says:

    hi expertester,

    i have try the followings methods but still failed to install sata driver when install XP:

    1. use nlite to merge the SATA driver into XP installer.
    2. Slipsteam the RAID/SATA drivers to the XP Setup and create an updated driver setup disc.
    (above 2 methods are found in
    3. install XP with IDE mode and after that follow ur way to change it to AHCI.

    any idea how to install XP with AHCI mode?

    Thanks in advanced.

  133. optimizer says:

    guys…. i wonder how much do u get for ur 4530?…. but believe it or not… i got mine with RM2020 but with 4GB ram… but this package doesn’t come with any other free gift, the only thing that come along with my notebook is just the power cable and the bag… a deal i got from my local PC fair…

    eboostr V2.0.1 is something like the “ReadyBoost” in window vista, that can use USB drives as extended RAM for your system… but personally i can only feel performance is increase by 15% depends on how u use your laptop…

    Gavotte Ramdisk is used to seperate partial of your ram to use it as cache drive, in short, with proper configuration, your browsing speed and other cache draining software will run much more faster than usual…

  134. expertester says:

    Optimizer :
    What a nice number….2020. You got great deal there. As for mine, I only manage to get RM2050.00 with no free gift 😀

    Actually ReadyBoost is not designed to extend your RAM. It primary features is like a fast cache. It work with swapfile / pagefile / virtual memory concurrently. The idea is, flash memory has fast random seek time, 1ms compare to 8-12 ms @ conventional hard disk. For sequence read, hdd still outperform flash memory. So, in other word, Vista use readyboost to access those tiny 4KB random files which if it use hdd to perform that job, multiple 10ms extra will degrade total performance.

    If you unplug ready boost device, windows will automatically use primary virtual memory.

    Ready boost only able to provide significant improvement if your RAMs below 1 GB. Above than 2 GB, I can’t feel any significant improvement at all.

  135. expertester says:

    When you already slipstream AHCI driver in xp installation disk, you should install that new XP using AHCI mode.

  136. bill says:

    hi all, i want to ask about compatible memory brand for 4530, is’it Kingston or else…thanks

  137. sandbox says:

    hi expertester!

    thanks to ur review, i got myself an acer aspire 4530 during the pc fair. But since the demand is so good, i can only get the laptop on thursday.

    And to reply optimiser’s query, i got mine with a base price of 1899, upgraded the ram to 4GB for RM260 (the shopkeeper offer to buy back my 1GB ram for only RM20 so i did not sell back to him), and i extended the warranty to 3 years for free using student card. So the price i got is RM2159, with free gift of a wireless mouse, cooling pad, headset, and RM100 voucher. Seems like i got the most expensive deal among all. But since i bought this from the Kuching PC fair, i wonder if east malaysia here is more expensive?

  138. Kenny says:

    Wa u get the best deal among us.U get so much free stuff!I juz get a optical mouse only >.<

  139. Gray says:

    Thanks a lot for those opinions,now feel a little bit confident about Acer.My location is at Kota Kinabalu,Sabah,will try to see if any booth selling this model this pc fair.

  140. Gray says:

    The warranty that you extend,is it from Acer itself?the price RM1,899 is same at Kota Kinabalu.I wonder if they have this extra warranty period here.

  141. Gray says:

    Hi expertester,i notice that before you choose this 4530,you’ve mentioned about V3830AU which cost you RM2,330.I’ve google for it but theres no entry yet,is it new id with new specification?

  142. expertester says:

    Extended warranty using student card….wow…if i know this one, I will ask my sis in law to use her student card. Extended warranty alone worth 200. Voucher 100 some more…

    wireless mouse, cooling pad and headset worth rm50.

    Seem you get the best deal among all of us.

    V3830AU (may be i type it wrong, cant remember now) is compaq with C2D 1.8 GHz processor. Using X3100.

  143. Ardi says:

    Hi Expertester,

    Can you upload the device manager of 4530 so everyone whose owns 4530 will recognize and match up the correctness of all drivers on it?

    It will tell much, I think.

    Thanks a lot!

  144. don says:

    I’ve just bought this lappie last night..
    There’s a little difference in spec..
    Mine has 256MB dedicated VGA memory and 256MB shared, so totally 512MB VGA memory…
    I upgrade the RAM to 2GB…

    So far so good, no accountable problem found..
    Thanx expertester for the nice review…

  145. David says:

    I have phobia toward Acer laptop, when i was a technician. Acer laptop gave me alot of problem! and the performance is very slow compare with others.
    Now i have to get myself a laptop for my work.
    i need to use autocad for drawing n gaming… so i only consider those laptop with nvdia or ati graphic card.
    I was considering Compaq V3828AU and Compaq CQ50-104AU, cos both of this below my budget and seems worth for the money.
    But now after reading all the reviews at the forum… THIS ACER 4530 start bothering me… -.-”

    To all the user out there, please update me the pros & cons for this laptop.
    of course any opinion sharing or comment on the 2 compaq laptop above is welcome!

  146. don says:

    My friend bought Compaq V3828AU a few months ago, just after 3 months he decided to sell it and bought Acer 4920 instead.
    He said there’s a lot of problem caused by the driver conflicting with Win XP. He experienced a lot of blue screen dump and getting frustrated of it, although he had update the driver, nothing changed. So he decided to switch laptop.

  147. sandbox says:


    i donno if the extend warranty thingy apply throughout malaysia or only in sarawak. Maybe anyone who also bought 4530 can share with us here? ^_^

  148. sandbox says:

    Alright, i’ve used the 4530 with Vista Ultimate for several hours and i have a minor problem.

    When i went to the shop to take my new laptop, the shopkeeper run the vista in front of me to show that there is no problem. When i reached office, i run it again to try out the new laptop. No problem so far. But when i reached home, i run vista again and this time, it keeps on hanging after the vista loading screen (blue screen of death for about 0.5 secs so i din know what was written in it), it loops back to the bios screen (in other words it restarts) and the process just repeats. Sometimes there will be options to Start the Windows Normally or Last Known Good Configurations thing pop up but everyone of them did not help.

    Luckily i did quite a bit of research on this laptop and i remembered someone from lowyat did mention that they can’t start the laptop when AHCI is turned on instead of IDE. So i went into the bios and changed AHCI to IDE and, it is back to normal again. Actually someone from this comment page has the same problem too (Mnx of comment no.119). So my question here is,
    1) Is there a solution to this?
    2) Did i get a problematic laptop or everyone is having the same problem?
    3) Shud i request an exchange?
    4) Can i know expertester u r using AHCI or IDE?

    Thanks a lot. ^_^

  149. expertester says:

    Sandbox :
    We are fully aware that certain 4530 sometime seem to forgot the latest bios setting. It happen to me only for boot sequence …so no big deal, because the default boot sequence is C driver. Some of the user here claim that 4530 BIOS IDE keep changing to AHCI.

    I myself use AHCI, so there is no problem at all for me. I prefer AHCI since the hard disk supplied support NCQ.

    David :
    If you compare Acer and Compaq….i think there is no clear winner. It is a matter of taste. Compaq notebook have a lot of conflicts and built quality issue too…. same goes to Acer. But what can we expect, when we are not willing to spend RM 3.5k for HP Pavilion notebook right.

    I choose because of Spec, Overal Sound Quality and No driver issue (vista and XP)

    Don :
    You might need to double check. 4530 come with 64 on board (local) graphics memory. However, in bios, you could turn on additional 256 MB from system RAM.

    If you view your memory under vista Performance Information :
    Dedicated Graphics Memory : mean on board memory
    Dedicated System Memory : certain ammount of RAM hardwarely dedicated for your graphic used
    Shared System Memory : Shared memory, which could be use for your system application or graphics. Automatically defined by windows, base on how big your RAM is.

    Ardi :
    Before I upload, I am using vista instead of XP. Do you still want my device manager screeny?

  150. KayAun says:

    Hey Expertester,

    Can I ask how you get your kind of performance for graphics? My laptop scores a pathetic 3.6 for Windows Aero and 4.1 for Gaming Graphics under Windows Vista Experience Index. Also, my DirectX version says “9.0 or better”. I’ve installed the DirectX 10 version following this link, but it doesn’t seem to update my DirectX version. It still says “9.0 or better”.

    Can I ask whether this affects the performance of my graphics card? Because my graphics are quite dissapointing, to be completely honest. Counter Strike Source is barely playable, and I get like 5-6 frames per second for Call of Duty 4. Other owners of this notebook say that both these games are very playable, but my performance is far from how they describe theirs.

    I’m kinda dissapointed with my graphics and its performance. I’m wondering if you’ve used any specific driver/software to boost your graphics performance? Can you help out? A more complete description can be attained here,

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  151. don says:

    I don’t understand what u mean, I uses Win Xp, it says, 512 MB Graphics Memory and 17.. MB RAM(I don’t remember specifically, since the lappie is at home).
    I had a crash (blue screen) last night when Windows XP is loading, I found out that by changing the mode from AHCI to IDE the system is coming back to normal. This is a little odd, remembering that when I bought it and restart it a few times because of software installation needs to, it doesn’t matter, but suddenly it become a problem if I use AHCI mode, anybody else experience this?

    @KayAun :
    I’ve tried playing CS Source in my lappie, and it it’s OK.

  152. getto says:

    i’ve bought acer 4530 1 week ago and all is fine until yesterday. the webcam is not found. and listed as USB unknown devise. i already install suyin and bison webcam driver (one by one…not in the same time)but nothing happen!! my O.S is XP SP2. can anyone help me with this problem???please!!

  153. kris says:

    Anyone installed ubuntu on aspire 4530?

  154. dehe says:

    i browse in nvidia website.I found out this GeForce9100M G perfomance can be upgrade by adding another gpu through Nvidia SLI tech.Can it be done?some one plez help me

  155. mugmug says:

    so happening here… come come who wanna buy from me? 016-3011515 is the number….. haha.. sorry ah.. pinjam your place to advertise a bit.. i also sell other acer and compaq models….. glad that owner is very happy…..

  156. David says:

    hehe.. desided to get acer edi… 😛 now asking for better price deal..
    or do you guys can recommand me someone or somewhere can get a good deal?

  157. PS3 Fans says:

    Hello there, i just bought this Acer 4530. I would like to upgrade the Ram to 4GB as told here but the thing is the back panel got the Acer Warranty Sticker. If i open up then it’s mean the warranty will be void, so wht should i do?

  158. expertester says:

    Partial warranty will be void.
    In this case, only your OEM RAM warranty will be invalid. Other part of that notebook still got warranty.
    Actually, you can open up that back panel without tearing that sticker….just be gentle and carefull.

  159. […] review lengkapnya liat di sini […]

  160. David says:

    Sigh~ while surveying for the best price.. this poll disturbing me… 😥

  161. expertester says:

    Don :
    Oh you are using WinXp…no wonder you get confuse with my statement. That numbers are for Vista Computer System info..
    As I said before, Windows XP do not support AHCI out of the box. If you bios accidently change IDE mode into AHCI mode, you will get BSOD. You need to change your SATA mode to IDE back. Unless you install AHCI driver with XP.
    I can’t help much issue related to WinXP because, I never install windows XP on my notebook. Sorry to inform that.

    Getto :
    Webcam on vista work fine…
    I do not recommend vista but seem vista user has almost no problem at 4530. If you have at least 2 GB, you can migrate to vista with no performance impact…I believe so.

    Kris :
    Yep, today, I found someone already able to install Ubuntu on his 4530. However, he is using Ubuntu Ultimate 1.8 (base on ubuntu 8.04 with some add on)

    the solution is :

    Press F6 and then type after “–” all_generic_ide floppy=off irqpoll

    Credit to : UE forumers.

    Dehe :
    You mean Hybrid SLI technology right. Chipset wise, it 99.9% possible but … where to slot dedicated 3d card or GPU in our notebook ? 😀

    MugMug :
    I told you already, I will review this lappy on put it on my blog.

    David :
    If you are arround KL or Selangor, and willing to COD at puchong, you may call this mugmug guy…on top of your post.
    Yes, I notice that thread before I buy acer 4530. I just think it this way… vote is not really accurate. Forum vote only target for specific audience. A valid vote should cover wide spectrum audience. Ask yourself…who are the frequent poster in LYN mostly if not computer enthausiast.
    The way I am thinking…. if Acer still survive till today (I knew acer name somewhere in early 90s), mean they are doing their biz correctly. If not, we can’t see any acer advertisement already. Acer support Ferarri in F1 racing too, and even Microsoft provide Acer Ferrari notebook to bloggers sometime ago.
    Better to put this way… you get what you paid. Even so, Acer 4530 is still a nice bargain. 1800 for this spec…

    Acer budget competitor, Compaq also has a lot of bad reputation too, espcially 1 year dead screen.

    That is why I said, if you got 3k, go for HP or Fujitsu. Almost hassle free those brand.

    Honestly : I dont find Acer 4530 give me any trouble. This notebook run trouble free as my lenovo or office dell latitude. But if I have 4k in my hand, I will buy HP Pavillion instead.

  162. PS3 Fans says:

    Huh, if i know this mug mug got do delivery service as well then better i get from this Mr Mug. I bought this Acer 4530 kat Summit Subang USJ for rm1888. Untill now this unit still didn’t give me any problem yet.

    Fantastic looo, 1GB ram and already share for Graphic 256MB left 768MB still can run so smooth. I’m running Windows XP Home SP2, Windows Media Player 11(listen to music), Bitcomet 0.99 (downloading stuff), Firefox (browsing with few tab), Ulead Dvd Movie Factory(editing my movie) all at a same time and still running smooth without any laggy.

    Love this Acer 4530 system very much. I think there r nobody will regret purchasing this unit even with rm2k. It worth more then that.

    Thanks for Expertester for giviong such a great review.

    Good Job man… Keep it up… Have a nice day…

  163. ableagent says:


    is the ge-force 9100m g is it a mxm or built in with the motherboard?

  164. expertester says:

    PS3 :
    Thanks man… for your encourage word. Happy to see another more satisfied 4530 user.

    Ableagent :
    What is MXM?

  165. eddie89 says:

    Expertester, can u take some photo of the 4530 bottom, would like to know how is the battery compartment looked like.


  166. ableagent says:


    mxm slot is like a pci-e 16x slot for your laptop… so you can change for a higher gpu soon… like for 4520g with 8400m g you can change it … i have some friends who change there acer 4520g from 8400m g to 8600m gt…

  167. Pakpoh says:

    how to use the webcam of aspire 4530 for video recording?

  168. optimizer says:

    opt complain about 4530…

    hmmm… i have use this 4530 for almost a week now.. i notice the tempe of this lappy is never been under 52C even with a RM30 cooler pad, battery removed, WIFI off, winXP 32bits, wet and cool weather… and it can still reach 88C if i stress it for half an hour (tested with air-con on)… and it was tested during minor software installed….

    battery life… can only last for 1 hour and 33 minutes after the 3 charge and discharge suggestion.. running nothing except using opera browsing, reading and writing mails

    right side USB is not working well with external hard disk (USB handy drive tested OK)… it detect but will keep on hearing the USB plugging and unplug sound, the other 2 on the left side is ok…

    the AHCI and IDE is a hazard… you never know when u will see the BSOD… after google for sometime.. there is no driver for AHCI yet…

    guys… any idea or solution for those mentioned above?


    speaker is good, better than all the altec lancing tested within the range of RM2500 and below notebook. loud enough and proper EQ can make the sound even better..

    webcam work well even in room lightning…

    wireless signal recieving is better than my previous compaq v3119…

  169. vexus says:

    i wanna upgrade the wireless card to wireless-N card. I wonder which shop do sell Atheros mini pci express wireless-N card. hmm

  170. expertester says:

    my external usb hard disk require 2 usb port to be used at once. So, i use left side all the time.

    AHCI driver located in supplied. As i said before, I never bother to install xp in this laptop. Currently using Windows Server 2008 as my workstation (32 bit) and support 4 GB as well. But bear in mind, under win2k8, hibernation could not be activated…as expected.

    Battery life as you can in my latest update, it takes time to reach 3 hours stamina. Pretty weird actually.

    you need 3rd party software to record web video.

    Temperature issue…. I wonder why your result a bit different compare to mine. Furthermore, my house got no aircond too.

  171. Akonx says:

    Hi expertster,

    I just got a task to installing windows for aspire 4530. I wonder whether I must use suyin or bison driver for the camera?

    And there is things called NVIDIA DOS AHCI. Is it necessary for AHCI mode? How to used it?

    In my aspire 4520, I simply use the registry modification to use the AHCI mode.

    But now for the aspire 4530, I’m planning to use the AHCI mode from the beginning of the installation. When should I put the driver in?

    Thanks 😀

  172. Akonx says:

    I did try to update the bios to the latest version v.3328 ( using windows method ) from . But it failed. It suddenly stopped when doing the flashing.

    I’m using Windows XP

    Does anyone experience the same things? what is the solution?

  173. PS3 Fans says:

    Hello Mr Expert…

    After using few days, now it seem like having some problem over here… My left side USB port near the head jack port cannot detect my 250GB ext 2.5″ HDD and even my pendrive but it can detect my usb mouse. It say USB devices not recongnice n make me have to plug at the USB port near the modem.

    Now my system cannot restart, once i click on restart or installing software that require to restart then I can hear my Windows shut down sound then the image will be blank n the power led still light up. I need to click on the power button for few sec to let it shut down then only return it back on. I tried formatting n the problem still same.

    The Bios there sometimes auto change to ACHI n require me change back to IDE only will let me enter back to my Windows. How only i can make it stay still with IDE so i no need to worried about it will back to ACHI?


  174. expertester says:

    Akonx :
    I use bison for my lappy webcam.

    nVidia DOS AHCI is used for slipstream, not to be installed when windows already deploy.
    You need to use nLite or vLite to slipstream AHCI driver into windows installation disc.
    However, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, has built in driver for AHCI, so nothing to be worry about AHCI dos anymore.
    If you are going to install Vista or Server 08 from scratch, just set your sata mode to AHCI and install vista or server 2008 right away.
    Slipstream only valid for windows XP as vista no longer need that driver.

    I havent update my bios yet, so can’t help in this department.

    PS3Fans :

    Your external hdd require 2 USB porst or just 1? My external HDD can’t be detected if I choose to plug 1 of 2 USB. I have to plug both USB.

    Are you using windows XP? Because I dont have any prob with vista. You can do registry tweak to use ahci for windows xp or choose simpler solution, vista.

    I myself now, not using vista anymore….I am using Windows Server 2008, 32 bit. No drivers issue, 4 GB limition GONE. YAY.

  175. CLoud9Nos3 says:

    I used this acer aspire 4530 for almost 1 week.
    I tried DMC4 on this laptop and its smooth playable with 800×600 resolution with low setting.

    @Mr Expert

    I wonder as ableagent said, is this laptop ge-force 9100m g is it a mxm or built in with the motherboard?

  176. sandbox says:

    Anyone having problem with the time?
    My 4530’s (installed with Vista) clock time keep on changing by itself. Does it have anything to do with taking out the battery when it’s fully charged?

  177. Akonx says:

    What is your current bios version? Let me know your bios update result if you already done it. 😀

    Oh ya, I’m using Suyin and it working. I haven’t tried bison though and don’t know which one is better.

  178. Gray says:

    Can i upgrade the processor in the future?If can,does it support Intel socket?Thanks.

  179. kay says:

    hi, i just bought an acer aspire 4530
    have no idea how to get it hooked on the net.
    there are two other computers in the house and they are all under a home network. but i don’t know how to link my computer to them.. sorry i’m not so savvy about this is kinda silly i guess ^^

  180. ken says:

    i’ve just installed Windows Server 2003 at noon, everything look fine.. support 4GB RAM also, just couldn’t find the driver for the Atheros wireless card.. 😦
    Please share to me if anyone here got the driver for wins 2003..

    Apparently, there are something wrong with this notebook:

    1. The hardisk mode will change by itself..
    2. The system time will change by itself as well..

    Both problem related to the bios..
    anyone here can figure out the problem??
    Mother board’s battery flat?! So the bios keep change back to default value??

  181. Badly Frustated says:

    Dis new laptop is rily headache giver. Performance is awesome, but driver kinda buggy, can’t get my handphone CDMA modem (VIA CBP4 USB modem) works, matlab exit immediately (actually the responsibility in on the mathworks side), and the best treat is the “standby for good” feature. Dis is rily painful since i often carry da expensive calculatron from one place to another in standby state so that i can continue my work right in the spot where i left it. /w 2GB RAM, hibernation is not an option.

    I bought dis coz my only rily ole Toshiba machine just went broke. So Acer, u should patch dis exotically configurated (AMD + nForce) machine of yours fast, before it deteriorate my life any further.

  182. taufik says:

    hi there
    tx for your review which poisened me to buy this mainstream excellent laptop
    i just bought this laptop today @6.000.000 IDR
    and i havent upgraded the default RAM to 2x2GB DDR2 800 due to the scarcity of this new SODIMM RAM in Indonesia…(i intended to upgrade it with 2x2GB DDR2 667 but on the 2nd thought it’d not worth the money since it’s supported DDR2 800)

    with default spec, i installed Amit’s Unattended Windows Vista Extreme Edition SP1
    well i got slightly different hardware test results than yours:
    -Processor 4.8
    -RAM 2.0
    -Graphics 5.9
    -Gaming 4.2
    -HDD 5.1

    i ran this test on IDE MODE since i havent install the AHCI driver yet atm..
    but will AHCI mode improve HDD performance??

  183. expertester says:

    Taufik :
    OMG man, you got graphics 5.9? That is maximum number already. Yeah, AHCI might improve hdd performance. I believe you still use 512 default ram right, which explain low score in RAM department. DDR800 still uber expensive, that is why i opt for DDR 667. Well, you decission is not wrong too..sooner or later , DDR800 price will drop as low as DDR667 which make your 4GB DDR800 investment really worth.

    Badly Frustrated :
    Change your power option dude, in control panel…that will solve your standby problem.
    CDMA modem phone driver, should we blame acer, or your modem phone or both?

    Ken :
    Yup, windows server (03 or 08) able to support 4 GB, no problem. XP wireless atheros driver can’t work? Hmm…work like charm at server 08 😛
    But no bluetooth on my server 08 though.

    Kay :
    If you are going to access internet using the router, there configuration for this laptop is exactly same with other laptop or PC. If you are using windows vista, just plug the network cable, open up network (from start menu), and set it to private…you are done. If you are using windows xp, either your router support DHCP or not, might need different method to connect to the internet.

    Gray :
    I dont think notebook is designed that way…and it can’t support intel socket.

    Akonx :
    I dont update my bios since i dont have any bios prob.
    I believe if you guys have problem with bios keep forgetting the clock, the best way to do is call Acer Care.

  184. taufik says:

    that’s graphics for Aero, but i dont know whether its accurate or not.. or is it because of the different Vista version?

    btw, what OS are you currently using?
    do you use AHCI mode or IDE mode…?
    i had BSOD and unable to start up my Vista when im using AHCI mode (even after i installed AHCI nvidia driver as replacement of standard IDE one)

  185. expertester says:


    I am using Windows Server 2008 currently….more or less like vista actually…but I need server function for my work.

    I already write a post here…how to enable AHCI in vista without reformating…check it out 😀

  186. ken says:

    how large the hard disk space will be used by Wins 2008 after installed?

    Vista use up about 15GB right?!

  187. din says:

    hello…ken..i think i also have problem with bios clock..if i want start up laptop without battery plug in…it cannot start…then i must change the setting at bios again…did u have any solution.

  188. makutma says:


    how much would you rate the aspire 4530 of a 100%? ’cause i have a problem making a decision between acer aspire 4530 or benq joybook r45…

  189. Mixcal says:

    Well thanks so much experttester for your review on Acer 4530 ^_^ . I absolutely love this notebook except the fact that i can’t install the ahci driver on my notebook. Got the same problem like taufik’s. The artikel you wrote about how to install ahci driver on XP not working for me…and also classical problem that the mode in bios ofthen change to ahci. I’m from indonesia anyway.

  190. mul14 says:

    Note1 : My Acer Aspire 4530 is equipped with 2×2048 (4GB) of RAMs. And I would love to highlight, Acer 4520 only able to support up to 2 GB of RAMs only.

    My Acer Aspire 4520 support 4GB of RAMs. Just update the BIOS.

  191. Ferdy says:

    Hello, i need help here.

    My spec :
    Acer Aspire 4530
    Hdd mode ACHI
    BIOS 3322
    O/S : Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP2 + update
    Memory detect : 3.75 Gb (minus 256 Mb for Nvidia VGA )

    Configuration 1:
    Memory (2 x 2Gb RAM, pc 6400, Hynix Chipset)
    Problem : My WiFi atheros can’t function ( yellow question mark )

    but with this configuration:
    Memory slot 1 (1 x 2Gb RAM, pc 6400, Hynix Chipset)
    slot 2 (1 x 512Mb RAM, pc 5300, Nanya Chipset)

    My Wifi atheros work and everything is fine under Windows server 2003.
    But with that configuration, is not optimal.

    any advice? thx before.

  192. bobubaca says:

    Great review, mate!
    Just bought it yesterday
    i suppose to get it this afternoon
    can’t wait for it, very excited..
    wondering is it really as powerful as you’ve said…

  193. Ardi says:


    (… i havent upgraded the default RAM to 2×2GB DDR2 800 due to the scarcity of this new SODIMM RAM in Indonesia…(i intended to upgrade it with 2×2GB DDR2 667 but on the 2nd thought it’d not worth the money since it’s supported DDR2 800))

    So, did you already upgrade the memory into DDR2 800? If did, whoa this 4530 truly works with DDR2 800…how fast and remarkable will be!

    Anyway, I’ve reformatted my OS from IDE to AHCI and reinstall XP SP2 using nLite (nVidia AHCI included in DVD as a unit package). No BSOD and any issues hardware, just perfect results on it. Feel satisfied on seeing nVidia nForce comes up and visible on HDD Controller inside Device Manager. Hope it will affect the performance of my 4530 better.

    The battery life can’t hold the best time performance like previous (2 hours 57 minutes), now about less 2 hours.

    But it’s still ok since my 4530 always in heavy duty daily and I used to plug in its the electricity power while the battery remains end, no matter when working indoor.

    No hardware conflict issue. Wifi is the best like no others. Detect and connect faster than my friends lapie with different specs.

    For you guys if you find a hardware issue on device manager such yellow sign, just click it then update manually, search in the current driver from your 4530 driver’s DVD. Find it/them on SW1/SW2 folder, and choose the folder match up with your hardware issue such WLAN, Bluetooth, etc.
    It will install the correct driver on it.

    Yeah, over 15 days after owning 4530, and still SATISFIED 🙂

  194. xfader says:


    you upgraded yours to 2GB RAM didnt you?
    is it 1 GBx2 or 2 GBx1?

    i had problems when i install 2 APACER SODIMM DDR2 800, the system crashes all the time and gave me error 0xc0000005 whenever i try to repair/reinstall windows…

    even after i updated the BIOS to z05_3328.wph the problems still occur (both AHCI and IDE)… then when i decided to remove 1 of 2 everything back to normal…

    i wonder if this is happening to all who use 2x2GB DDR2 800 with the current BIOS (or even the latest 3328), or is it only me?

  195. Mixcal says:


    i upgraded my 4530 with transcend 2×2 GB DD2 800 n working fine

  196. xfader/taufik says:

    where do you live bro?
    what is your 4530 BIOS version?
    what OS do yo use now?

    i guess, i’ll try to swap my DDR2 RAMs and test them separately…and see if 1 of 2 is faulty RAM..

  197. Kenny says:

    I am going to hav this baby tomorrow..the shop called me to take it tomorrow..but they suggested me to upgrade the ram up til 3gb only since they said 64-bit still havent out i guess bear with 3gb ram 1st lo,next time only upgrade til 4gb ram..

    By the way how to enable webcam,bluetooth and streamyx using the lappie?Should i buy a router to enable my streamyx?My desktop is using streamyx service.

    My Acer Aspire 4520 support 4GB of RAMs. Just update the BIOS.

    How do u update ur bios?By the way if i’m going to upgrade my ram,wat brand should i get?Kingston?I heard some brand hav compatibility problem with the original ram..please answer lappie is coming tomorrow..><

  198. Mixcal says:


    i live in indonesia
    my bios version is still the default one from factory v0.3326
    os win XP pro sp3
    running in ide mode, since i didn’t use slipstream to install.

  199. yutaka says:

    i already buy this laptop n have problem with the hardware..winows xp cant open because of the sata setting from IDE to AHDI.This problem happen to me 3times a i hate this laptop

  200. ken says:


    i’ve the same problem as you when i install Windows server 2003, the wifi cannot start.. 😦

    i countn’t find any driver that is suit for it.. i really have no idea how to solve it.. 😦

    i’ve 2GB + 2GB Ram..

    Pls let me know if you are able to solve it, thanks!

  201. xfader/taufik says:

    im here glad to say that 1 of 2 DDR2 800 of mine is defect
    and tomorrow the seller will replace it with a new one…
    i had suspected this from the 1st BSOD error i got after i installed these RAMs…
    so there is no more worries about the laptop and BIOS version…
    and tomorrow i’ll be running my laptop at FULL POWER…

  202. peacenik says:

    The Bios Version

    Z05 Release Note
    ; Date : 2008/7/11
    ; QCI Ver.: 0.3328
    ; EC Ver. : 0.024
    ; VGA BIOS: z05M77a2.028
    ; AMD CPU code: (agesa
    1. Fix the bluetooth status can’t change on VISTA mobile center.
    append\asl wmi_oem.asi
    ; Date : 2008/7/10
    ; QCI Ver.: 0.3327
    ; EC Ver. : 0.024
    ; VGA BIOS: z05M77a2.028
    ; AMD CPU code: (agesa
    1. Fix Nucard issue when enter S4 then plug nucard and power on resume.

    2. Fix Winphlash64 can’t work.

    ; Date : 2008/6/30
    ; QCI Ver.: 0.3326
    ; EC Ver. : 0.024
    ; VGA BIOS: z05M77a2.028
    ; AMD CPU code: (agesa
    1. Fix some system usb device(Finger, CCD, Bluetooth) have no-function
    when AC/Battery remove and plug in AC/Battery.

    2. Fix the system report memory size error (2G+1G).

    ; Date : 2008/6/20
    ; QCI Ver.: 0.3325
    ; EC Ver. : 0.024
    ; VGA BIOS: z05M77a2.028
    ; AMD CPU code: (agesa
    1. Update new nvmm.lib and romsip.tbl for PCIE-CLK issue.

    2. Update NV code for the system sometimes hang TP55.\oemrgtbl.asm

    3. Fix Nucard issue when enter S4 then plug nucard and power on resume.

    4. Fix some system all usb device have no-function when AC/Battery remove
    and plug in AC/Battery.

    Do u guys mind to show the RAM Speed ??
    What i mean do THE DDR2 800 can run at full speed 800Mhz or the max Is just 667Mhz

  203. expertester says:

    Ken :
    Windows Server 2008 use approximately 10 GB only

    Makutma :
    Your question is too subjective. To be honest, I judge notebook base on its price. For sub 2k notebook, i rate this notebook A (but not A+ due to some minor issue)
    But, if you ask my rating base on my ideal notebook, I could give this notebook as much as 70 percent only.

    Mixcal :
    The best way to use AHCI is thru slipstream. Use nlite. Actually pretty easy. Very straighforward. Google for Windows XP nLite slipstream

    Ardi :
    So do I 😀

    Xfader :
    Nope…I am using 4 GB. 2×2 GB. Windows vista 32 bit will only detect 2.75 GB. Windows Vista 64 bit detect 3.75 GB + 256 MB but mobo chipset driver not available yet. Performance wise, 64 bit version is faster than 32 bit version, if your application natively support 64 bit OS. So, I am using Windows Server 08 currently…32 bit. Faster and no driver issue.

    Yutaka :
    IDE mode is legacy mode actually. In other word, it is not a default interface for your lappy to communicate with your SATA2 hdd. If you are still insist to use Windows XP for what ever reason, slipstream it using nLite. AHCI is the only way to fully joy this notebook performance. If you think AHCI is too hard, simply use Vista. With 2 GB, Vista allready has no performance impact on this lappy…espcially if you vLite it. License issue? You can download windows server 2008 for free and convert it to be vista like.

  204. Mixcal says:


    yeah, i think using nlite is the best solution. I’ve got no choice since i don’t have the access to slipstream the original CD which i used to install, it belongs to the university and cannot be borrowed. So i’ve just gotta wait to save some money to buy the OS myself. Anyway, i’m experiencing some problem with standby mode, my laptop won’t wake up even if i pressed the power button, the power button LED stay yellow and i got no choice but to hard reset it >.<

  205. xfader/taufik says:


    it is almost implosible to see the RAM speed at booting process (via disabling “the quiet” boot in BIOS) because it is so damn fast… ^^
    i even cant see the word such as “DUAL CHANNEL ENABLED”…
    or maybe can someone capture the booting screen?

    but if the official spec says that this 4530 can run 800Mhz then we should believe it, dont we?

  206. expertester says:

    xfader :

    what he may ask is…. benchmark result.

  207. peacenik says:


    Can u guy use Cpu-z to see the ram speed??

    Bcoz if u read the Bios note file it say:
    ; Date : 2008/5/5
    ; QCI Ver.: 0.3309
    ; EC Ver. : 0.019
    ; VGA BIOS: z05M77a2.028
    ; AMD CPU code: (agesa
    1. Add “GPU_ALTVID_SUPPORT” definition.

    2. Update new EC BIOS for “Q8C” and “Q8D” method for thermal control.

    3. Add save/restore USB for SD card issue.

    4. Set DDR2 memory frequency to “667 MHZ”.
    So unless the Bios is ready to Support DDR2-800 other wise DDR2-667 should be ok right??

  208. andy says:

    i cant post

  209. Ferdy says:

    Hello all,

    after reading this articel from microsoft :

    that explain me, why my WiFi Atheros can’t run in windows 2003 server IF the installed ram is 4 GB. (2GB + 2GB RAM)
    it’s more likely driver issue from atheros that can’t function well in PAE (Physical Address Extension) mode under
    win 2003 server.

    so, for those who want’s using this laptop with windows 2003 server with functional atheros WiFi
    try to reduce the size of installed RAM. You can choose :

    (2GB + 256 MB)
    (2GB + 512 MB) —> i choose this way
    (2GB + 1GB).

    for other people that don’t want to reduce memory RAM, try use external USB WiFi. 😉
    i save my other 2 gigs ram for future upgrade.

    another buggy thigs from this laptop :
    – if installed ram is 4GB –> little bit slow loading under windows server 2003 (about 10 second)
    compare with 2.5GB of RAM.

  210. peacenik says:


    How about send an e-mail to me??
    Or can we ask “expertester” to collect the photo
    & he post them some where here??

    Just some recommendations

  211. expertester says:

    Peacenik and Andi :
    I would be more than happy to collect those photo and post it here.
    I use DDR2 667 only….DDR2 800 too expensive >.<

    Andy :
    You can zip those screenshot pictures, and post it in Thanks.

    Ferdy :
    Win Server 08 has no such issue even it use PAE natively.

  212. ken says:

    hi expestester,

    how to stop the windows server 2008 timer?

    i am still looking for the crack..

    i am appreciate if u can give me some hints here.. 😀

  213. Kenny says:

    Hey i juz got this baby…but the temperature is a bit high..wat’s the difference between GFX temperature and CPU temperature?CPU is around 56 degree while GFX 76 degree..does it consider high?

  214. expertester says:

    Kenny :
    Yes, your GFX is a little bit on high side. Your cpu just fine.

    Ken :
    There is a method to crack win2008, but it will only stop the timer. drawback, longer boot time. Still interested?

  215. Kenny says:

    Problem caused by a hard disk drive error

    Windows was temporarily unable to read your hard disk drive. We do not know the exact cause of the problem. In most cases, this type of condition is momentary and does not indicate a serious problem, but sometimes it means that a hard disk is failing.

    My lappie juz crash this morning!Hav to restart!!y this is happening??izzit serious?

  216. Kenny says:

    Yes, your GFX is a little bit on high side. Your cpu just fine.

    Yea coz i am not in air-con room and i am not using the cooling pad ^^

  217. Kenny says:

    Hey i wanna ask abt e empowering..i hav to install 1 by 1 on the list or juz select 1 of the above?

  218. expertester says:

    e empowering….install the framework first…then install it one by one.

  219. Kenny says:

    i am downloading the vista sp 1…i don see any framework there..

  220. Kenny says:

    Oh yea i was playing warcraft III the frozen throne-DOTA this afternoon..when 5 opponent encounters 5 of us..i feel a big ram is 3gb

  221. taufik/xfader says:

    have someone upgraded this laptop’s gpu to 9200M/9300M?
    according to nVidia when you install add on 9200m/9300m onto a 9100m gpu motherboard (which is used by this laptop), there will be graphics improvement to be as powerful as 9400m from the combination…

    i’d like to try it but the problem is that i havent found any shop in surabaya (indonesia) which sells separate gpu card for laptop…
    if any of you guys (whoever lives in indonesia) knows one or you know how much a 9300m GS costs, please tell me…

  222. Sekto says:

    Does anybody has a problem with me ??
    Well the problem is the microphone, when i used sound hardware test wizard, the mic bar doesn’t have any respond to my voice, i even tried to shout, but when i tried to knock on it or around the mic, it gives a respond around 1/3 of the bar.
    Is it the hardware problem or i just messed up somethime here ??

  223. Kenny says:

    Performance Global : 1.0
    Performance CPU : 4.8
    Performance Memory : 3.9
    Performance Graphics : 1.0
    Performance Gaming : 1.0
    Performance Disk : 5.3

    How come my performance graphics and gamin so low??

  224. Kenny says:

    [Problem caused by a hard disk drive error

    Windows was temporarily unable to read your hard disk drive. We do not know the exact cause of the problem. In most cases, this type of condition is momentary and does not indicate a serious problem, but sometimes it means that a hard disk is failing.]

    My lappie juz crash this morning!Memory dump or something like that.Hav to restart!!y this is happening??izit serious?

    Oh yea i was playing warcraft III the frozen throne-DOTA this afternoon too..when 5 opponent encounters 5 of us..i feel a big ram is 3gb.And 1 more thing..

    This morning when i was dotaing also..suddenly the whole screen turns black and the power button become orange…when i press it no response..after i plug in the charger,it shows:

    Ur battery is in critical level..bla bla bla..

    But be4 i went dotaing,the battery level shows that it can last for 2 more hours!I play dota less than 1 hours and 30 minutes…battery habis..

    Performance Global : 1.0
    Performance CPU : 4.8
    Performance Memory : 3.9
    Performance Graphics : 1.0
    Performance Gaming : 1.0
    Performance Disk : 5.3

    This is what i get from PC come the performance graphics and gaming so low?

    And i cant find the empowering i cant install anything..><

  225. Kenny says:

    [Performance Global : 1.0
    Performance CPU : 4.8
    Performance Memory : 3.9
    Performance Graphics : 1.0
    Performance Gaming : 1.0
    Performance Disk : 5.3]

    Sry that was the rating before i upgrade my’s the rating after i upgrade my ram to 3gb ram.

    Performance Global : 3.6
    Performance CPU : 4.8
    Performance Memory : 5.7
    Performance Graphics : 3.6
    Performance Gaming : 4.2
    Performance Disk : 5.3

    It’s almost the same as urs except for the performance graphics and gaming..seems a bit lower than urs..perhaps ur using 4gb ram and i’m using 3gb ram so tat makes the difference?

  226. ibnu says:


    top: with vista and directx 10; the vram is 1 gig? how? where is the setting?
    bottom: xp sp2 with direct x 9.0c; the pixel and vertex shaders are v.3.0; can xp install DX 10?

    Where can i get the newest driver for 9100 M G for XP?


  227. expertester says:


    That is called System Shared Memory for video. Many claims it is required to improve aero experience. I dont know where to set it, so i use WinServer2008 to counter 4 GB limitation. Because of this culprit shared memory, 4530 can only effective use 2.8 GB out of 4 GB. Vista64 and Winserver 32 fix this one.

    Dx 10 only exclusive for vista. Some claim they able to install ‘hex or emulate’ version of dx10 but how it improve performance is still remain mystery.

    Latest driver…..either acer website (which not exist yet) or beta driver from nvidia. Guru3d provide mod inf beta driver for this lappy.

    Kenny :
    Are you using beta driver?

  228. Kenny says:

    The one 1 bought was a linux i ask the shop to install the home basic vista for me..the vista is an original 1 coz it has license,serial number and the whole box..but i dont know the driver they installed for me is a beta or not >.<

  229. DeltaP says:

    Hi Expertester, is it possible that a system can crash (BSoD) due to faulty RAM or its insertion? I wanted to know because my Acer 4530 (RAM 1gig + upgrade 2gig) still crashes after reinstalling Vista and the guy who sold me the laptop says it’s due to driver issues.

  230. expertester says:

    Delta :
    No, I firmly believe, if you install driver from the disc they provide and a proper (either genuine or not) vista, you shouldnt have BSOD. To be completely honest, my vista on 4530 never has BSOD, even my pc sometime got BSOD (old story..i learn my lesson..never expose vista partition to XP, or XP will screw up my vista partition).

    The only reason why vista able to stay in my 4530 because, 4530 never has any slowdown, driver issue or BSOD with vista.

    I heard (several times) that, DO NOT couple original RAM from acer with Kingston RAM. But, you can use kingston RAM, provided you throw away the original ram. My case, I resell my original ram to reseller, and update 2x2GB kingston ddr2. No prob, no issue.

    As you can see in my post, I did torture test, CPU and RAMs for more than 30 minutes. During this period, RAM utilization is do with CPU. NO hang or BSOD. FYI, that torture test was done to partially abuse vista. There is office, AV, firewall, Visual Studio 2008 and the list goes on and on.

    Kenny :
    You got the original driver disc dont you?

  231. xfader says:

    what kind of BSOD? did you get any message such as “access violation” or “0xc0000005 error code”? if you did, then it may be a faulty RAM…
    try to test them separately, then you will know whether it is a faulty RAM problem (like i had) or other issues (incompatible pair, etc)

  232. peacenik says:

    HI Hi

    Have anyone install DDR2-800 in this Acer Aspire 4530??
    Can have confirmation that the RAM run @ 667 or @ 800 ??
    Possible to send me a screen shot , using Cpu-z or anything

    Can I know is your DDR-800 working @ 800?? or @667 only??

  233. Kenny says:

    both also works..but ddr800 is more expensive ^^

  234. DeltaP says:

    Expertester, I think your guess is correct. My Acer 4530 is using Acer’s orginial RAM together with Kingston. I’ll switch to 2×2048 Kingston sticks and see if it stops crashing.

    Xfader, I got neither error messages but a memory dump whenever I get BSoD after 1-3 hours of usage.

  235. xfader says:

    i just ran CPUZ 1.4.6 and i got these results:

    what happened with 800MHz support??? i thought this laptop supports sodimm pc6400 but i got 667 MHz reading on my CPUZ result..
    can anyone with sodimm pc6400 confirm their results?

  236. xfader says:

    here is another proof:

    i ran the latest version of pcwizard 2008, it showed that the DIMM module is pc 6400 but the chipset speed is pc 5300???

  237. nanda says:

    hey, thanks for the review..

    i’m looking for 4530 in Indonesia…
    and finally got it, although it quite hard since i’m on
    the waiting list… 😀

    btw, Indonesia spesification for RAM is only 512..
    and i want to change it 2 x 1GB, the store said it’s not
    permitted, they afraid will broken the warranty if remove
    the original RAM, is it true?

    i just permitted to add to 2 x 512 Mb..
    while in brochure said its 4GB upgradable..
    they said if i want to add more RAMs
    then wait until the warranty is expired..

    how about this?
    any body has same experience??
    is 2 x 512 Ram enough?
    i just want to make this 4530 working good in Autocad..

  238. Kenny says:

    In here Malaysia i ask them will it void my warranty if i add the ram?They said though the sticker is spoiled,the warranty will be valid coz Acer permits that..2 x 512 gb ram?Tat means 1 gb ram right?Y don u add it to either 3gb ram since the 32-bit limits the ram effiency to 2.8gb ram only or u juz upgrade it to 4gb ram..ram is very cheap in Malaysia ^^

  239. xfader says:

    dont worry bro…
    upgrade k 2x2GB aj skalian…
    2x512MB is not enough to optimize this laptop performance… ^^

    btw, could anyone with pc6400 installed on his laptop do the test with CPU-Z (like i did)?
    im still dont get it why i got pc5300 speed instead of pc6400 speed..

    it showed FSB:RAM = 3:5
    which means FSB 200 MHz/3 = 66.7 MHz x 5 = 333 MHz

    well if this laptop support ddr2 pc 6400 speed, it should be like this:
    FSB:RAM = 5:5 or 1:1
    200Mhz/1 = 200 MHz x 1 = 200 MHz..

  240. xfader says:

    sorry my bad,

    revision for my previous post,
    it should be 1:2 for FSB:RAM
    200 Mhz/1 = 200Mhz x 2 = 400 MHz (CMIIW)

    i hope acer will release next BIOS to unlock this setting…

  241. nanda says:

    thanks xfader n Kenny, i know the RAM is cheap.. 🙂
    but the store still not permit me to add the RAM
    atleast 2 x 1 GB… unless i want to lose the warranty..
    of course i don’t want to lose it!
    it means i will have 4530 with 2 x 512.. 😦

    and how about the speaker?
    some of my friends said it’s not good enough
    anybody want to clarify this?

    and how to make the BIOS setting
    that won’t let IDE back to AHCI again?

    sorry, last request..
    give me step by step installing XP…
    thanks.. 🙂

  242. peacenik says:


    Bro why no u request Bois fix from acer??

    I will get my self Ocz DDR2-800 , i will try to ask acer for the DDR2-800 support

    I think if there is a lot users asking for it they will release new bios soon.

    RAM run at 2T?? Possible 1T?? or too hot to run @ 800 n 1T??


    DO Indonesia have Acer Service Center??

    If so , give them acall & buy the ram then go there with your notebook ask them to do the upgrade for u.

  243. Mixcal says:


    i’m from indo as well and i upgraded my to 2x2GB
    don’t bother with the warranty, u will only lose partial warranty for the RAM not the whole warranties. RAM seldom broke, what’s the warranty for anyway? more importantly, most brand give u life time warranty for their RAM product.

    i’ve tested mine with CPU-Z the result is just the same as yours. I use pc 6400

  244. nanda says:

    @ peacenik

    Acer Service Center in Jakarta
    and i’m not in Jakarta..

    when i ask acer dealer in my area
    it will cost 3 times more expensive than
    in other store..

  245. nanda says:

    @ mixcal

    are u serious i won’t lose the whole warranty?
    bcause i’m not buy this 4530 in acer store..
    but in other store which can give acer warranty..
    bcause it’s cheaper than in acer store..

    okay i will ask the seller than…

  246. xfader says:


    wew… at least now i know that im not the only one who gets that result…
    thanks for your confirmation dude… i appreciate it…

    lets just wait till newer BIOS has been released..

  247. Kenny says:

    Hey i get tat result also..and i am using Pcwizard program.

  248. DeltaP says:

    Okay, this is frustrating. I switched into a 2 x 2048 Kingston configuration and it crashed (same error) 5 minutes after startup. Through the process of elimination, I’m going to guess it’s the faulty RAM the shop installed during my RAM upgrade. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to send my Acer 4530 to their service centre if it keeps crashing.

  249. Mixcal says:


    yap, at least that’s what my seller told me, only the RAM’s warranty that will be void. Maybe you should try call the acer customer service as well for better confirmation hehe
    I don’t buy it at acer store either, now it cost around IDR 6,200,000.

  250. Angelus says:

    hi, i’m form indonesia. just bought mine a week a go, and upgrade my ram to 2x2gb corsair. after 3 days normal usage, this lappie completely break down. and i sent my acer to acer service center(jakarta). they said the problem cause by the ram i upgrade. so i came to the store where i bought this lappie, and they change my ram with the new one, but same spec. afterward, this lappie operating normal again.

    but yesterday, i had a same problem with deltaP, this lappie crash and my display turn all white, but after restarting, this lappie operating normal again. it happened 3 times yesterday, but unpredictable occuring time, with different range of time from the first crash to another.

    i was so frustating too..

    i’d asked acer service center, only the ram’s warranty that will be void just like mixcal said. but they keep blaming my ram when i brought my lappie to acer service center. how they can be so sure that not the acer 4530 that damaged my ram?

  251. KayAun says:

    By Taufik/XFader :

    “have someone upgraded this laptop’s gpu to 9200M/9300M?
    according to nVidia when you install add on 9200m/9300m onto a 9100m gpu motherboard (which is used by this laptop), there will be graphics improvement to be as powerful as 9400m from the combination…

    i’d like to try it but the problem is that i havent found any shop in surabaya (indonesia) which sells separate gpu card for laptop…
    if any of you guys (whoever lives in indonesia) knows one or you know how much a 9300m GS costs, please tell me…”

    Anyone have any idea? I’m dying to know this lol. I’ll definitely upgrade if it can be done.

  252. kuman says:

    Hay, very interesting.

    I’m in jakarta now

    I’m really going to buy this laptop.

    the 2 x 2gb DDR2-800 upgrades are expensive as hell @ estimated 80USD.

    i’m planning to use 2 x 1gb DDR2-800 which is also expensive @ estimated 46USD

    Now the question is, does upgrades from 2gb to 4gb really helps on winXP pro? since its max ram limit is only 3gb

    and does upgrading DDR-667 to DDR-800 really brings lots of improvement for the same ram size?

    i had experience with my old laptop where the standard 64MB of ram gives me 3+hours of work time and it goes down to only around 1 hour after uprading to 2 x 256MB… i suspect upgrading our ram will cut down on our battery time.

    well if anyone can help me with this 🙂

    Btw for earlier question, yes we can turn 9100M+9300M into an 9400M but unless the laptop supports miniPCI-e expansion…

    well, keeps your hopes high because acer 4520 got Nvidia mxm standard graphic card, perhaps 4530 also got one as well then we could upgrade our graphic card one day link ->

    anyway, that has got to wait till i get my laptop and i’ll opens it up.


    take care ppl 🙂



  253. Andry says:

    I bought 4530 about 2 weeks a go… here is my experience..
    (I replaced the RAM with 1x2GB Kingston DDR 667, the seller said I only lose the RAM warranty)
    1. At first I install it with XP SP2 (IDE mode), but since its BIOS keep changing to AHCI, I finally reinstall it using Slipstreamed XP SP2. (problem solved)
    2. I can’t record voice through the internal microphone (located near the webcam lens)… (problem not solved)
    3. When I insert microphone to the mic slot, still unable to record any sound. I had checked the settings in sound and Realtek settings, still no clue. When I unplugged the mic, the sound won’t come out again!
    4. I restarted and while in desktop, the sepaker sound buzzing sound…
    5. I tried to repaired installation, but the installation menu keep restarting (unable to finish). Finally I had to clean install it (format drive C and do clean install). (Problem 75% solved)
    6. When I closed the lid of my 4530, it won’t go to standby mode, but the screen is blank and led is green. (not blinking orange like it should). I can’t resume by pressing any key on my keyboard so I have to hard reset it using the power button. I DO have checked and double checked the setting in power management, but the problem still occured. Finnaly i changed the setting so that wehenever I closed the lid, it won’t do nothing (the screen will shutdown but no probs with that when I opened it back).

    I really love this laptop despite it’s MANY troubles..
    One thing that i think that we really need is BIOS UPDATE. But i still have no clue about that. Overall, this laptop gave far beyond what we pay (when it is finally run SMOOTHLY)

    Any advice will be welcomed..
    Thanx to expertester for his GREAT review on this laptop! I’m awaiting for your next test or any benchmark..

  254. Sekto says:

    @Andry :
    2. Have you try “Test Hardware” on “Sound and Audio Devices” ?? I’ve tried mine and i found that the bulit-in mic has very little respond to the sound (try to knock on the mic, see if it has a better respond), I have done a bit research and found that maybe the RealTek is the problem. However about the mic, you can try to use Microphone Boost in Realtek program, But becareful coz i got mine keep feedback between mic and the speaker. Do more search about this if you dont fully understand. But still in the end, i hasn’t solve the problem. Maybe someone already solve this out ?

    3. The sound won’t come out again ?? Well my experience that i plug in my headset and unplug it again, but the realtek still assume that i’m using the headphone. Open the Realtek and check if the Realtek still assume it’s plugged in. I solve the problem by changing the setting … can’t really remember which one i checked or unchecked.

    6. That’s weird, coz i just found out that my acer 4530 like that too, when i was about leaving i closed the lid and it was blinking in orange colour (standby mode) but then when i returned to my place and found out that the led in green colour. Maybe because i’m plugging the cooling fan ??? hasn’t figured it out yet … going to try it again later on

  255. Sekto says:

    @ Andry :
    Sorry forget to mention, have you upgrade your Windows ?? I assume that you’re using Windows XP. Coz i had mine like that too, until i did my windows update, now i can resume my laptop from standby mode

  256. xfader says:

    i checked that link too bro…
    looking forward to your “oprek” review…

    try to upgrade your BIOS to v.3328 and hopefully will solve problems…

  257. vexus says:

    my webcam not working. sometimes got picture sometimes no. dunno what is the problem

  258. expertester says:

    Kuman :

    4GB RAM could not improve your notebook + winxp performance. 2 GB should be the sweet spot. 4530 only able to recognize 2.8 GB under 32 bit OS. Cross check with other user, seem acer 4530 could perform dual channel capability even the configuration is 1+2 (not identical in size…base on their benchmark more or less like mine).
    With Windows XP, I rarely touch 1 GB RAM usage…so, why need to waste your money for 4 GB right 😀

    DDR800 definitely has better bandwidth which will result better system responsiveness. Since DDR667 already able to touch 5.7 or 5.8 in vista performance index, I believe DDR800 could reach max 5.9 score. However, certain user claim, that 4530 can’t take DDR2 800 advantage. It recognize the DIMM is DDR2 800 but run it at DDR2 667. So, until Acer release bios update that could rectify this flaw, DDR2 800 is a big waste of money.

    I personally believe, double stick of RAMs will consume more battery power but, single stick 256 vs single stick 64 MB rams, shouldn’t has any significant different. Furthermore, RAM is among PC component which use very low power.

    Thanks for your info regarding MXM upgrade. If this lappy allow us to upgrade 9100+9300, it would be really nice. Assuming in the future 9100 already too slow for major productivity software…sweet. Great info mate.

    Andry :

    I think I know what is your major prob actually. Your OS. Due to many technical issue related to Windows XP, I backup my Vista using True Image, install Windows XP (using IDE mode…too lazy to slipstream), install drivers and the result…heh…not much different from yours.
    Sleep not working sometime most of the time (No wonder Microsoft proudly claim Vista is their OS which has absolute working SLEEP..LoL). IDE going back to AHCI…yeah it happen to me, especially after several reboot and battery removed. Short term memory lost? (LMAO). Now I seriously think guys,
    if you feel enough with 4530+XP combo, why not try Vista. If you have 2 or more GB of RAMs, after several days of using (assuming SuperFetch already does it magic), let see how responsive it is. (Note : If you think Vista GUI not as fast as XP, reduce GUI special effect). However, if you still hard die fan of Windows XP, please by all mean, update the OS using windows update (assuming you have no WGA issue :p)

  259. optimizer says:

    for the sound problem in XP, i think i had it in the worst case: the Realtek panel that should appear beside the clock is gone, even if i try to start it from the control panel, it won’t work, what i see is the mouse get a waiting sign for 3 seconds and nothing happened. and i cant use all the phone jacks i have on the side. BUT! after i update my windows XP SP2 to SP3, using the live update from microsoft, the phone jack works!!! even without the Realtek panel. BUT BUT BUT, live update is not a fun thing to play with, try at your own risk.

    i have a vista in my 4530 too, and there is no sound problem with it. but i need to find a proper cracked vista, coz the paradox version (the only version of vista i have) will give me BSOD after i install the IDE host driver.

    after a few weeks working with this lappy… i conclude that i will give up on Acer and AMD product…. Reason:
    Acer: the support and stability is not good enough. the quality control of their product is not good also, coz i got a few friends that bought this laptop too, almost all of them have complain about the hardware, so if u got a working 4530, you’re considered as lucky already.

    AMD: way too hot and it will cook your balls, none of the PUMA actually satisfy me, total disappointment with AMD temperature. only intel T7000 series or better can meet my satisfaction… well, since it is still good for budget usage..

  260. expertester says:

    I test my mic today… (vista environment).

    Mic Volume : Max
    Mic Boost : +30 db
    Noise Suppression : Activated
    Acoustic Echo Cancellation : Activated
    Distance : Average use of notebook

    Result : Very clear voice. No sound to shallow or volume too low. No extra noise even mic boost set at max. Anyone could replicate this result?

  261. expertester says:

    Ah ha…please note about Noise Suppression. Seem this mic and realtek chip will self adjust to minimize your ambience noise. Try to play with it (on and off) to see get your best result.

  262. Agung says:

    Hi All,
    I bought this acer 4530 yesterday, and as some said in here that they got BSOD, me got it too, but I get 2 kind of BSOD.
    First, the AHCI vs IDE issue, but no problem, I can just change the AHCI mode to IDE to get it right again.
    The second, is “nv4_disp” BSOD (infinite loop). It occures when I run “Google Earth” at miximum zoom and try to drag the map. The symptom are:
    – Map and/or whole screen freezes,
    – wait 1 or 2 minutes , then BSOD appears.
    I tried to googling for the solution, and got some solution but unfortunately wouldn’t apply for my 4530.

    My analysis is:
    – This problem is not specific 4530 (or NVidia GF 9100M G), since some Dell users with GF 5200 experienced it too.
    – There’s some solution, with driver update. But, as we all knew, this wouldn’t apply for 4530, since display driver should be released by acer due the customization.

    My question is:
    – Is there anybody here experience same thing?
    – Any solution?
    – Is there any update for the driver?


  263. Rammat says:

    First i want to thank expertester for the review. Cos of you, i bought this laptop last week. Works fine for me as this is my first laptop, after tweaking and slip streaming the XP ^^.

    Well, i don’t think AMD is that hot, Up until now i used Intel and this laptop is the first one that i ever use AMD. Just buy a cooling pad, it will help you cool it down a little. Not as cool as intel, i assume (This laptop (idle 65 c, gaming about 73 c), Intel 5X c (dont know the detailed information, as this is my first laptop).

    To avoid all problems, just use XP SP3. I don’t have any problems it

  264. Andry says:

    sorry to inform that I’m using pirated version of WinXP SP2, never updated to any update. (somebody told me that the WinUpdate will ask for genuine Windows).

    I did update the BIOS to v3328 this morning. Will test it for a couple of days..

    I already upgraded to 1X2Gb Kingston DDR 667
    Will try to install it using Vista 32bit (will wait until the driver for 64bit version comes out).
    About using Win Server 2008, I don’t think I have the courage to do that, and yes I am so XP maniak… ^_^

    XP SP3? I heard it was so unstable… Please give me any info on this..

    – Last night while doing my paper, (Winamp, Office 2007, Firefox), the system crashed BSOD after a couple hour. I experienced this 3 times, then I finally updated the Bios to v3328. I forgot what the BSOD said, perhaps when this happened again I will noticed (hopefully not).
    (still not know whether there is any improvement, wait for 1 week or so)
    – My Clock is also keep changing… T_T
    – Next week I will try to install it using Vista 32Bit.. Hopefully this wasn’t any hardware issue..

    That’s for 2day, Really Many Thanks 2 All of U Guys out There..

    PS: I’m from Indonesia, and bought this lappie for IDR 6.600.000. (upgrade 1x2Gb Kingston)

  265. SK.Tan says:

    hi expertester,

    kinda curious that, from your post, altho u’re running 4GB RAM, the graph shown 2816MB but then in another reply here u mentioned ur lappy only detected 2.75GB RAM? care to share which OS u’re running currently? any driver or apps incompatibility probs so far?

    and also, can Win Server 08 run apps like adobe photoshop ? how bout other stuffs like macromedia flash and any other apps? bcoz since that u mentioned that Win Server ’08 able to cope up with 4GB RAM plus also no issue on drivers, I’m thinking of switching my current Win XP to Server ’08.

    Thanks…and cheers to all of you !! 🙂

  266. ?? says:

    When read DVD, sometimes release the very noise sound in the DVD …

  267. bing says:

    hi expertester,

    my windows experience index for gaming graphic is 4.2 how did u get a 4.5?

    Any tweaking?

  268. nanda says:

    i just bought it yesterday..!! 😀

    overall is good..
    not over

    the battery seems too weak at the first..
    but after recharge it for 2-3 times..
    it working good..2 hours n more minuts..
    i believe i can make it longer after installing
    acer empowering tech..

    Sounds is good..although 4520 is better.. 😦
    i think its okay to play music and game..

    @ optimizer : i use XP too..
    and i can see Realtek Works! 😀
    i can hear 3D demo voice..

    installing process has a little bit problem
    when installing AutoCad 2006..
    it restarts suddenly…i don’t know why..
    i hope thats will bcome my first n last suddenly
    restart experince 😀

    screen is good..very clear
    keyboard, etc. good..
    at all i’m satisfied..

    i’m only dissapointed with the RAMs problem
    i have posted above about the story..
    finally i only have 2 x 512 Ram.. 😦

    @ expertester : thanks for the review,,
    i have confused to choose bfore i read this blog..
    thanks 😀

  269. Sekto says:

    @Andry :
    You need to do windows update, when you have updated it then it wont be a problem anymore.. but to update you need to validate your windows xp =P

    Well i’m from Indonesia
    i got my Acer 4530 for Rp. 6.050.000, and additional bonus 1 Canon Printer IP1300 =P

    upgraded my memory to 2 x 2gb, and i’m using memory Team … Yes i know Kingstone isn’t very good and decided to look for Team memory (for those who doesn’t know about Team, read the benchmark and hopefully you’ll glad to have it) … Already Update my Windows XP to SP3 (REMEMBER to patch for AMD User first, otherwise you will got problem when you update to SP3), In other words, for AMD user you need to do 1 patch BEFORE change to SP3.

    Currently i’m using my Acer 4530, and till now i never had BSOD and what-so-ever. The only problem that i have now, is about the BUILT-IN MIC. I’m glad that i made a right decision, but i’m sure there’s a lot things i still need to follow up about this Acer 4530. =)

  270. nanda says:

    4530 for IDR 6,050,000?? plus printer?
    so luckily.. 😀

    i spent IDR 6,300,000
    plus 512 RAM, cooling pad, and mouse optic.. 🙂

  271. kuman says:

    dang, my best offer was 6,5K IDR with 2x1Gb DDR800 ram upgrade. with out printer.

    lucky or me, i havent bought it yet.

    anyway, i’m still in the dark about AMD turion RM70’s performance

    as well as the Geforce9100m

    not that i doubt expertester’s research…

    just that not much information floats around regarding both of em.

    from previous comparison between C2D and Turion(TL)we all know C2D beat turion significantly.

    kinda scared to make the wrong choice… 6,5K IDR is dang plenty of fortune u know…

    acer…well i had an acer travelmate 730tx which was a great piece of engineering… lasted more than 7 years and still counting. ( after HDD dies and ram upgraded from 64 to 51 and win98se to winXP, only recently my CDrom drive stops working )

    but yeah, its very likely that i will take that laptop apart when i got it XD



  272. Enyen says:

    Has anyone try the sims in 4530?
    Or editing programs like ulead?
    Help me,I’m going to buy my first notebook…

  273. Sekto says:

    Indeed I bought it at good price, but the canon printer i got it from lucky draw (something like that). At the first time i want to buy it at Mangga Dua Mall (well if you’re Indonesian you’ll know it), but i found the price is quite high, they offered me the lowest price Rp. 6.250.000 with protector or something similiar like that, but i didn’t buy it and decide go to a mall and lucky me. The mall had Acer Exposure, so at that time i just bought it without think it twice (they had 3 stock left). Also i have the namecard of the seller though, but not sure if still can get the same price =)

  274. Sekto says:

    Btw … I just found out something here. sometime my speaker just buzz approx about 2-3 sec (not loud though). Anyone experience this ?? I’m blaming the Realtek, coz it gives me problem 😛

  275. expertester says:

    Rammat :
    You are most welcome.

    Andry :
    Ah ha..pirated XP SP2 with no update is your main problem.
    Dude, WinXP SP2 without any update (because u want to avoid WGA thingy) is soo old. You risk your computer too much I guess.Any good hacker could crack your system from net in 10 minutes (this is what I learn from iHack seminar last week).
    Furthermore, SP3 was released. If you are so afraid with WGA thingy, download offline SP3 from legit windows and install it on your system. You will have SP3 without WGA problem. But no IE7, WM10 or further update obviously.
    Try to get Vista SP1 (either original or pirate) if you want to use that OS. The keypoint is … your notebook is so updated but your OS is so ancient.

    SK. Tan :
    When I benchmark and evaluate this notebook (for the sake of above post), I am using Windows Vista 32bit. I have 4 GB rams installed but Windows Vista 32 bit only able to recognize 2.75 @ 2816 MB of RAMs. I did install windows vista 64 bit. This one solve 2.75 GB rams problem. Graphics driver could be obtain from web. Mobo driver for 64 bit still clueless. At the end, I install Windows Server 2008 and tweak it to behave like a super workstation (I do post about this in this blog).
    Windows Server 2008 32 bit use Vista driver…so drivers is not an issue as I could use Acer supplied disc. The good thing is, Windows Server 2008 recognize my 4 GB rams and I able to fully utilize the whole 4 GB …sweet.

    Note : even my windows server 2008 has IIS7, DNS and Telnet and File Service (server role) ON and MySQL, MsSQL, PHP thru FastCGI (I need all these things for my work), it is still faster than my Vista. Care to try 😀

    Bing :
    No, no tweak what so ever. Default driver. How much ram u got? 2 GB? My vista consume 64+256+1024 MB for the sake of vista memory video..gosh.

    nanda :
    You are most welcome 😀

    Thanks for your info bro. Your explaination clarify a lot of things regarding 4530+WinXP combo. Seem most of the problems is cause by outdated (never update due to pirate OS) winxp. I myself, using genuine Vista with autoupdate ON never have any probs at all.

    Buy what you need. I personally believe Intel base CPU notebook has better battery life compare to AMD. (we will see how good PUMA in the future). However, Intel CD2 base notebook is pricey a bit 😀

    9100 beat X3100
    C2D beat Turion X2

    Tough decission right.

  276. Andry says:

    Yep, I’m currently downloading SP3 via intrnet cafe. (170kbps)..approx 30min of downloading..
    About Vista SP1 32Bit, will be my last resort if this SP3 thing still don’t work..
    For IE7 and WM10, I already downloaded and install it last week, (also via the net cafe..) no probs so far…
    [honestly, I think u are my saviour since the first week I had this lappie I thought of killing myself for wasting IDR 6.600.000 for lot-of-trouble-laptop,glad I do the googling stuff ^_^]

    Where in Indonesia do u live? I’m in Bandung. About the patch for AMD user, is it the Update for Windows XP (KB953356)

    Brief Description
    Install this update before you install Windows XP Service Pack 3 to prevent an issue in which your computer may restart continuously after you upgrade to SP3 on systems with non-Intel processors.

    If that is correct, then I already downloaded the right one. if not, please inform me ok? Terimakasih bro!

    – From my experience, when installing WebCam, don’t use the Bison since Windows XP will detected it as USB Video. Install the SuYin driver and utilities to cope any problem..
    – Gladly to inform that my mic already work and running..
    – and the clock thingy that keeps changing, I hoped that will be fixed after i updated XP with SP3 TONIGHT…
    – Wish me luck guys..

  277. nanda says:

    should we create a 4530 community? 😀

  278. mugmug says:

    hello.. brother.. borrow place for advert.. now doing promo… RM1799 for 4530, add RM1 for additional 1GB RAM… interested pls contact me 016-3011515

  279. Angelus says:

    6.050.000 IDR for acer 4530 + printer? very good deal kata tantowi yahya. haha.. i got mine right away after read expertester’s review. very good review. but mine is 7.1M IDR , with 2x2gb corsair pc 5300. i think im the only one got the worst deal. 😦

    but i’m quite happy with this lappie, even it have some problems.

    i think update my OS will solve my problems, but i still waiting Sekto confirmation to andry’s question about patching amd & updating xp sp2 to xp SP3.

    thanks to every one here, especially expertester. very good review.

  280. s.k.tan says:

    good day expertester!

    glad to hear ur prompt reply! truly appreciate that 🙂 anyway, just wanted to check with u another thing, which version of Win Server 2008 u’re running now? how bout Win Server 2003? can it detect the full 4GB RAM too as well?

    Thanks and cheers !!

  281. s.k.tan says:

    hi expertester,

    apologize for the miss out. forgot to ask u that, which 1 is heavier? vista or win server 2008? i mean in term of system source or ram consuming? i dun mind if win server may look different than the eye-candy win vista as long as it’s able to perform well, tats more than enuff d 🙂

    thanks once again and cheers!!

  282. Angelus says:


    my 4530 battery life only last for 90 minutes, even after charge & recharge so many times. How to use amd power now?

    amd power now:
    speed throttling and power saving technology of AMD’s processors used in laptops. The CPU’s clock speed and VCore are automatically decreased when the computer is under low load or idle, to save battery power, reduce heat and noise. The lifetime of the CPU is also extended because of reduced electromigration, which varies exponentially with temperature.


  283. kuman says:

    yeah true, tough choice…

    i’ve been searching through the internet regarding turion 64 X2, yours are the most complete i can find…

    no more information regarding this new CPG & GPU combo.

    however, just curious, will NTVDM works on Vista? i got this legacy software that supposedly run on win98… i cant get rid of it yet coz its the only thing that i can use till today to run my cutting machines.

    the story bout win2K8 server is very interesting indeed XD… i want!





  284. expertester says:

    SK Tan :
    I am using Windows Server 2008 32 bit. Both 32 bit or 64 bit Windows Server able to detect 4 GB RAMs.

    Windows Server 2003 32 bit version able to detect 4 GB RAMs too but your WiFi might got some problem.

    Windows Server 2008 could have Aero interface like Vista too. Check my post regarding that one. In a glance no one could know I am using server OS in this laptop.

    Without any additional server role, Winserver definitely much faster than Vista. Even with IIS7, DNS, File Server Role turned ON + Telnet Server/client service activated, WinServer08 still faster than my vista. At the end, I remove Vista LoL.

    However, the drawback… my bluetooth can’t work. Bluetooth service need to be activated and I am very lazy to find that service 😀

    Most free Antivirus or even paid internet security cant work out of the box (as expected, this software will ask us to download the more expensive server version :D). But some tricks will do (currently running Avira AntiVir in my WinServer08)

    WinServer 08 or Winserver 03???

    By all mean, go for windows server 08 if you plan to have 4 GB of RAMs.

  285. expertester says:

    My Windows Server 2008 screenshot

  286. expertester says:

    For those who are using Windows Server 2008 64 bit and want to enable Bluetooth,

  287. expertester says:

    Hold On….
    The above Bluetooth trick only for WinServer 08 64 bit edition.

    Just now, I install bluetooth driver for my windows server 08 32 bit without any special tricks.
    What you need to do…

    1. don’t install bt driver directly from cd.
    2. switch on bt from quick button (left keyboard)
    3. let windows server search appropriate driver (my internet is online atm)
    4. windows request me to insert driver disc (DVD Disc from acer). So I put DVD disc from acer.
    5. close CD tray and..viola …my BT is alive.

    Note : Previously, when i install BT directly from that driver disc, i got driver conflict error. This method seem work able.

  288. xfader says:

    good news guys!

    i was told by someone (credits to: werlincorp) in a forum that the latest BIOS for 4530 is available <- v.1.3331
    minor fixes, but no support for DDR2 PC6400 native speed yet…
    the package only provides you windows flasher, but you can still use phlash16.exe from previous package from

  289. vexus says:

    this bios 1.3331 not stable. USB got problem

  290. Sekto says:

    @Andry and Angelus
    Sorry was busy lately, yes it’s patch KB953356. I patched that first then went for SP3, didn’t give me any problem at all.

    I live in Jakarta =)

    Do you guys has a problem like me ?? about the speaker ?? sometime buzz dan built-in mic problem ? if i’m the only one that perhaps hardware problem … need claim my warranty

  291. Mixcal says:

    i got another problem +_+
    my clock keeps changing after turn on and off
    does anyone know why?

  292. xfader says:

    usb problem? what kind of problem?
    for me, this BIOS version fixed “time reset” problem everytime i unplug AC power/Battery..
    and my USBs are doing just fine….

  293. Kenny says:

    Hey expertester i cant get the gaming score as high as urs..and i found that when i am playing games..i feel the end i close a thing called “antialiasing”..i dont know wat is that but closing tat does reduce my there any settings i need to do to make the graphic better?

  294. Angelus says:


    thanks bgt! i’m also in jakarta. hehe.. btw, im using win xp sp2 pirate version. is it save to patching and update to Sp3?

    anyone know about amd power now?

    i’m never gaming with this lappie, but someone at another forum claim that he could play the witcher and COD4 smoothly..

    antialiasing is graphic setting that can reduce jagging for 3D object in gaming. setting off antialiasing will impact to better performance, but reduce in visual quality.

  295. xfader says:

    Update your BIOS to 3331…,it will fix the problem

    have you tried slipstreaming SP3 via nLite?
    i slipstreamed AHCI driver and SP3 into my “pirated” xp pro sp2 installer…,
    the SP3 blocked my serial key (VLK) but luckily it didnt block other serial key (VLK) i got from other “pirated” xp pro sp2 cd…
    and now my xp pro sp3 is keeping up to date… safe and sound…

  296. nanda says:


    i just installed COD2 n run smoothly..
    i’m not brave enough to play COD4.. LOL
    but i will try it later after added more RAMs..

    i have installed Need For Speed Carbon too…
    F1 2008 Delux, Sim City 4, problemo..
    run smoothly.. with minimum resolution off course.. 😀

    my RAMs only 2 x 512 Mb..

  297. Aaron Lee says:

    can this notebook play crysis and bioshock?

  298. Andry says:

    I’m here gladly to inform that after (almost) 2 days using update from Windows XP SP3, no problem (yet and hopefully not) occured.
    Now, i have question for u guys..
    about the BIOS update v3331, and rumors about USB thing.. was it true?
    I have updated the BIOS, to v3328, and the OS, to Windows XP SP3, the clock thingy troubles like Mixcal had doesn’t occured anymore.. Is it still neccesary to update the BIOS?

    I too had slipstreamed AHCI driver and SP3 into my “pirated” XP Pro SP2 installer, but haven’t tried to using it yet. And I used nLite to automatically insert the Product ID.. Will it works?

    About ur speaker trouble, I haven’t experienced it yet (hopefully not). Guess u’ll need to find the ‘moment’ when that problems appeared, and bring ur 4530 to Acer… If not, then it will be difficult to obtain any warranty since the will told that ur 4530 ‘s speaker is just ‘fine’.

    For u guys who also had WGA issues with Windows XP and want to update to the SP3:
    – Download all patch and update through Microsoft Download Center (not recommended using IE, since someone told me that it will identified whether u’re using pirated version)
    – First, install the KB953356 update
    – Then install the SP 3
    – After installing SP3 and have problem like:
    “The issue in which a client cannot resolve DNS after the network adapter is connected/disconnected or disabled/enabled, on a system running Windows XP Service Pack 3.” —> But u can’t get the “Update for Windows XP (KB951830)” since that download is available to customers running genuine Microsoft Windows only… try googling and find torrentz files for that update.
    – If no luck on that KB951830, let me know as I’m willing to share mine ^_^

    – Please let us updated if there is a driver for mobo on Vista 64Bit later on.
    (hopefully this request won’t bother u too much since u seem quite satisfied with Windows Server 08 with Vista GUI alike)
    – About Sekto and some of us Speaker trouble, is it the reason why, that u said, the sound card isn’t Dolby Certified? (not like 4520)

    About the community, I already think that’s a good idea. If someone here want to create such community, please let me know.

    ps: And I REALLY think Expertester should moderate that gorups! ^_^

  299. xfader says:

    like i said on comment #296 bro,
    BIOS v.3331 gives me no usb problem at all…
    it fixed my “time reset” problem everytime i unplug/remove the battery (because now i dont plug the battery but using AC power only)

    Z05 Release Note
    ; Date : 2008/8/1
    ; QCI Ver.: 0.3331
    ; EC Ver. : 0.024
    ; VGA BIOS: z05M77a2.028
    ; AMD CPU code: (agesa
    1. Update new “PMU.bin”.

    2. Fix the some system “CMOS CHECKSUM” will fail after remove AC/Battery
    and plug.
    ; Date : 2008/7/23
    ; QCI Ver.: 0.3330
    ; EC Ver. : 0.024
    ; VGA BIOS: z05M77a2.028
    ; AMD CPU code: (agesa
    1. Update new “PMU.bin”.
    ; Date : 2008/7/17
    ; QCI Ver.: 0.3329
    ; EC Ver. : 0.024
    ; VGA BIOS: z05M77a2.028
    ; AMD CPU code: (agesa
    1. Fix the some system hang on TP4A.\hooks.asm(removed MXM checking)
    ; Date : 2008/7/11
    ; QCI Ver.: 0.3328
    ; EC Ver. : 0.024
    ; VGA BIOS: z05M77a2.028
    ; AMD CPU code: (agesa
    1. Fix the bluetooth status can’t change on VISTA mobile center.

    but for those who get troubles using v.3331, its better to downgrade to the previous BIOS ver. (in this case, v.3328 is the only alternative latest BIOS available)

    for slipstreaming SP3 into “pirated sp3”, DONT make it unattended unless the SP3 dont block your current VLK… so its better to find out if your current VLK is still usable or not.

    in my case, i have 2 pirated xp sp2 pro cds (lets say cd (A) with VLK (a) and cd (B) with VLK (b))
    when i slipstreamed SP3 into xp pro sp2 cd (A) via nLite, the windows installation blocked my VLK (a), the same thing happened to my cd (B) with VLK (b)…
    then i tried to input VLK (b) into my cd (A) installation and it worked… (i know this might be confusing, but im assuming that SP3 did this on purpose)
    however i havent tried to input VLK (a) into cd (B), so my assumption might be totally wrong! ^^

  300. zariqcools says:

    mind asking?
    what is the total price of acer aspire 4530 plus the additional 4 gb ram u added and vista ultimate?did u bought it all from mr yap?
    answer can pls send to

  301. kuman says:

    Well, i got my acer 4530, 2GB ddr 800

    winXP with SP3, running almost perfectly ok, xcept i cant get to hibernate and sleep

    also my battery drain like madness less than 2 hour. i was just browsing

    i believe something bout the thermal and speed management doesnt work in my laptop
    the fan is almost constant running

    i’m going to find out

    but if anyone got info regarding wont sleep and hibernate please let me know

    thanks in advance!

    bay bay

  302. nanda says:

    @ kuman : have u tried Acer empowering Tech?

    it’s good to setting performance n battery life..

  303. xfader says:


    you’re currently using Windows Server 2008 x64 which is basically the same as vista x64 rite? cmiiw
    im planning to install vista sp1 x64 on my 4530,,,these are my Qs:
    1. Did you successfully install all the drivers on windows server 2008 from the resource dvd??
    2. Is x64 faster than x86 on 4530? because the reason i moved back to XP SP3 from Vista sp1 x86 was the lag issue i got when playing HD movie (1280×720), but no lag on XP SP3…
    so i thought vista x64 might be able to fully utilize its new Turion X2 and boost HD video playback performance…

    did you find an MXM I expansion slot inside 4530 bro????

  304. expertester says:

    @Xfader :

    I am using Windows Server 2008 32 bit so no drivers issue.
    Is 64 bit faster than 32 bit? Yes and No. Yes for 64bit application and no for 32 bit application. Reason : Since 64 bit OS could access more memory address and 64 bit processor could perform more complex math. number, application which is writen for 64 bit OS could beat 32 bit application HOWEVER, if you run 32 bit application on top 64 bit OS, Windows64 need to run those 32 bit application using WoW emulation layer, which could has performance hit.
    Reason I choose to run windows server 32 bit because all my productivity suit are 32 bit application.

    @Zariq :
    I bought 4530 + 4 GB DDR2 Rams from Mr Yap (RM 2050). Vista Ultimate was bought last year for my PC. Since my PC currently use Vista, so my notebook use Windows Server 2008.

  305. ken says:

    hi expertester,

    “Most free Antivirus or even paid internet security cant work out of the box (as expected, this software will ask us to download the more expensive server version :D). But some tricks will do (currently running Avira AntiVir in my WinServer08

    What is the trick u have done? can you share with us? Thanks 🙂

  306. xfader says:

    i got your point bro, tx

    so lets say if vista 64bit’s WMP11 is faster than vista 32bit’s WMP11 (asumming that WMP11 for vista 64bit is a native 64bit aplication), then can i expect playback performance boost for HD movies?

    will try to install it on tuesday, now im preparing to create a backup image of my xp sp3 using acronis true image (based on your review bro, tx^^)…

  307. PS3 Fans says:

    Hello experts,
    I would like to get an ori Vista for my this 4530… I can’t installed those un-genuine Vista due to get the BSOD. So which Vista u recommend to get, MICROSOFT WINDOWS VISTA HOME PREMIUM (DVD) (ASIA)RM318 or MICROSOFT WINDOWS VISTA HOME PREMIUM SP1(ROSE)(DVD)RM269? Beside that do u know wht the latest with SP1 more cheaper?
    I found out that above mention about upgrading this 4530 BIOS will fix the time and USB problem so which BIOS is the correct 1, v3326 or v3328?

    Hope to hear from you soon…


  308. gnlogic says:

    I just bought one – the first thing I’ve trying to do is to install Vista Basic onto it. I’ve an installation DVD for Vista ( not SP1 )

    However it hangs indefinitely at the “Completing install…” stage. Any tips on how to proceed ahead ?

    Also the specs mention that my version of 4530 comes with an Athlon 64 X2 – QL60 processor.

    Best Regards & keep sharing more tips

  309. Andry says:

    Strange,.. Windows XP SP3 should have solved the sleep and hibernate trouble..
    Like in mu 4530, after I installed the SP3, it able to sleep perfectly.

    I alredy install the latest BIOS v1.3331, and no USB trouble so far. Thx

    looks like u have the other version of 4530, the Chinesse version. CMIIW

  310. gnlogic says:

    Thanks Andry for that clarification. Hope the chinese version enjoys the same performance metrics as mentioned in expertester’s main thread.

    Once I get Vista installed, I’ll share my experiences with the community. from what I’ve read so far – Probably need to set bios setting to IDE mode for the same. Will try later today.

  311. Kenny says:

    Hey today when i was playing games..suddenly my laptop make noise…wuveeuuwuvee…then whole pc jam..even when i press the power button no response..i hav to take the battery out..and 1 more thing when i put in my battery,the clock auto reset…

  312. Kenny says:

    Can anyone tell me why my laptop suddenly make noise and jam?It scares the hell out of it because of overheating?

  313. Kenny says:

    The temperature during tat time is around 65 degree..the GFX temperature is around 78 degree..does the overheating cause my lappie to make sounds so jam?Somebody please answer me..

  314. expertester says:

    Here is the trick to enable Avira free in Windows Server 2008

    1.) Start –> Run –> Regedit
    2.) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE –> SYSTEM –> CurrentControlset –> Control
    3.) Now change the permissions of the folder “ProductOptions” –> add your user account (for example Computername\Username) and deny yourself the read rights for the whole folder. Be careful not to deny the whole rights for all administrators or something like that (I tried that first cause of a black out and it leads to windows not being able to boot).
    4.) Now you should be able to install Antivir PE

    In case you want to revert the permission settings just log to your administrator account. Here you can again grant your user account full rights for “ProductOptions”.

    @PS3 Fans

    What is ROSE version? Care to explain. But, try to get SP1 version. It will save you from performing slipstream using Vlite or install offline SP1 which could consume more than 30 minutes.

    that is lowyat pricelist for OEM Vista.

    I don’t flash my bios yet. Stock from factory and I dont have any probs (which they mention in comment area) using Vista SP1 (genuine).

    QL60? Why not RM70. You use AHCI or IDE mode? If you can’t install vista in AHCI mode, install it from IDE, and enable AHCI later.

    I post this tricks in this blog couple of weeks ago.


    Wow, what game was that. GPU overheat? Sorry, I can’t comment much regarding game and 4530. As I said before…i m too old for gaming ^^

  315. Kenny says:

    It was Prince Of Persia The 2 Thrones…the sound is like a siren..TuuuuUUUUu..TUUUUUU…then the lappie jam

  316. gnlogic says:

    One more query for the gurus. The 4530 misses out on an S-Video Port . Has anyone tried their luck with the VGA to S-Video / RCA adapters. It needs TV-Out functionality on the VGA port to work properly. Is it available on the 4530 ?

  317. ken says:

    hi expertester,

    The trick to run the antivir in win08 is worked! Thanks ya!
    Should i change back the read right of the folder after successfully installed?
    If not then will it affects other application?

  318. PS3 Fans says:

    Hello Mr. Experts,
    Regarding “What is ROSE version?”? This i also don’t know coz i found it at the Thundermatch price list.
    OOooo, thats mean your unit is the perfect condition among us. My main problem now is usb port sometimes can’t detect my ext hdd n sometimes can, another thing is the clock will reset once i take out my battery or my battery run out totally. This is while i’m using Vista…

    When i using Windows XP… problem is USB port unstable, clock auto reset, Bios IDE will auto change to ACHI, auto shut down pc, auto restart…

    Thats y i would like to try update my bios like those ppl do and hope can clean up all this problem. The bad news is i don’t know which ver is suitable for my lappy.

    Hope anybody got the same problem with me and able to solve it can help me up.


  319. gnlogic says:

    Thanks expertester. I changed Bios mode to IDE and the installation went thru like a charm. The windows experience rating threw up an appreciably nice score of 4.0. Will read thru your other posts to identify enabling AHCI.

  320. Angelus says:

    Thanks sekto, andry and expertester…

    i’d patch and upgrade to win Xp Sp3.. so far no problem occur anymore..

    the only thing that bothers me is my battery life, only 100 minutes(max), even only browsing. thought i’d charge and recharge it many times…

  321. Andry says:

    Are u still using the stock BIOS? v.03326?
    When starting ur lappie, check the latet BIOS version, or use PC Wizard to identify the version instead.
    – For the clock reset problem, As Xfader said, the latest BIOS v1.3331 should repair the CMOS clear checksum related to the clock reset thing.
    – IDE keep reseting to AHCI appearantly won’t be fixed by just updating the BIOS. As explained by Expertester concerning IDE AHCI in 4530, try using Vista (support AHCI out of the box) or slipstreamed the AHCI driver to Windows XP.
    – Windows XP SP3 will resolve the unable to standby or hiernate thing.
    – USB problem still a mystery, since some of us experience it and some doesn’t.
    – If u r using original OS, (whether it’s XP or Vista), make sure use the auto update function enabled.

    My battery life is also short, approx 2h5m only for browsing the net purposes.
    Perhaps u should consider reducing the brightness of ur monitor and don’t attach any USB Device since it will drain ur battery even more.
    If all still fails, try using ePowerManagement in empowering technology features.

  322. Andry says:

    I have a question for everyone..
    Does anyone has tried using any Bluetooth headset? (EDR Function)
    What brand does it support? Since I would like to hear music from wireless headset coz I currently live in ‘kost’ (sorry I dunno what’s the englis for this).

    Thx 4 any reply.

  323. ibnu says:

    hi, it seems i’m not the only one with USB problems,

    whenever i’m doing video chat and was gonna change the angle of the screen, the webcam usb connection suddenly went off, and the notification was that i could get a better usb performance if i plug it to a high speed usb port that was unused;

    i know this laptop got the feature to disable certain usb ports for better battery performance, but can we just enable them all by default? where would be the setting?

    do i need to upgrade my BIOS? so far that’s my very concern

  324. Santoso says:

    Just bought this notebook last Sunday, doesn’t understand how to use the linux provided with it.

    Then I bought 2 x 2 GB PC 6400 Team Elite RAM, but the notebook won’t start with the two memory module plugged in. But it’s okay if I plug just one.

    What is the speed of your Team memory? PC 5300, PC 6400? You seem doesn’t have any problem with dual channel…
    Oh, and what BIOS version you use?
    Do you think my problem could be fixed by BIOS upgrade?

  325. longutah says:

    Hi – I need help – trying to find WinXP drivers for Acer Aspire 4530 Lappy. Does anyone have them or know where I can get them. My software doesn’t work with Vista and need to install XP. But I can only find Vista Drivers on Acer Website. Any help would be so APPRECIATED. Please email me at if you have a link to help. Thank you so much – appreciate this blog being available.

  326. Santoso says:

    Edit for my post above:

    Sorry, both memory run just fine in dual channel mode. I think the reason the notebook can’t start (restart over and over again before it even goes to BIOS screen) is because I’ve done a very stupid mistake. I forgot to remove the battery before putting the new memory.

    Dang, now I have to worry about whether static electricity going to broke the notebook parts or not…. sighh..

  327. gnlogic says:

    Hi Kenny,

    I got Vista running under IDE mode but try as much – I could not yet get it working for AHCI. Once AHCI is set in Bios.. Vista keeps looping on the loading bar. Any suggestions here ?

    Best Regards

  328. Santoso says:


    I’ve had the same problem too. I installed Vista in IDE mode, because if I try to install it on AHCI mode, it wil lock up at “Completing Installation…” In IDE mode, Vista installed fine. But if I enable Vista AHCI driver through registry, restart,and change the BIOS mode to AHCI, Vista will do this: It starts fine, then it detected new hardware…install the driver needed,and ask to restart. After restart, it will either BSOD (error 0x00000007B) or stuck at loading bar (I forget which one). The only way to fix it, is to change the BIOS mode back to IDE. I also tried installing nforce SATA controller manually through the ‘Have disk…’ option (Checked the device manager, nforce SATA controller appeared, which means driver installed succesfully) and, restarted, change BIOS to AHCI, only to find BSOD or loading loop.

    My solution for this is to load the nforce SATA controller driver at Vista setup. I copy the SATA_IDE folder from Acer driver DVD (Is’s in the SW1>Chipset>IDE folder) to a flash drive and do a fresh install on BIOS set to AHCI mode, choose Custom/Advanced mode, then on ‘Where do you want to install…’ step of Vista installation, I click on ‘Load driver’ option at the bottom left corner, plug in my flash drive, load the driver, plug out the flash drive, and continue installation as usual.

    This works for me. Sorry for the long post, hope it helps.

  329. expertester says:

    Just to share with you guys…

    If I install Vista (without SP1) using AHCI mode, installation will not complete, as others mention. However, that problem doesn’t occur if I install Vista SP1 (pre-made, either by Microsoft or using vLite). Hope it help.

  330. Newbie says:

    Hey guys,thanks for all the details u guys provided…really helps me with my new aspire 4530.

    Do have a tiny problem though…i’m unable to flash the bios from the new v3331.Any solutions?

    I’m using vista 32 bit but the clock problem still occur when i unplug the battery and turn off the power supply after i shutdown my laptop.So hopefully can fix it wif the new bios.

    Thanks a lot.

  331. Kenny says:

    Hey guys sometimes the devices on my lappie’s not working…like sometimes there’s no sound from my lappie..i hav to restart then only problem solved…and sometimes the lappie cannot detect the cd i put in..only after restarting the problem solved…anyone can tell me the solution and y this is happening?

  332. WeiJoon says:

    Ei, guys, i keep tracking this post and I found out that is new bios version v3331?

    As i can only find the v3328, if u guys dun mind, can share me the v3331 link and maybe can also include me the changelog from v3328 to 3331.


  333. Coolingmy says:

    Wow,this laptop excellent if comparing to another currently laptop in market.I bought this laptop and upgrade RAM to 2G.(RM1965)
    In winXP 3Dmark03 score 3510, 3Dmark05 score 2271 and playable Call of Duty4, farcry, HL2 Episode two, FIFA08,Doom3, NFS pro street, Devil may cry 4,Bioshock, FEAR ….at low-Medium Setting.

  334. geisha says:

    great laptop i think, I using it to play nfs carbon (allready 2 day playing), andy run smoothly using 512×2 memory, unlike the other player (others this blog comment), I could play using Hi quality setting, and runn without lag at all …

    I’m using xp sp 2

    my problem :
    1. my right mouse plug can’t detect any usb devices (it said unrecognised usb devices) everytime it plug with (mouse or flashdisk or bluetooth dongle), but after I restart the win and log in to bios an saving it, it works like nothing trouble
    2. sometimes my clock also become late or reset
    3. ahci ide reseting (common problem)
    4. unable to update the bios (still using the factory bios), it said somethin like (error bios unflashable or somethin like that)
    5. gpu 67 – 7x degress celcius .. so hot n using so much resource of my batteries, yesterday night I’m playing nfs carbon, after playing I’m looking to my everest gpu degrees, wow 80 over …… worried me …. more heat for egg boilin …..

    do you all have a YM ?

  335. Kenny says:

    Yea the lappie becomes hot easily..and sometimes it cant detect the cd i put in…or no sound when i play music…restart then only problem solved…

  336. Kenny says:

    Oh yea my lappie becomes especially hot when i play games using cds..

  337. Kenny says:

    Wat the hell this happen whole pc went into a blue screen…”Memory dump”..wat is that??

    This is wat the lappie told me when i restart..

    Problem caused by a hard disk drive error

    Windows was temporarily unable to read your hard disk drive. We do not know the exact cause of the problem. In most cases, this type of condition is momentary and does not indicate a serious problem, but sometimes it means that a hard disk is failing.

  338. expertester says:

    Try SpinRite utilities to check your hdd.

    You can download it from torrent (very small aps but pretty expensive 😀 )

  339. novaera says:

    for winxp standby mode problem (when lid is closed) is caused by e-power application. try to uninstall the e-power app.

  340. pure_borneo says:

    Just to share to you All Acer aspire 4530 user, I finally managed to install Win Server 2008 Ent X64 on my laptop, many thanks to experter for providing clear and informative article tru this blog.

    You can read my blog about How to installing Win Server 2008 X64 on Acer 4530 here

  341. […] After searching and reading many resources from internet, finally I managed to installing Windows Server 2008 Sp1 x64 on my lovely AMD X2 Turion laptop Acer Aspire 4530 […]

  342. Skullo says:

    Hi expertester,
    based on your review i bought the acer 4530! 😛
    btw , anyone knows where to download vista 64bit drivers for this model? so far acer website only have drivers for 4520. Is the drivers the same? thanks in advance!

  343. Skullo says:

    Ah, ignore my previous post.

    I think i will just downgrade to vista 32bit for now till acer release 64bit drivers.
    Love your reviews.Keep it up!

  344. Kenny says:

    I downloaded SpinRite but i dont know how to install it..

    Create BootDiskette,Create ISO or image file and install it on drive..which 1?

  345. Andry says:

    Looks like there are so many users here too lazy to read the previous post… ^_^ it’s ok guys..
    – For the BIOS update to v1.3331, check post no. 292
    – For the WinXP standby mode problem, please update to SP 3 (full version). read post no. 273, 279, etc
    – If u guys want to use 4530 on gaming for long period, please by all-means use cooling pad and make sure u don’t use any soft-case since the heat from the motherboard is coming from the behind.
    – Currently there is no available 64Bit Vista driver yet. As expertester said, use Vista SP1 32Bit or WinServer 08 to fully utilize the 4Gb RAM.

  346. ken says:

    hi 4530 users,

    there is a clear “zzkiiii zzkiiiii” sound when the hard disk is running, is that a big issue?

  347. expertester says:


    Create ISO, and burn it into CDR.
    Set your lappy bios to boot from CD/DVD.

    Start your bios.

    Spinrite need to be run from its boot cd, not under windows influence.

  348. Kenny says:

    Sounds there any other way to check my hard disk?I used the default disk scanning..seems no problem..

  349. nanda says:

    i got problem

    when i connect my audio jack
    to this lappie

    the sound can’t reach the audio..
    i just wanna try my sharp speaker.. 😦
    anybody can help?

  350. […] After searching and reading many resources from internet, finally I managed to installing Windows Server 2008 Sp1 x64 on my lovely AMD X2 Turion laptop Acer Aspire 4530 […]

  351. Skullo says:

    i did read the blog and the replies earlier. 😀
    But was just hoping at the time of my posting someone did manage to find the 64bit drivers 😛

    Anyways, i checked Pure_borneo and suprisingly, he had 64bit drivers for geforce9100m for vista64 & chipsetdriver!
    Although its not native acer driver, but it works. no more unidentified driver in device manager! YAy! 😀

    My lappie:- Acer 4530 , 3gb ram w/ Vista Ultimate 64bit

  352. pure_borneo says:

    glad to hear you finally can run vista x64 on acer 4530, and glad to share here too…

  353. expertester says:

    thanks a lot for your sharing Pure Bornoe. Now i can install vista 64 back on my lappy. Nokia PC Suite and BlueSoil seem not working under winserver2008. Huhuhu, dual OS for tiny 160 GB hard disk XD.

  354. Kuchaiii says:

    Here’s another link for Aspire 4530 v3331 BIOS. Enjoy!!!

  355. Hriz says:


    look at the speed of processor RM-70 Turion X2…
    its a little bit slow…. expertester maybe the Video card makes this laptop special…. 🙂 ?

  356. expertester says:

    yep, as i said, C2D definitely will pawn Turion RM70
    but…there is a big but, sub RM3k notebook, C2D always paired with cripple X3100.

    If C2D+9100 and sub2k, definitely it will be the best bang for bucks 😀

  357. Hriz says:


    definitely I don’t believe in benchmark in simply because the TL 60 and TL 58 is faster than RM-70. The Lion or Puma must be faster than Tyler processor…

    Isn’t that right?

  358. Angelus says:

    @pure borneo
    thanks for sharing. but i need password to extracting the driver file… please

  359. […] 4530 ini gw langsung ngiler. apalagi liat begitu liat harganya. Rp. 6.245.000review lengkapnya liat di sini credit to […]

  360. PS3 Fans says:

    Thanks Mr Andry.
    Yes, I’m still using BIOS due to i don’t know which website can download the BIOS Update. I tried VISTA already but now already downgrade back to XP Home, wht a waste for my Ori Vista Premium. Reason i downgrade back is because i find out Physical Memory keeping dropping and will become Physical Memory Dump after i open up Photoshop and Illustrator Software.

    This lappy so far so good…

    Thanks again to Expertester for bringing such a good review.

  361. ken says:

    hi all,

    “there is a clear “zzkiiii zzkiiiii” sound when the hard disk is running, is that a big issue?”

    u guys dont have the issue? i am bad luck then.. 😦

    it’s not a normal spinning sound, it’s something like not smooth..
    i afraid it might turn into serious problem at the near future..

  362. Hriz says:


    (bad sign) better return it now….. :)maybe the spinning sound came from the fan? but if not, return it. for hard disk replacement
    just to make sure.

  363. Hriz says:

    Hi Guys,

    check out the Acer 4530 here in Philippines

    Cool thing it has Built-in Biometric Finger Reader-Scanner….. wow!……..

  364. IngRaM says:

    I just bought this great acer in dusit, Jakarta

    with $755 i can get 4 giga ddr2 elixir pc6400 + acer4530 + bag

    i install xp sp3 then it comes to blue screen, so i switch from AHCI TO IDE

    my installation of xp sp3 went smooth..

    dun have any problem about the OS and etc, BUT

    My empowering dont work really well, i already installed 4520 empowering and it errors

    I wonder when they launched the official 4530 empowering

  365. expertester says:

    the password is : borneo

    according to borneo blog..


  366. Andi says:

    Nice tips expertester. Can you give me some tricks how to prolong the battery life?

    Thanks ya….

  367. Ardi says:


    If you are disappointed with your 5430’s battery life, perhaps you have to download from AMD website.

    Like you before, my battery life is around 2, 5 hours for firs time use, but then drop only about 90 minutes.

    Then, I tried to find out and found in AMD website,,30_182_871_14098,00.html

    There are 1 software & 1 driver that finally makes my battery life keep up around up 2,15 hours.
    Does those make any relation to prolong battery life?

    Don’t know but not bad, but works.

    Good luck 🙂

    Here are the files.
    You all can try them and give the reviews after that.

    AMD 64 Dual Core Optimizer

    AMP Processor Driver

  368. Kenny says:

    Dont put in hot and cold place..then when plug in the adapter,take out the battery.Dont keep ur battery in storage too long.Sometimes take it out and use it,then recharge back.Dont leave ur battery power less than 10%.

  369. Kenny says:

    Anyone know how can i get Vista Ultimate for free and legalise it?Coz know i know where i can get the 64 bit drivers adi..its from

  370. Kenny says:

    Hey guys has this happen to u before?The whole screen turns into blue..memory dump..and then pop out 1 error saying tat ur lappie cannot detect some hardware..><..this happen to me 3 times adin this month,especially when i am playing dota..

  371. IngRaM says:

    if anyone has problem with standby mode when you close lid or not with xp sp3 (maybe sp2 too)

    just check the PLFSetL and PLFSeti in msconfig startup.

  372. ken says:


    i face the problem similar to u, the system kick me out when i playing dota, saying that cannot read warcraft.exe or something like that.

    After that pop up a error msg saying that there is an IO error! Nothing can access after that, no drives in My computer, no application can run, cannot shut down or restart, everything cannot! have to press and hold the power button to shot down the machine..

    i think my hard disk is going to crash at near future… as i claimed that i hear the clear “zzkiiii zzkiii” sound somewhere inside the battery light indicator(hard disk is located at there, try to listen close to it.)

    FYI, i using windows server 2008 now.

  373. LeXa says:

    Hi folks!

    I have worked Acer 4530 (2GB) with Vista Ultimate x64 SP1!

    Co-processor and sm-bus drivers from package-nVidia V1313_Vistax86x64(WHQL)

    Drivers for Ethernet and etc was installed from included CD in computer management-device manager

    NVidia 9100M from

    * CPU : 4.8
    * Memory : 5.8
    * 2D Graphics : 3.8
    * 3D Graphics : 4.4
    * Hard Disk : 5.3

    hmm… why score for 2D is only 3.8? maybe I need to change settings in Nvidia control panel?

  374. Kenny says:


    YEA!!Tat’s wat happen to me!I hav to push the power button to make it shut down…

  375. Angelus says:

    Gezz Ardy, thats what im looking for.. amd power now… like i’d mention it before. thanks…

  376. XEN says:

    Hi! I managed to update my Aspire 4530 BIOS from v.0.3328 to Aspire 4530 v3331 BIOS. Everything works fine.

    But the funny thing is the BIOS shows v.1.3331 instead of v.0.3331… Does anybody has the same BIOS? (I got the v3331 from the earlier post above.)

    Where can you get the latest BIOS for Aspire 4530 these days?

    BTW, I got my 4530 for $669 (Rp.6.050.000) ManggaDuaMall and installed a fresh Win XP Pro SP3 + SATA capability already built-in. Very smooth instalation. Ha!

  377. Angelus says:

    hello, ehem.. can someone tell me how to update bios? step by step? because i heard from my friend, updating bios must be very carefull. wrong step or version could destroy motherboard…

    i get the v3331 bios from ealier post above too, but i’m not dare to install it..

    before installing amd power now driver, my cpu ran at 2 x 2.o ghz, now 2x500mhz…(when idle condition).. now i’m sure that will prolong my acer’s batere life


  378. bojei says:

    i had by this model of labtop.
    but it has a bios problem
    the time always change when i recharge the batery,
    it make me angry because when i bought the problem is already exist.
    so now i must delay my work because i had send the laptop for the warranty claim

  379. XEN says:

    So far v.1.3331 works fine… if you read the included TXT, this BIOS fix the battery problem too… For battery lifetime, I’m using Battery Doubler 1.2.1…

  380. Angelus says:

    my bios version so ancient = v0.3326??? is it safe to upgrade to v1.3331? i’d download the v1.3331, but hows to upgrade it? under windows?? sorry, i’m dunno anything about bios upgrade…

  381. Andry says:

    For u guys who experiencing standby mode problem in Windows XP SP2, it may be fixed by upgrading to SP3.
    But if the problems still occurred, please check whether u’re using SP3 full update.
    For info, go to:
    and many more.. As I said before, all these hotfixes are already in the SP3 update.
    Hope this info will work as I too experienced the same problem before in Windows XP SP2.

    Yes, it is the correct BIOS v1.3331, there are no v0.3331. Don’t know why though..

  382. 4530withstandbyproblem says:

    @Ingram :
    Switch PFLSetL.exe to on or off??
    What is the differences between the PFLSetL.exe file and the PFLSetI.exe ??

  383. tekad says:

    I just buy this cool stuff three days ago… bios version : v0.3326 , i install XP sp2 then it comes to blue screen once, so i switch from AHCI to IDE… and everythings just fine , nothing trouble happens.. at least after just three days…

  384. Skullo says:


    Thanks for the drivers from acer .
    Btw, i think 3.8 rating is the graphic rating for 4530, u cant increase it unless got some way to upgrade the GPU! haha 😛

  385. expertester says:


    Actually, 64bit 4530 graphic rating should be better than 3.8 as mine one got 4.1. There are numbers of compatible 64 bit driver for this 9100, but need to find the good one. Will upload SS and that driver later.

  386. joe purba says:

    I’ve managed to install XP-SP2 in this computer. Use AHCI mode via slipstreamed install CD. So far so good (except minor problem : resume from standby/hibernate). Probably SP3 will fix that resume problem.
    One thing I notice is that when installing in AHCI mode, XP will never succeded booting in IDE mode. This is different in Linux Ubuntu where it can boot in any mode ( AHCI or IDE ) without any tweak. The tweak only neeeded when installing it the first time.

    So the question is : you guys who install XP-SP3 in AHCI mode , could you boot the 4530 in IDE mode?.

    If any of you guys need to be informed on how to install Ubuntu in this machine , I will be glad to help.

  387. Skullo says:


    Wow, didnt know about that! Looking forward for the drivers 🙂
    Always learn something useful here, great blog !! 😀

  388. […] keterangan lebih lengkap bisa anda buka situs disini. Laptop ini dikatakan powerful karena vga geforce 9100M G yang merupakan vga class 3 (bisa di check […]

  389. optimizer says:

    i wonder if u guys ever encounter such problem:

    yesterday, when i was watching movies from a networked computer hard disk using KMplayer, after 3 hours, the movie pause by itself, and then there is some kind of “clicking” noise from 4530 speaker, my mouse turned into busy mode, but slowly the mouse is unable to move, but the “clicking” noise still went on. it sounds just like when you forget to turn off your microphone and something is rubbing on it. after 10 seconds the movie pause, the mouse & keyboard stop functioning, noise goes on like forever. after 3 minutes still the same, so i force it to restart. after it restart and reach windows, before i can do any thing, not even connected to network. the noise appear again, and after 10 seconds, the mouse and keyboard goes dead. the same situation happened to me 3 times in one evening, so i shut down the laptop and keep it there for half an hour, it it back to normal again. note: i have my cooling pad with a 6 inches fan blowing under the laptop, no downloading or internet browser is opened when i was watching movie, only WLAN that access to my network storage.

    another problem: i cant update my BIOS, not even 3331, 3328 or 3326. all return error before it start to write into the BIOS with the error code -144 BIOS unflashable.

    i 4530 is using 4GB 800Hz ram with winXP(32)SP3 and the BIOS is 3328. only program running when i was watching movie is Avira anti-virus, netlimiter, Deamon, nVidia setting.

    any advice?

  390. Sora Koutenka says:

    bought 4530 a week ago, satisfied with its performance, but troublesome when it come into standby. Fixed by remove all ‘standby’ action from battery alarm and power management.

    Fyi, i’ve had compare my acer 4530 with my friend’s acer 4520 using Passmark CPU Benchmark.
    I’ve got CPU mark rating 802, and 4520 got 773. Both have 2GB RAM. This explain that RM-70 2GHz is superior than TL-60 2GHz. But,.. still below Core 2 Duo (even the old Dual Core).
    Detail is here :

    another info :
    Intel Core2 Duo T5250 @ 1.50GHz scores at 801
    Intel Pentium Dual T2330 @ 1.60GHz scores at 808

    See,.. AMD needs to enhance their power, maybe put some Opteron power into laptop processor.

    Btw, after read all ‘buggy’ section about this 4530, I’ll reccomend to by Acer Super Care 2, extend your warranty for 3 year (only $US 70). Good for those who use 4530 as their ‘workhorse’.

  391. U Noe Who I M says:

    andry….can u share ur KB951830 wit me….i found it in google but d torrent has no is roughly ard 62.89mb???

  392. xfader says:


    same problem i got when trying to update to 3331 via windows..
    try to update via DOS mode by using phlash16.exe…
    google tool to make DOS bootable flashdisk…
    i’ve been updating my 4530 via DOS from 3321 ->3331 without problem..

  393. Andry says:

    @U Noe Who I M
    The KB951839 is only 905KB. 62,89Mb is the full patch released in SP3 and above.
    In torrent, select the KB951839 only and skip other files. If still no help, just mail me to purba.andry[at]

    When trying to update the BIOS, make sure there are no other active backround program such as antivirus.

  394. U Noe Who I M says:

    thx a lot andry..but now d torrent run till 90% ad.
    btw how to check d bios version??is it keep pressing f2 after restart d com??

  395. U Noe Who I M says:

    damn it….failed to update to sp3….i dl a sp3 installer..but half way while installing it…it says dunno which of my driver being used by other application..haizz damn puzzled wit it now….btw this sp3 installer size is 316mb..i just wanna know whether i got the correct installer..
    so now i got the KB953356 ard 500kb, the sp3 installer ard 316mb and the kb951830 installers i got through torrent…inside d torrent got 3 installer sumore which r critical,recommend and updated components…do i have to install them all??
    can kindly giv me any advice.thx a lot…

  396. kuman says:

    I havent been able to open up the laptop for stupid warranty reason.

    but here is the news

    Call of duty 4 works even at 1280 x 800 medium-low setting it works on medium-high setting at 800 x 600

    decent gameplay at both resolution

    performance therefore is way better than what u can get for the money

    sleep, hibernate fixed by reinstallation. still using SP2

    i used Notebook Hardware Control instead of acer empowering

    battery life is hovering around 1 hour 50 min for browsing, photoshop and excel

    if the battery is not in place, bios setting changed by itself is more likely to happen.

    since the battery is in place it hasnt happened.

    One thing i notice, the screen ( visual quality ) its not as nice as Sony / Mac but still better than Compaq / HP it equals lower end Toshiba.

    gamut & color spread is bit on the low side.

    overall… Dang… I’m impressed with its performance… I’m a happy camper now

  397. Sai says:

    Acer 4520 has bluetooth. You said it doesn’t. I’m using Acer 4520 right now.

    THough I agree, if 4530 has this shiny appeal, it would rival that of VAIO in terms of appearance… though arguably so.

    • j says:

      i have acer aspire 4520 how can i get my bluetooth icon to show up in my control panel. i have bluetooth button at top of my keyboard and have pressed it nothing happens also i downloaded the btw driver from acer and tried the setup said no devices found and i still cant get the add printer to find bluetooth devices. Help Me Please

  398. Kenny says:

    I like the inner design of the lappie(keyboard and screen) but i dont like the outer appearance.The cover is dark blue colour instead of black..and the edge is a bit round..i like square edges

  399. Novaera says:

    i have updated mu vista ultimate 32-bit with the last SP1 by microsoft.
    now my vista completely read my 4gb ddr2-800 🙂
    but some applications still read 2.75 😦

  400. Haneve says:

    @Expert Tester
    U must run both CPU n GPU in Temperature Benchmark n see the temp…
    i had experience repairing the acer overheating laptops, normally overheating occur when user is gaming.

  401. Andry says:

    @U Noew Who I M
    – Before installing SP3 patch, did u already install the AMD user patch, the KB953356. It’s necessary to patch this KB before installing the SP3.
    – It’s best to download the SP3 patch via the Windows Update center via ur browser, don’t with torrent. Since the Windows server is excellent in speed and bandwith. (there are no WGA issues related if u want 2 download the KB953356 or the SP3 patch.
    – About the KB951830 download here

  402. geisha says:

    clock reset and ide mode reset to ahci still the common problem till now ? this is the very buging problem for me, temporary clue is .. plug my bateries ….

  403. Aywen says:

    I have the same problem too with GEISHA… Can someone please help settle this problem? I heard that the whole First batch of 4530 acer laptop got this Problem.. This problem is downgrading ACER name..

    My 4530 is still new and for the next day.. This problem happened to me over and over when I plug in my batteries. or change my power supply. The whole thing reset.. Clock reset.. Ide mode reset to Ahci and hence making it unable to boot up to window!!!! So, what happened.. I have to press that F2 button, change Ahci to Ide mode again and again.. SO MANY TIMES because theres some resetting thing going on inside the computer…. I really hate it and is there any other solutions to solve it.. PLEASE .. Expert.. please help us…

    Anybody has a solution for this.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE .. DO LET US KNOW!!!!! A working solution!!! I dont believe that I and Geisha are the only one suffering from this situation!!! I bet there are MILLIONS of people SUFFERRING this PROBLEM too ..

  404. elixie says:

    can u give me the front shot of aspire 4530?
    i really wanted to see the front face of this acer..
    thanx alot..


  405. peacenik says:

    Have any of u use AutoPatcher??
    Download It then u can have the latest patches from Microsoft.
    But remember no to install the WGA.

    After installing the WinXp ( in IDE mode ), My IDE Controller was set to Std IDE by WinXp itself.

    Then I install the ACHI Drv, Restart the Notebook Press (F2)
    Enter Bios Change to “ACHI” then the Save & Exit

    The Notebook now start WinXp With ACHI Drv.

    Hope this help those with install “IDE mode” & always Restart with “ACHI mode”.

    Anyone fix the MIC problem?

  406. Aywen says:

    @Peacenik : Will that solve my problem mention earlier?

    @to readers
    uhh.. 4530 is really driving me nuts!!!! So many problems.. Even the Cd Rom drive thinggy stuck at times.. and sometimes, it will eject itself all of a sudden~ That’s so freaky!!! As if there’s a Ghost pressing the eject’s button!!!

  407. kukuh says:

    hai frens,

    i have use 4530 for 4 days,
    using Windows XP SP3 now..
    not using vista because my games and appliocation still cant run on VISTA (CMIIW).
    my spek is 1×2 GB ram Visipro.
    but, i have different Hardisk and LCD merk
    my Hardisk is WDC WD1600BEVT-22ZCT0 (western digital, not Seagate)
    my LCD is AUO4444 (not LGPhilipsLCD. i dont know its merk,what it is? anyone has idea?)
    can mr expert compare this different HW please?
    i buy this lappie in Indonesia…

  408. expertester says:

    Aywen :
    Either you are completely out of luck or something else need to sort out. Are you sure your cd-rom ghost problem totally caused by hardware? If you are not 100% sure, software base utility or malware could do the same things too. My unit and others seem dont have this kind of problem…so far from what i read here and LYN.

    Bios reset back to previous state could be fixed by flashing new bios. You can read above comments post. They able to fix it (lucky for me as my original bios seem work fine).

    Optimizer :
    Sorry to say but my lappy seem to be ok running almost 20 hours straight in my living hall. Not CPU extensive application, just browsing, work with dreamweaver and photoshop and idling. Regarding VGA overheat, hmm..that might an issue. I notice couple of times, when my neice play NFS carbon for pretty long time, that game crashed and once rebooted, Vista reported that 9100 driver is not correct (yellow exclaimation mark). But after half an hour cool down, reboot again, everything just work fine. Quite funny tho.

  409. kukuh says:

    1. sleep mode/stanby/hibernate issue,
    solve : install XP service pack 3.

    2. mic issue
    solve : install XP service pack 3.
    the automatically turn on when it is needed

    note: install WindowsXP-KB953356-x86-ENU first (before update the sp3)
    and DNS problem after install sp3, u can solve by install WindowsXP-KB951830-x86-ENU

    3. clock reset/changing itself :
    solve : install bios v 1.3331

    4. bios setting reset itself (ahci into ide, or opposite,etc)
    solve : install bios v 1.3331

    5. USB issues :
    a. usb 2.0 don’t recognize as version 2.0
    b. usb HD don’t get enough power
    c. etc usb problem

    solve : install bios v 1.3331 and Switch Network Boot: Disable. in BIOS !!! <—– the most important.

    5. big consume CPU power issue:
    insatalling AMD utilities and programs,,30_182_871_13349,00.html

    6. windows xp cannot boot via AHCI
    solve : change IDE into AHCI in BIOS before install windows XP.

    xp service pack 3, it is DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK, doesnt need WGA validation, just copy/paste link ;p :

  410. kukuh says:

    WindowsXP-KB951830-x86-ENU and WindowsXP-KB953356-x86-ENU :

    beside installing xp driver provided by acer CD, i updated my lappie with :

    1.NVIDIA graphic driver with this (thanks for Ardi, provide us link). this driver provide us NVIDIA Desktop manager also):

    2.Atheros Wireless LAN driver (thanks for Ardi, provide us link):

    3. Nforce SATA :—NVIDIA_c19.html

  411. kukuh says:

    AMD utilities:

    1. AMD_Power_Monitor_123

    2. AMD_Processor_Driver_1320053

    3. AMD Dual-core optimizer (DCO_1.1.4)

    you can take a look here,,30_182_871_13349,00.html

    hope all fren here can enjoying 4530…
    thanks for all fren here, 4530 big brother, whohoho…

  412. U Noe Who I M says:

    thx a lot andry..finally i got it updated to i can put it to standby mode..hehe..reli thx a lot…big credit to u..haha
    i just realised we gotta switch the wireless lan off by switching off d orange satellite button located on d left when installing sp3 patch…if nt there’ll b a msg pop up saying ‘tcpip’ driver being used by another applciations…this is d step i missed out..for d kb951830 and kb953356, u can install it by enabling ur wireless…
    for d process of updating to sp3.pls refer to post 405…

  413. acer4530withstandbyproblem says:

    For those fellow Acer 4530 user who had standby problem like me, you can try to remove/uninstall the ACER WEBCAM/SUYIN driver. This way proven work on my Acer 4530.

    I’ve tried the Windows XP SP3 installation, nforce AHCI driver reload, BIOS upgrade to 3331, nvidia geforce forceware upgrade, acer empowerment software installation, the plfxx.exe thing, and many other and it wont make my acer 4530 to wake up from its standby.

    The webcam way works for me, I hope it will help all others with the same problems. I’m so happy now. If its working for you, please spread the good news!!

  414. U Noe Who I M says:

    upgraded to sp3 can solve d standby problem..proven here…give it a try also..

  415. augy says:

    yup….uninstalling the webcam driver does fix my 4530 standby problem.

  416. tekad says:

    My Acer doesn’t have problem at all…..

  417. kukuh says:

    i use suyin cam driver,
    and no stand by problem using sp3

  418. Cervinvga says:

    i just bought this Acer 4530 model after reading this problem is that the battery only last about 1:10 mins or so.. i see it tat all of yours can last more than 2hr… is there something wrong wit my laptop?? i have already charge is overnight and still the same. any helpful reply i be much grateful.


  419. Andry says:

    @ U Noe Who I M Says
    you’re welcome ^_^

    @ kukuh
    Yup, no problem in XP SP3 with SuYin driver. In facts, by installing SuYin instead of Bison will be better since Bison was detected as USB Video Camera by my lappie. (CMIIW)
    My harddisk is also WDC. But the monitor is LGPhillips as others..

    Actually, Expertester has posted a lot of interesting things about battery in his other post. At first, the battery will try to ajust. After a series of charging and discharging, then your battery will be operating at full capacity.

    removing Acer Webcam driver isn’t quite a good solution… IMO
    just install Windows XP SP3 instead.. (write this again and again)
    or use Vista (as Expertester is the luckiest 4530 user in this forum since he is still using the stock BIOS..)

    My friend just bought 4530 and the stock driver is v1.3331
    So I guess Acer has learned his/her mistakes… (hope none to come)

    Still waiting the native 4530 Empowering Technology from ACER…
    ps: When u discovered 4520 empowering in Acer Australian website, how long did you need to wait? (as it perhaps will be our guidance to wait the native 4530 empowering to be released)

  420. abdulricks says:

    I have a acer 4530 all of sudden hang without no reason..white color appeared on my screen.I have to turn off my lappie and switch it on again.why this happened to me?

  421. […] Acer Aspire 4530 (update : 8 Aug 08) Expertester looks […]

  422. expertester says:

    Thanks a lot for your reply Andry. You are the MAN 😀

  423. Badly Frustated forgot his email address says:

    I bliv acer4530withstandbyproblem got his point. Cuz as reported by other frustated dudes, da removal of suyin is so far effective. U guyz might wanna check dis page up:

    I already implement da method, but dis time my lappie gotta stay on for few more hours. So gotta be lil bit patient to c it works. But it seems works, seeing dose happy users’ comments.

  424. PKSM says:

    Over here in India, I am getting 4530 with AMD Athlon QL 60 1.9 ghz.
    Is it a good buy? Or should i go in for Compaq CQ50-106AU (With NVIDIA 8200m GPU).
    Which GPU is better 9100m or 8200m?

  425. syah says:

    i bought this acey r 4530 around early july 08. mainly use it for BT and gaming.
    just restart once a week and up till now never shutdown…. heheheheh..wait untill i finish donlot every movies i wish too then i will shut this lappie…so far no problemo just it will start by itself by showing the bsod sometimes…that doesnt bother me as u knoe acer rite..

  426. Ricky.R says:

    Hi name is Ricky..thanks a lot for your review on this lappie..i bought this laptop after i read your blog..btw i have some question for you..hope you answer it soon..
    1. How long the battery life on your Acer 4530 now?
    2. Why windows vista detect my nvidia geforce 9100 dx version as dx 9.0 or better,because i saw your lappie dx version is dx it because the driver?for u to know, i got the driver from the dvd that acer gave to me..
    thx a lot expetester

  427. kukuh says:

    @ syah

    what your lappie used for??

    i think that lappie is old stock,
    the new realease is RM 70, not Ql 60
    for GPU, 9100m is better

  428. yogi says:

    hi expertester i need help with my 4530.

    the left speaker cannot function.

    i already tested with realtek 3D audio demo.

    can you help me?

  429. Aireplay says:

    Hi Expertester, need ur help here…
    just got my sweetie 4530 yesterday,
    preloaded with vista home basic, mcafee antivirus and 1gig ram

    I got a problem when installing cnc3(pirate cd),it takes ages to complete
    ( about 4 hour to complete), before this it only take 30 – 40 minute for my desktop (xp sp2 512 ram pentium3) to install the game. what cause of this problem.

    p.s: mine work great with backtrack3(live cd), the atheros is superb, can monitor and inject….

  430. Andry says:

    Is the left speaker always cannot be functioned?
    If so then contact ur reseller or Acer service center. If not, just check in what situation or problem does the problem occures.

    Did you install it via the disc? If so, try copy the CD to ur drive first, then try install again. (Use Alcohol or Nero Image drive…)
    Or at least try to disable the AntiVirus Auto-protect when installing.. IMHO

  431. yogi says:


    yes it is cannot be function
    i will check the cable in motherboard. it maybe the problem with the left speaker

  432. expertester says:

    According to AMD website, RM-70 is a better CPU compare to QL-60. QL-60 is used in previous generation Acer, known as 4520 if I am not mistaken.
    Compare nVidia 9100 with 8200, base on my other post in this blog, 9100 is a better choice.

    My average battery could last approximately 2 and half hour, depending on workload. For casual Microsoft Office work with LAN on, no MP3 what so ever, 2.5 hours is achieveable. However, battery life could be differ from one person to another person. You dont need AMD Power Now if you use Vista. Vista already has those power enhancement. From my experiment with the help of AMD CPU tools, I notice that it will throtle my CPU down to 500 MHz (instead of 2 GHz) when I am doing light work (word 2007 for example or idle.). You need to take care of the battery too…as in my other post.
    I fully aware that certain user complain that Vista detect their 4530 9100M as direct x 9.0 or better. to be honest, I am not pretty sure either this is due to hardware or software but using Vista or Windows Server 2008 with provided driver or hex driver from net, all of these OS report dx10. One question? Are you using Original Vista or ahem vista?

    If your left speaker can’t function, I think it is wiser to send it to Acer Care or Acer Service Center. If you try to fix it phisically, I am afraid your warranty will gone with the win.

    First thing first, Vista with 1 GB of RAMs could be considered bare minimum. For your info, all my Vista machine with proper drivers, security software all all standard junkies, the ammount of RAMs averagely used approximately 1.1 GB. If you have 1 GB only, it mean, your Vista already heavily depend on swap file / pagefile. Installation CnC3 definitely will eat your precious ram. My old machine (Athlon 2500+ @ 3200+ with 512 MB RAMs run Windows XP SP3) definitely way faster than C2D + Vista + 1 GB of RAMs. It is a huge different because Windows XP roughly use approximately 250-300 MB idle but Vista require 1 GB idle. McAfee AV also known as resource hoger. Heh.
    Secondly, the disc itself. Base on my experience, desktop optical disc able to read not so perfect disc better than notebook optical drive. Try to make disc image (magic iso, nero or what so ever your fav. image creator software) using your PC and install the games into your notebook from that newly created image. If it still take ages, I recommend you to upgrade another 1 GB of cheap rams 😀

  433. yogi says:

    @ expertester

    thaks for your attention.

  434. Aireplay says:

    @Expertester @Andry

    yeah you’re right, maybe i should upgrade the ram.
    planning on 2gb ram.
    by the way thanks for the info, it’s very helpful 🙂

  435. gbs says:


    did you tested nVIDIA CUDA, or the folding@home gpu thing?

    if u need driver upgrade for that test, here you can find:


  436. xfader says:


    i’ve tested gpu-folding@home using CUDA Driver ver.177.84 under WinXP SP3
    the average-perf is about 250 iters/sec…

    but then i uninstalled it because it took so much power resources and i cant do my job (office n photoshop)..

  437. xfader says:

    your driver link is not compatible for gf9100 m g
    try this to get the latest CUDA Driver

  438. expertester says:

    As promised,
    For those who are using Vista 64 or Windows Server 2008 x64, and want to get exactly the same score as mine, 9100 x64 driver could be downloaded at :

    Untested but compatible one :

    In case of broken link,

  439. gbs says:


    ? yes, it is compatible! just get the ‘modded inf’ and put inside driver folder.

    i’m using 177.92 from that link and i got cuda working very well =)

  440. Yebs says:

    My Acer Aspire 4520 sometimes the screen turn to white screen@ no picture. My friend with new Acer Aspire 4530 also have the same problem. Please help me to resolve this, thanks!!! Please email me your suggestions:

  441. Yebs says:

    laptop saya Acer 4520 kadang kadang skin menjadi putih. seorang kawan saya mempunyai laptop acer 4530 pun menghadapi masalah yang sama. Apa sebabnya skin laptop acer tu kadang kadang tiba tiba akan menjadi putih? Mungkin laptop tu nak pulang ke tong sampah agak nya kan? Sila email cadangan korang kepada saya:

  442. Cloud9nos3 says:

    Hi every member of 4530..

    Window XP sp3 or Window Vista sp1 runs better on game?
    I currently using Window Vista Ultimate sp1.. So far so good with low setting for game.. How if i change into Window XP pro sp3.. WIll i get a better gaming experience?

    I am using 177.92 driver for 9100m g..

    Looking forward for your reply.. THanks

  443. stunt says:

    why my flash disk is detected as usb 1.1 if i plug it into bottom-left and right usb port ??

    i use vista 64 bit

  444. expertester says:

    for gaming? In term of raw speed, I still believe XP will beat vista most of the time. perhaps one of our friends here who are using windows xp sp3 and could benchmark their 4530 using 3dmark06.

  445. Cloud9nos3 says:

    For the information given by geforce

    9100m g + 9200m g/9300m g = 9400m

    What the meant by this?

    Is 4530 can add any descrete card?

    THanks looking forward for reply

  446. Kenny says:

    i dont think it can

  447. Andry says:

    Happy Aidilfitri to all who celebrate it…

    About the request to do benchmark 4530 using 3DMark06 in Windows XP SP3, count me in! ^_^
    Currently downloading the 06 version (coz I only had the 03 one..)
    Wait about approximately 2 or 3 days.

    Please read all previous post in this page about the MXM upgrade. Or frequently check about the availability in 4530. (FYI, the Acer 4520 is marked as MXM upgradeable (Type I), let’s hope his ‘brother’ that is our beloved Acer 4530 will follow the family footstep) ^_^

  448. expertester says:

    Happy Aidilfitri for you too.

    Yeah, we are waiting for your result. If you want me to post your benchmark screenshot (credit to you) in the main post, just attach the image links here.
    Thanks Andry.

  449. selenakyle says:

    this blog entry is really of great help. i just got my 4530 yesterday. it’s the first laptop i’ve ever bought for myself so i’m excited to fiddle with it.

  450. vexus says:

    acer 4530 now with new processor RM72 2.1ghz.

  451. Andry says:

    Ok then, as I promised, here are the result of 3DMark 06 on my Acer Aspire 4530:

    And here are the result after using the February 08 HotFix for 3DMark 06. (No major changes)

    To Mr. Expertester, I am very pleased if this result will be any of good use. Feel free to use these screenshot at the main page. (If you already done so, just delete this post) ^_^

  452. Ricky says:

    hello expertester..its me ricky..i have some trouble with my acer 4530..first problem,it happened 1 week a go..after i reinstalled my laptop with win xp sp3,the laptop did not detect my camera..even after i installed and reinstalled the driver..i dont know why??can you help me??second there something wrong with the amd processor or with the laptop..i dont know,but my laptop shutting down suddenly after i play NFS 2 for about 3 hour..using power not battery..after i check to the bottom of my laptop..its extremely hot..i mean not that it the processor or the laptop?i get frustated because of it..please help me..anyone..

  453. expertester says:


    We can’t see any link or pic.

  454. Andry says:

    Oops, looks like I did something wrong here about the link. My bad..
    (I was trying to embed the link, guess it’s not working)

    Here are the result of 3DMark 06 on my Acer Aspire 4530:
    3DMark Score
    3DMark Result

    And here are the result after using the February 08 HotFix for 3DMark 06. (No major changes)
    3DMark Score - new
    3DMark Result -new

    So sorry for the delay (again).

  455. Andry says:

    If the camera isn’t detected, then there probably something’s wrong with the hardware.
    Better to bring ur laptop to your local reseller to claim the warranty.

    For playing game in 4530, it’s better to use Notebook Cooler Pad. And check ur driver issue:
    Start > Run > type “verifier” without the ” > Ok
    Create Standard setting > Automatically sellect unsigned drivers > Next > Finish

    There u can find whether there are any unsigned driver that could cause conflict. (IMHO)

  456. Amshell says:

    Hello expertester, i am choosing between to variants of Acer Aspire 4350..

    Could you please help me…
    Im quite confused between the two..
    Could send me your suggestion at my email..
    And tell me which is better and why..
    Thanks.. 🙂

    these are the links..

  457. Angelus says:

    i can play hell gate london, with model setting high, texture high, distance medium, shader medium without antialiasing (or anti aliasing low still playable, but some times frame rate will drop)

    very good graphic price/performance

    isnt 3dmark06 will score better at xp? but your benchmark still below compare to expertester’s benchmark

  458. Cloud9nos3 says:

    I play hell gate london too.. but with lower setting.
    What os you using?

  459. Cloud9nos3 says:

    For camera, i am havin problem too.
    When camera is undetected, i must uninstall and reinstall the driver for the camera.
    But when used once or twice, again it will become undetected and i need to repeat the step in order to use it. What is the problem?

  460. Andry says:

    Yes I must admitt that I got lower score to Expertester, eventhough I was running on XP SP3.
    Dunno why, perhaps because I hasn’t defrag the harddisk before running the benchmark, or because there are some program running in background? When running the test, I forgot to disable Symantec AntiVirus.. Last, or it is because I was only running 1x2Gb Memory (wasting dual channel support).
    Kinda busy right now, will try to re run the test again next week if neccessary..

  461. carlo_poker says:

    umm if i install xp pro—are the drivers included on the dvd? will i have any problems installing the xp drivers?…tnx

  462. Angelus says:

    Hi, im using win xp sp3. my ram is 4gb (2x2gb) but only 2.75gb detect(256mb share to graphic)

    today im tried install lost planet, heroes might n magic 5, need for speed pro street, never winter night 2.

    lost planet could run but not playable even at lowest setting ( 5-7 fps only)
    heroes run smoothly at highest setting with all setting max including AA
    need for speed pro street could play well at medium setting with 4x AA (no further test because of lack of time)
    never winter night 2 could play well too at medium setting with no AA ( no further test because of lack of time)

    i just wanna know how far this acer 4530 could perform, hehe..

    nb : pardon my english grammar, not much use of it in daily conversation.

  463. expertester says:


    Both acer aspire 4530. The main difference between both is biometric scanner. I will go for productid=4600 (no biometric scanner) because I don’t need any biometric scanner. Furthermore, it use Turion Ultra (should have double cache compare to nomral turion).

    But if you need biometric scanner, then you dont have much choice.

    Err…. are you CIA or FBI or top company CEO which has super sensitive info in that lappy? : hint.


    Yep, with latest driver, I confirm Vista could score slightly better than xp in 3dmark 06 with my desktop 8600GT.

    However, older game should run better in XP. NFS Pro Street give better frame rate in xp due to it was designed for xp.


    You are using WinXP? SP2 or SP3?
    If you use vista, Bison driver will give no headache.


    XP drivers are provided (driver disc)


    The reason I install Vista x64 because of my system only detect 2.75 useable RAM due to x86 or 32 bit OS limitation. With 64 bit OS, you can use whole 4 GB.

  464. Ardi says:

    Hi All,

    I’ve just updated my 4530 drivers 🙂

    Here the update of drivers for Wifi LAN ATHEROS V7.6.0.260 XP & Vista

    LAN Broadcomm All Windows

    GeForce 9100M G V.177.84 All OS

    Bluetooth update (just turn on your bluetooth before updating)

    Please enjoy 🙂

  465. Amshell says:

    Expertester, which is better as a motherboard laptop GPU..

    Is it NVIDIA GeForce 9100M G or the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD?
    Thanks for the reply..

    PS: Im not a CIA or FBI officer or a top company CEO..

  466. expertester says:


    GeForce 9100M G has better performance compare with GMA 4500MHD but not much. The main reason why GMA performance never been great because it doesn’t has any dedicated on board memory. 9100M G has dedicated 64 MB video on board memory which user can extend another 256 MB using system RAM.

    I believe to answer your question look at this page :

    Mind you, you can check 4530 with 9100M G 3DMark06 score here.

  467. carlo_poker says:

    need help…i installed all the drivers ut cant get the wlan drivers to work…i dont know what else to do…i tried dloading other drivers from the net but all it comes up with is network controller on device manager with a question mark sign??? how do you fix this?

  468. expertester says:

    Roughly GMA4500 score under 1k while 9100M G easily hit 1.2k (3dmark06)

  469. carlo_poker says:

    HEY solved my problem i just updated the drivers…than ks ardi for the links…love my new toy!!! 🙂

  470. Andry says:

    I think I will give up using Windows XP. Don’t know why, but it seems that Vista will make my 4530 run better. (after I bought another 2Gb RAM). The truth is, 4530 on Windows XP SP3 isn’t quite stable as I expected. Got lots of BSOD lately that made me ill. T_T

    And all of it occurred after I updated the latest driver for VGA and the sound card about 2 weeks a go. (For Ardi, please let me know if u’re not experiencing the same trouble as I did..pretty please..)

    kinda depressed lately.. sorry if my post is out of topic..

  471. expertester says:


    I don’t know either I am not a hardcore user as you or not, but 4530 + 4 GB Rams + Vista x64 really win my heart. Fast, rock solid performance and honestly, has better stability than my C2D PC (Vista x32).

    Actually my 4530 is dual boot. Windows Server 2008 32bit and Vista x64. All my server related work such as IIS7, DNS, Telnet Server, Virtualization OS is done using Windows Server 08 while other work such as Ms Office, casual gaming, surfing etc using Vista x64.

    From my experience, I have no BSOD using Windows Server 08 and not more than 1 BSOD using Vista. However, the not so official chipset (64bit) driver seem not very compatible with 4530 + Vista sleep function because it can sleep but can’t hibernate which pretty useless if I want to replace shutdown function with sleep. If i let this unit sleep for more than a day (battery alone), I consider myself lucky if the unit can start. Most of the time..the battery will run out of juice.

    However, using Vista x86 (32bit) and official driver, sleep work like charm but …but but…. I hate 2.75 GB RAMs I have to say bye bye to hibernate function and enjoy complete 4 GB of RAMs. (Having 4 GB of RAMs with 64bit OS and 64 bit VirtualBox = heaven :D)

    I am not promoting Vista actually, but from what I see, most latest notebooks in the market currently were designed to work with vista at the very first place. If you have 4 GB of RAMs (or 2GB +), why dont you fully utilize it using Vista instead of let another 3 GB idle doing nothing.

    One more thing Andry, latest driver not necessary mean better. I stick with this quote…”If it is not broken, why bother to fix it”. Maybe, my laptop is mainly used for work and mobility so reliability is my top priority. But I don’t think it worth to have so much troubles for extra 1 or 2 percent of performance increase.

    Anyway, that is my preference which might differ from yours. Just my 2 cent.

  472. maloows says:

    hi i’m planning to buy laptop this november and i need some inputs with you guys..

    my choices are acer 4520 and 4530 but according to some forums that i had read 4520 are easy to become hot in temp.

    so now i’m planning to buy acer 4530 and i want to have 4gig ram.. if i install 32 bit vista/xp os i will not able to get my full 4gig ram because of os limitation.. what about in linux like fedora/ubuntu? will they detect the 4gig ram..actually i don’t care bout video i’m after with ram coz i want to run virtual softwares like vmware and dynamips and i want learn bout network administration that’s why i’m craving for 4gig..

    planning to have dual boot system.. any nice partner os? i’m thinking of vista64bit/fedora 7.. or xp32bit/ubuntu…

  473. WanZ says:

    im gonna buy it today ! ^_^ ….

  474. silhouette says:

    Hi expertester…I got some problem with my 4530…i just bought it 1 mont ago…but two days ago until now, my notebook little noisy especially when it busy…like an old notebook…i’m very scared…

    Can you help me ???

    My notebook still standart and i’m not upgrade it yet..

  475. silhouette says:

    one more…it looks like form my harddisk..

  476. Cloud9Nos3 says:

    Hi guys
    I would like to ask guide..
    I am using window vista 32 bit as my OS

    My rating for graphic is 4.0.. After i reformat it , i got 3.6.. Dropping of 0.4..

    Dropping in performance !! What shoudl i do??

    Thanks any sifu

  477. @Cloud9Nos3

    try update your drivers

    VGA (i’m using forceware 178.15)
    Chipset (i’m using the acer version 17_05_nologo)

  478. Cloud9Nos3 says:

    Ya i am using this all
    VGA 178.15 while nforce chipset from acer CD..

    What is ur rating?

  479. expertester says:

    first of 4520 limitation is 2 GB of ram.

    Vista or XP 32 bit, you will stuck at 2.75 GB even you have 4 GB. Solution, 64 bit Vista or XP. However, I found that VMware 1.07 (and below version) doesn’t has digitally sign virtual ethernet driver which will cause it can’t find localhost. So, I use Sun VirtualBox 64bit instead. Could work as charm as VMWare, in fact a bit faster in term of Suse10 Server responsiveness. You may try to figure out localhost thingy using VmWare and microsoft 64bit OS. As far as I know, linux don’t have any prob detecting 4 GB of RAMs even it is 32 bit OS.

    My suggestion, Vista64 couple with any linux distro which you can properly install in 4530. Some of this blog visitor already figure out how to install ubuntu and opensuse at their 4530.


    If you suspect your hard disk got some prob, you can always use SpinRite to check it.

    Acer provided driver could achieve 4.1, why bother to update your driver if it only give lesser performance.

  480. HARIS says:

    hye!! i got a problem about wireless connection, I’m using windows xp for my acer aspire 4530, after the windows has been updated, i noticed that there was no wireless connection in network connections, please fix

  481. @Cloud i got 4.0 on windows experience index, but my 4530 is the athlon ql one

    all my drivers are the new ones
    and my bios is the 1.3331 and i got no troubles with that.

  482. kyle6600 says:

    just got mine last weekend..
    this is my first laptop so im very careful with it. no problems installing the vista ultimate 32 bit on it. had a problem with the wireless driver but will be downloading the latest one later.
    will also be extending the warranty to 3 years.
    thanks to everyone here..

    thanks as well expertester for the review.
    you answered all my question on your review.

  483. Ardi says:

    @ Andry

    My 4530 with XP SP3, 2 Gb ram is in great performance.
    No BSOD even a little bit, no trouble at all..just perfect like 2.5 months ago when I bought it…

  484. Ardi says:

    @ Andry

    My 4530 with XP SP3, 2 Gb ram is in great performance.

    Even the battery life can reach 3 hours up with e-power in Presentation mode 🙂

    No BSOD even a little bit, no trouble at all..just perfect like 2.5 months ago when I bought it…

  485. Andry says:

    @Expertester and Ardi
    Thanx for ur encouraging words.. It seems that the shop where I bought this lappie sold me a broken Memory Ram (Kingston). I checked it with memtest86. Darn it.. I wish I knew it from the start…

    Already went there and complaint bout it.. T_T

    Now my 4530 is up and running… Yippe..

  486. Andry says:

    Looks like u’re using Windows XP SP3? If that’s so, please get the KB19830 to fix the network can’t established problem..

  487. ical says:

    my trouble r same with yours… 178.15 are faster than old 177.84… but the performance index was down from 4.0 to 3.6… I think it’s just a false from the OS. I decided to use 178 version because 177 r not stable for my lappie. Always crashing in first time I turn on my lappie, then I need to restart to stabilize it. Or try install nvidia physiX to accelerate the GPU… it’s work dude !!!!!. NFS pro street can run in 1024×768 resolution without lag.. Oh… maybe you can use driver cleaner to complete uninstall the old driver, then reinstall again with new one’s…

  488. ical says:

    which one do you choose :
    a. Latest gpu driver with no MS WHQL certificate.
    b. Older gpu driver with MS WHQL certificate.

    someone says that all nvidia gpu can use all the latest driver…

    however, on i’ve found the latest 9100M G driver that certified and released by nvidia and acer. The driver is 176.37

  489. […] Processor: AMD Turion™ X2 dual-core mobile technology RM-72 (1 MB L2 cache, 2 GHz, DDR2 800 MHz), supporting AMD HyperTransport™ 3.0 technology Chipset: NVIDIA® nForce® MCP77MH media and communications processor (MCP) (With Nvidia 9100 Graphic) Memory: 1GB of DDR2 667 MHz memory (upgradeable to 4 GB) Display: 14.1″ WXGA high-brightness (200-nit) Acer CrystalBrite™ TFT LCD, 1280 x 800 pixel resolution Storage: 160GB hard disk drive Drives: 8X DVD-Super Multi double-layer drive Communication Acer Video Conference, featuring: • Integrated Acer Crystal Eye webcam, supporting enhanced Acer PrimaLite™ technology • Optional Acer Xpress VoIP phone WPAN (optional): Bluetooth® 2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) WLAN: Acer InviLink™ and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi CERTIFIED® network connection, supporting Acer SignalUp™ wireless technology LAN: Gigabit Ethernet, Wake-on-LAN ready Modem: 56K ITU V.92 with PTT approval, Wake-on-Ring ready I/O Port: ExpressCard™/54 slot 5-in-1 card reader (SD™, MMC, MS, MS PRO, xD) Three USB 2.0 ports External display (VGA) port Headphone/speaker/line-out jack with S/PDIF support Microphone-in jack Line-in jack Ethernet (RJ-45) port Modem (RJ-11) port DC-in jack for AC adapter Power: 4000 mAh 6-cell Li-ion battery pack Weight: 2.4 kg (5.29 Ibs.) Warranty: 1 Year warranty The best part I like for this Acer 4530 Laptop is the Nvidia 9100M graphic chipset, which support DirectX 10 for latest games. And the part I don’t like is the model design… looks a bit plastic to me. With this kind of performance specification, this baby only cost RM1,899.00. For performance test on this laptop, you may refer here. […]

  490. expertester says:


    I will go for WHQL signed driver. Partly because I use Vista 64 and I prefer solid stability over peak performance for my working computer.

  491. jonas says:

    does 4530 have drivers for xp 64 bit?

  492. jonas says:

    can you give me links,where to find it,they say that xp 64 bit is really for gamers,i want to try it..tnx..

  493. I’m using 178.24 whql, very fast, got 4.0 on vista index. 🙂

  494. Kenny says:

    Can u provide the link to the 178.24 whql..Can 34-bit uses it?

  495. Kenny says:

    Is it digitally signed?I installed it but it’s not digitally signed.

  496. Kenny says:

    I am facing hardware failure.I think it is from my hard disk.Sometimes when i was playing games,it suddenly jammed and went into a blue screen stating memory dump..its written some information about hard disk but i couldnt finish reading it…how to check whether my hard disk has problem or not?Someone told me to use spinrite to check it but i doesnt really know how to use it as it contains iso file and other there any other way?I used chkdisk function and no errors r found…

  497. man12345 says:

    where is mr. yap ?? cannot contact him

  498. expertester says:


    spinrite could check your hdd at hardware level. Burn the ISO and start your computer with it.


    Forget Mr. Yap. i think he already out of biz. Don’t worry much tho because a lot of store nowadays sell it at RM1850 with 2 GB of RAM.

  499. tcchuin says:

    bro..can i ask somehting?can this lappy support DDr2 800 ram?thx..^^

  500. vinot says:

    hi expertester…
    after readin ur review bout acer 4530…i bought it last month with 2GB 800 ram n creative X-FI expressCard 54 soundcard (cuz ma work gives important to sound)….usin XP sp3…my lappie workin fine till now…happy with it…thanx MR. expertester

  501. Kenny says:

    I dont quite understand the meaning of burning iso..there’s a lot of files’s wat’s inside..tell me which 1 i should burn.

  502. MadDoux says:

    Does Geforce 9100 support PhysX???

  503. @MadDoux, yes =) PhysX!

    I’m now using ForceWare 180.42 and nforce 20.08.


  504. peacenik says:


  505. Sobinath says:

    I really need one help from you all… Please reply to this….

    I am planning to buy this laptop “Acer Aspire 4530” but in my country it is available with only 1.9GHZ processor. But U guys are using 2GHZ processor. What are all the features I will be lagging in buying the 1.9GHZ processor when compared to 2GHz processor.

    Is is worth buying 1.9Ghz?
    Please reply

  506. maxi99 says:

    i got this laptop after going through your review from China. Everything is fine except there’s no bluetooth. I’m using Win XP Professional with SP2. I can install the bluetooth drivers included in the drivers dvd, but during installation it says no bluetooth device detected. What is the problem?? IS it hardware failure??
    And the dvd read is also very slow.
    Any help??

  507. Kenny says:

    I listen to expertester and used spinrite to scan my seems no problem found.And yet sometimes i go into a memory dump blue screen saying there mayb hardware failure of my hard disk..

  508. Sobinath says:

    I really need one help from you all… Please reply to this….

    I am planning to buy this laptop “Acer Aspire 4530″ but in my country it is available with only 1.9GHZ processor. But U guys are using 2GHZ processor. What are all the features I will be lagging in buying the 1.9GHZ processor when compared to 2GHz processor.

    Is is worth buying 1.9Ghz?
    Please reply

  509. i have webcam problems, mic i never used.

    who knows how to overclock geforce9100m?

  510. undernet says:

    hye everyone,i wanna ask if i change this notebook hardisk,does my laptop is still under acer warranty???

  511. hacky says:

    gerson, u can use nvidia ntune from

    i have try it and it is work

  512. MadDoux says:

    Gerson Barreiros Says:
    October 23, 2008 at 3:12 am

    @MadDoux, yes =) PhysX!

    I’m now using ForceWare 180.42 and nforce 20.08.


    Is it working?? Thought this not support for geforce 9100. 1 more things. Does physx increase the gpu graphic performance??

  513. MadDoux says:

    ForceWare 180.42

    Products supported:

    Original inf only supports:
    NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0191.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX”
    NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0193.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS”
    NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0194.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra”
    NVIDIA_G92.DEV_0600.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512”
    NVIDIA_G92.DEV_0601.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT”
    NVIDIA_G92.DEV_0602.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT”
    NVIDIA_G92.DEV_0604.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2”
    NVIDIA_G92.DEV_0605.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT ”
    NVIDIA_G92.DEV_0606.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS”
    NVIDIA_G92.DEV_0610.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSO”
    NVIDIA_G92.DEV_0611.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT ”
    NVIDIA_G92.DEV_0612.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+”
    NVIDIA_G92.DEV_0613.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+”
    NVIDIA_G92.DEV_0614.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT ”
    NVIDIA_G94.DEV_0622.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT”
    NVIDIA_G94.DEV_0623.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GS”
    NVIDIA_G94.DEV_0625.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSO 512”
    NVIDIA_G96.DEV_0640.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT”
    NVIDIA_G96.DEV_0641.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT ”
    NVIDIA_G96.DEV_0643.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT ”
    NVIDIA_G96.DEV_0644.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GS”
    NVIDIA_G96.DEV_0645.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GS ”
    NVIDIA_G96.DEV_065B.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT ”
    NVIDIA_GT200.DEV_05E1.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280”
    NVIDIA_GT200.DEV_05E2.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260”
    NVIDIA_C79.DEV_0860.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9300”
    NVIDIA_C79.DEV_0864.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9300 ”
    NVIDIA_C79.DEV_0865.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9300 ”
    NVIDIA_C79.DEV_0868.1 = “NVIDIA nForce 760i SLI”
    NVIDIA_C79.DEV_086A.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9400 ”
    NVIDIA_C79.DEV_086C.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9300 / nForce 730i”
    NVIDIA_C79.DEV_086D.1 = “NVIDIA GeForce 9200”

    There’s no 9100. Are u sure it’s okay to use it??

  514. vexus says:

    4530 webcam problem is popular.

    webcam not functioning when USB 2.0 detected as USB 1.0.

    something wrong with nvidia chipset. or maybe mobo problem.

  515. David says:

    Finally get my acer 4530. After reading all the post(i hope i didnt miss anything)
    I tried install all the drivers from the cd provided. But i can’t update the “Network Controller”
    I tried it manually like Mr Expertester. But it pop up the msg says that it’s not the correct one.
    I’m currently running WIN XP SP3. Generally no problem found. just the driver is not installed, i can’t use my WIFI~
    need help… 😦

  516. konjurer8672 says:

    Nvidia PhysX improves performance only on PhysX-enabled games. It’s a physics engine, not a graphics booster. It does calculations to have games attain real-life physics (when shooting on wood bullets go through them, blast any wall to make your own path). Not many games support the technology. Current games like Assassin’s Creed and Devil May Cry 4 DON’T support PhysX. Sometimes, enabling PhysX also brings problems like BSOD when playing Assassin’s Creed.

  517. no, PhysX do not make better fps.
    get modded inf here:
    but the fastest driver for our laptop is DOX 178.24 i did some tests.
    i’m using now DOX 178.24 with GPU 450@585MHZ 😀

    DOX Driver ->

  518. tongtong says:

    somebody know where can download the latest bios version(1.3331) for acer aspire 4530?

  519. tongtong says:

    can somebody upload d latest bios version 1.3331 for acer aspire 4530?cause i cant download it from acer official website.

  520. devil says:

    Expertester yesterday i bought acer 4530 same with urs but after i install the driver disc..i found the wireless connection and the audio device cannot function..i also got try to download the audio driver from internet but still failure so pls help!

  521. weinter says:

    OverClocking 9100M G is not possible using ntune i think it is because of the fact that the VRAM is partially shared you can try rivatuner but i personally think not it will be akin to making a Toyota run like a Ferrari NOT advisable moreover at peak load the laptop is already quite hot

    For that guy who has only a 1.9GHZ model available
    It is probably not a Turion RM/ZM but a Athlon QL-60
    There are 3 types of mobile processor for the Lion/Puma Platform the QL,RM&ZM.
    ZM is the best featuring 2MB L2 Cache
    RM is the lower end featuring only 1MB L2 cache
    QL uses a different architecture from Wikipedia it seems to be more power hungry for lower clockspeed 35W for QL-60 vs 31W for RM-70
    Performance wise if it should be roughly the same due to similar architecture but i found some comments which probably suggest slightly lower performance
    I found this:

    The the ZM and (I think) RM are equal in features, the difference is the cache size. You should really look for these processors instead of the QL. The biggest difference is about the power saving technology. The QL can only go down to 950MHz, but the ZM and RM can go down to 500MHz (I think the ZM can go lower though)… and not only that, the ZM and RM features dynamic HT (HyperTransport) width and deeper sleep state.. The ZM (and maybe RM) should have separate power planes for each core and it can adjust the clock of each core individually (One core could run at full speed with max voltage, the other core could run at minimum speed with min voltage). So, QL I think should be avoided. The QL is like the old Turion with added support for the higher HT speed.

    Now… I once believe that only the Turion Ultra have the new features and the Turion RM is like the old Turion. After some digging, The RM should be the same as the ZM, and the QL is the one that’s similar to the old Turion.

    Basically, you should use Turion processor under the Puma platform. If you use the Athlon (QL), you wouldn’t get the newer power saving features. The power consumption on QL should be about the same as the old Turion though.

    As for the ZM vs RM, probably the ZM have higher HT bandwidth and lower minimum speed… so the ZM should theoretically have better power consumption and higher performance, especially when using IGP (since IGP is using main memory, thus the higher HT bandwidth should benefit the IGP).

    And the QL only support DDR2-667, but ZM and RM support DDR2-800.. which I believe that it would benefit the IGP more than the overall processor performance.

  522. Bill H says:

    @Joe Purba

    I had problem booting Ubuntu Live CD with Acer Aspire 4530. Could you shine some lights on how you got the installation to work?

    I tried 8.04 and 8.10 RC, but no luck. I looked up some forums and got some tips to type “noacpi”, use the safe graphic mode, but nothing worked.

  523. weinter says:

    To sum things up, Besides the lower speed, what the RM/ZM have that the QL don’t have is…
    -Dynamic HT width (It’s a function to change the HT width from 16bit (highest) to 0 (disconnect) depending on the needs).
    -C4 deeper sleep (which should lower the power usage of the processor when it goes to sleep… same function as C3, but maybe at C4 it uses even less voltage).
    -3 P-states (The QL have 2 P-states, which is at full frequency and half frequency (in case of QL-60, it can operate at 1900MHz or 950MHz). The RM/ZM can run at a quarter frequency (on ZM-86, it’s 2400MHz full, 1200MHz half, 600MHz quarter)).
    -support for DDR2-800 (the QL only support up to DDR2-667).

    Essentially, the RM/ZM should give better power efficiency than the QL. By how much? I don’t really know.. probably small if you always maximized the processor usage, but should be more significant if you’re the type that leave notebook idling… and maybe a bit noticeable on mixed use.

  524. weinter says:

    Anyway for latest BIOS version it is definitely not 1.3331
    Because mine stated

  525. weinter says:

    I read somewhere that using the coming up Ibex of Ubuntu (latest kernel) a user is able to boot without any issues

  526. devil1 says:

    anybody can help me to solve the acer 4530 laptop, no audio device,no sound..but at control panel that got realtek high definition audio driver.

  527. @Weinter but i overclocked my geforce9100m via ntune. 450 @ 585mhz.
    where did you got that 1.3333 bios?
    i’m using 1.3331 dated of 08/01/2008 can you upload it for us plz?

    1.3331 download:

  528. Kenny says:

    Event filter with query “SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 60 WHERE TargetInstance ISA “Win32_Processor” AND TargetInstance.LoadPercentage > 99″ could not be reactivated in namespace “//./root/CIMV2” because of error 0x80041003. Events cannot be delivered through this filter until the problem is corrected.

    Shit this pop out and i went to a blue screen..wat the hell is this?

  529. Kenny says:

    And my lappie keep telling me there’s hardware problem..but when i scan using checkdisk and spinrite..found nothin..><..expertester or somebody please help me!I am using Vista Home Basic SP 1

  530. David says:

    S.O.S~ Still can’t solve the Network Connection problem… can’t use wifi…
    please help~~~ 😥

  531. tongtong says:

    somebody know how to flash our bios to latest bios?

  532. Weinter says:

    I think you should run Memtest to check for memory errors

    And I try to upload my BIOS =)
    Btw i didn’t buy this 4530 Acer Support Centre Screw up my 4520G as it was no longer in production they replace it with 4530 =)))))

  533. Weinter says:

    Yea the 1.333 BIOS came in my Laptop by default =)

  534. Weinter says:

    The Wireless Driver is here
    Always get your atheros Driver here Latest ones
    Check the Atheros chipset and your OS before downloading

  535. Weinter says:

    Sry guys unable to find something to dump my BIOS onto a file
    Even Phflash for Acer isn’t available

  536. Weinter says:

    OK phew i the bios backup utility is strange require a old BIOS file otherwise it wun backup
    Here is the link (Use at your own risk)

  537. Weinter says:

    To flash to latest BIOS get the WinPhlash from Acer Euro Website then use the BIOS.bak file as a source file

  538. Weinter says:

    To flash to latest BIOS get the WinPhlash from Acer Euro Website then use the BIOS.bak file in the link i provided as a source file

  539. Kenny says:

    Checked using problem..i still getting blue screen sometimes…saying my hard disk got problem =(

  540. tongtong says:

    Yea the 1.333 BIOS came in my Laptop by default =)

    what is that bios version???

  541. weinter says:

    Btw people if you are using WinXP for AMD Processor
    REMEMBER to download the AMD Drivers and Processor Optimzer for Turion Processor
    Because AMD Processor unlike Intel ones in WinXP DO NOT throttle speed automatically driver is REQUIRED
    && My BIOS Version is 1.3333 Dated 8/15

  542. weinter says:

    OK I provide Links for everything
    AMD Driver here (For WinXP get BOTH the Driver and the optimizer; For Vista get only the Optimzer),,30_182_871_14098,00.html
    Latest BIOS here(Version 1.3333) (My new Laptop Default BIOS)
    Flashing Utilities here (Use the WinPhlash from Version 3328 BIOS and use the BIOS provided above)
    Latest VGA Driver(For Vista use version 178.15 unmodified inf(I don’t like to mod inf)however not Windows Certified))
    Wireless Driver here (Latest Version for Vista; For WinXP Latest Version

    Leave a Message for queries

  543. Thank you for the 1.3333v bios, now i’m powered with that.


  544. tongtong says:

    What is the consequence if bios flashing fail? Will it cause hardware damage, os error?

  545. weinter says:

    Firstly if you follow instructions
    1) Ensure you are plugged into socket during flashing
    2) Make sure you are not running other programs (multasking)
    You should be alright
    That aside you can choose not to flash as well personal preference not that there will be any major improvements unless you encounter bugs that can only be rectified via flash then it is advisable

    Btw just recommending a great site for notebook hardware information Don’t know if anyone of you heard of it before

  546. Kenny says:

    I am using Vista and i hav the processor optimizer.Yet i am still facing hard disk problem.

  547. peacenik says:

    I had my Notebook Acer Aspire 4530 visited the Acer Services Centre

    They told me that the some AS4530 have they Sound wire/cable mixed up with the Wireless wire/cable, so result the mic problem.

    The Webcam part still checking

  548. Weinterc says:

    Reformat Probably OS corruption

  549. Kenny says:

    Ha?Really hav to reformat?But i think i don hav any other choice..i hav scanned using various type of programme and yet all of them saying there’s no problem in my hard disk..but i am still facing the blue screen saying my hard disk failure..haiz..

  550. tongtong says:

    hav u scan ur lappy with antivirus programmes?

  551. […] comes with only 1 GB Ram. I don’t have my own pics of the laptop but the first one is taken from: Acer Aspire 4530 (update : 8 Aug 08) Expertester and the second one is an official acer […]

  552. Kenny says:

    Definitely not because of virus attack..i scanned using Window defender and Nod32..but nowadays i am getting less blue screen saying my hard disk got problem..haiz..dont know wat happen..><

  553. kris says:

    why does my Windows Experience Index is just 3.4?

    i have the ZM-80 processor.1Gb ram and updated nvidia driver 178.24.

    Processor: 4.8
    Ram: 3.9
    Graphics: 3.4
    Gaming Graphics: 4.3
    Hard Disk: 5.3


  554. Weinter says:

    Because the main problem is your RAM one 1GB stick running at half frequency
    My score on a RM-72 Processor is
    Why because RAM affects 3 components : RAM, Graphics, Gaming Graphics because when RAMs run at half speed Nvidia 9100M G (which has no disrete memory) which uses the system RAM for video Processing is affected hence gaming Graphics as well
    My 4530 came with 3GB i maxed it to 4GB to achieve this score
    Note: to use RAM at double frequencies the RAM pair has to be identical in capacities and frequencies (or it will run at the lower frequency)

  555. tongtong says:

    u should try ad-aware, avast…..U should several antivirus programs because virus nowadays are to many 2 detected. different antivirus programs catch different virus, trojan, malware……
    and there are about >10000 new virus created a month. how many virus can an antivirus program detect a month?

    here is a case.

    my friend use kaspersky 7.0 version. when her lappy auto shunt down n b.s.o.d every time after enter window.

    i update her kaspersky through safe mode n scan it but 2 no avail.

    when i scan with other antivirus programs, there are about 66 virus detected.

    for those whose window experience index is below 4.1, u can go try dis.
    100% safe method.

    go 2 control panel, ease of access center, choose , eyesign (1 of 5) – choose all except fourth choice, next, dexterity(2 of 5) choose 1st n 2nd choices, next, hearing (3 of 5), choose 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice, next,speech(4 of 5) choose 1 st choice, next, choose 1st and 2 nd choices——done.

    then u can go 2 update ur window experience index. it should change.
    and i m using nvm update my driver.i bought dis lappy on 8 agust. using vista ultimate.

    my window experience index

    processor 4.8
    ram 5.8
    graphic 4.1
    gaming graphic 4.4
    primary hard disk 5.3

    last time b4 reformat gaming graphic was 4.5

  556. tongtong says:

    sori after go 2 ease of access center , go 2

    hope dis help u.~(‘@ ‘ )~

  557. Weinter says:

    Sorry Can you be clearer on the instructions couldn’t follow you

  558. tongtong says:

    after go 2 ease of access center, u will c dis sentence.

    Not sure where 2 start?Get the recommendation to make your computer easier to use


    eyesign (1 of 5) – choose all except d fourth choice,

    next, dexterity(2 of 5) choose 1st n 2nd choices,

    next, hearing (3 of 5), choose 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice,

    next,speech(4 of 5) choose 1st choice,

    next, choose 1st and 2 nd choices


    and u know, intel media accelerator x3100 score 3.5 for gaming graphic. i cant believe it

  559. kris says:


    still having the same WEI. i think i should upgrade my ram to 4gb if my vista is running slow.


  560. weinter says:

    It dosen’t work
    WEI would be a joke if it does
    Anyway anyone knows if DDR2-800 or DDR3 works on this board?
    I googled but to no avail dosen’t even state on Nvidia Site

  561. weinter says:

    Vista requires tweaking to have the same level of responsiveness
    What i did
    I disable Animations in Performance in system control panel advance system settings
    Only left
    -Enable Desktop Composition
    -Enable Transparent Glass
    -Show Windows Contents while dragging
    -Smooth Screen Fonts
    -Use Visual Style
    This i feel is the best tweak to bring up performance Animations slows down system
    Another tweakable stuff is the usual Indexing and services

  562. Jiwo says:

    Lately i found a problem related to my 4530, especially with the processor.
    When i start a 64-bit virtual machine (like Ubuntu AMD64, FreeBSD AMD64, Windows 64-bit) in VMware (i’m using vmware 6.0) on Windows Vista 64-bit SP1, VMware says that my processor can not run a 64-bit virtual machine because my processor is not revision D or later. You can get the full information about this issue here. It’s true that my AMD Turion 64 X2 RM-70 (codenamed ‘Griffin’) is not revision D or later. CPU-Z says that it is revision LG-B1.

    What is your processor revision?
    Do you face the same problem?

  563. MadDoux says:

    Weinter Says:
    October 31, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    Because the main problem is your RAM one 1GB stick running at half frequency
    My score on a RM-72 Processor is
    Why because RAM affects 3 components : RAM, Graphics, Gaming Graphics because when RAMs run at half speed Nvidia 9100M G (which has no disrete memory) which uses the system RAM for video Processing is affected hence gaming Graphics as well
    My 4530 came with 3GB i maxed it to 4GB to achieve this score
    Note: to use RAM at double frequencies the RAM pair has to be identical in capacities and frequencies (or it will run at the lower frequency)

    Me say.. hehe
    What OS does ur lappie run?? Vista x64? Wonder why ur gaming graphic so high. Me only 4.4. I’m running vista basic x86, with 2gb ram. Think 4gb would not benefit me since i’m using x86.

  564. MadDoux says:

    Does anyone here using vista 64bit (x86) with 4gb ram, with high graphic+gaming graphic score???

  565. somebudy.. says:

    how to creat new partition without formating my acer 4530..?
    but all my free space was located..

  566. db_imoetz says:

    HeLLo…i have a temperature problem with my ACer 4530…

    when i install AMD Dual-Core Optimizer Version 1.1.4
    AMD Processor Driver Version for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 (x86 and x64)
    my processor core is high…
    Before i install it,my core1/core2 temperature is around 55-60 degree (idLe)
    after i install both of them,it become 64-67 degree (idLe)

    is it normal?
    Because when i play SWAT4 game,it become 80 degree,pLease heLp me

  567. Kenny says:

    Same here..before i install AMD Dual Core Optimizer,my lappie wont get hot when i play games for an hour,the lappie gets hot.

  568. Weinter says:


    No i am also running Vista x86
    There is no reason to using Vista 64. Why?
    Because Vista 32 has PAE (Physical Addressing Extension) Can use up to 4GB
    Also you rememeber 9100M G ? It needs RAM too so all in all 4GB is ok for Vista 32
    Vista 64 is recommended only on those spanking new desktop that has 8GB RAM !!
    Also check the RAM frequency mine is DDR2 667MHZ 5300(bandwidth)
    Your Gaming Score only goes up when it is in DDR2 mode otherwise performance will be crippled


    I think it is because AMD Virtualisation is not yet in Griffin you mention virtualisation
    AMD Virtualisation is not ready yet
    So VMWare might have a problem but if you run those 64bit OS you should be good to go
    Because AMD 64bit instruction has been around for a long long time even before Intel so it is already stable for use but not the virtualisation part X(
    Btw i am waiting for FreeBSD 7.1 to become stable =D


    Thanks for the tidbit i will uninstall the Optimzier to confirm with you
    Also on the AMD site it actually stated optimzer was only for Windows XP XD

  569. kris says:

    is AMD Dual-Core Optimizer Version 1.1.4 effective on increasing the performance of our laptop?

    where can i get the utility where i can monitor my processors temperature?

    can you give me the link. thanks

  570. Weinter says:

    Ok i think there is no need for Optimzier =)
    Doesn’t do anything to my WEI anyway
    Oh i forgot to mention it was a typo error
    Haha scared you for a moment MadDoux
    Sorry my bad =P

    Btw to check with you guys my inventory if all 4530 has the same brand of parts
    Acer is known to have different parts for same model
    Processor differ according to specs i think mine is RM-72 Turion X2 1MB L2 Cache 2.1GHZ
    RAM is from Samsung 3GB DDR2 667MHZ 5300 i remove one 1GB and add my own Kingston 2GB also 5300
    Graphics should be the same
    My harddisk is Western Digital 320GB BEVT 5400RPM 8MB Cache
    I was super happy when i saw this Harddisk it is one of the fastest notebook harddisk for 5400RPM
    Just second to hitachi one 5400RPM 5K250 comes very close in performance to a 7200RPM harddisk hitachi also !!
    But it is also a power drainer you lose some you gain some
    Atheros wireless AR5B91 better than the sucky Intel Wireless

  571. Weinter says:

    Yea i observed runs cooler without optimzer =)

  572. kris says:

    another thing.. can you give me the download link for the empowering technology (eperformance management)? i cant see it in acer website, all i found was a pdf file.

  573. Weinter says:

    I wouldn’t recommend Acer Crapware my laptop told me it was happier without them
    Just use Windows Vista built in Power Options it is good if not better

    This is the temperature monitor utility
    I like it because it dosen’t need to install just run because it is a applet

  574. kris says:


    this is what i get

    Hardware monitor
    AMD Turion X2 Ultra ZM-80 hardware monitor

    Temperature sensor 0 52°C (125°F) [0x1A1] (Core #0)
    Temperature sensor 1 52°C (125°F) [0x1A1] (Core #1)

    Hardware monitor
    GeForce 9100M G hardware monitor

    Temperature sensor 0 68°C (154°F) [0x44] (GPU Core)

    is it normal?

  575. Weinter says:

    Yea similar to mine
    OMG you got the Ultra Processor
    I didn’t know 4530 has Ultra Processor…
    The L2 Cache 2MB I want the 2MB…

  576. Weinter says:

    OK when i installed Optimizer Everytime I go veoh
    The temperature hits 70+ degrees
    Now i only hits 60+
    I am convince everyone running Vista should uninstall Optimizer

  577. Jiwo says:


    Thanks for your info. I figured out that my Turion 64 X2 rev. LG-B1 have problem in virtualization. It dissapoints me…
    But i don’t find this problem when i use AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-58 (Acer Aspire 4520). Virtualization in VMware runs flawlessly (or at least no problems found)…

    What is your processor revision?

  578. Weinter says:

    LG-B1 same as yours
    Or i think maybe VMWare 6 is not updated for the new griffin turions?

  579. kris says:

    yeah, when i saw the 4530 with ultra i bought it right away. i just need to upgrade my ram to 3gb to have its full potential. =)

  580. Jiwo says:


    I have no idea about that. But according to “AMD Virtualization™ Technology and Microsoft® Hyper-V™ System Compatibility Check Utility”, my system is compatible.

  581. Weinter says:

    Maybe you will like to try VMware 6.5
    Mine also says compatible
    Or forward this issue to VMWare if you are a customer are you? =X

  582. Jiwo says:

    Unfortunatly, i’m not a legal customer….

  583. weinter says:

    For 4530 Users who have 4GB RAM you CAN enable them in 32bit Windows XP or Vista
    The tweak is called PAE (Physical Addressing Extension)
    It enable addressability to more than 4GB however do take note that
    No Execute bit will be disabled partially
    And WinXp will only show 3.25GB Maximium in “System” but when PAE is enabled
    all your RAM is enabled
    This link shows you how

  584. haris says:

    i have a problem with my LAN.. not WLAN..cant detect the moderm.. how to install the driver? there is no setup file in the disk driver…when i download from the acer website, it will give the same file..can somebody help me???

  585. weinter says:

    You don’t install the driver that way…
    You download the driver
    Extract it to a folder
    Go Control Panel>>System>>Device Manager>>
    Go under the “Network Adaptor” category
    Click on the + to expand it
    You should see unknown device
    Right click Update driver
    Browse to the folder you extracted the driver to
    Then click ok
    It will start installing when it is finished you are done

  586. haris says:

    there is no “unknown device” under the network adapter.. just “atheros AR5007EG wireless adapter”.. the device manager cant detect my moderm..

  587. Weinter says:


    Did you install the Nforce Chipset Driver? it also includes the Ethernet Driver

  588. daniel says:

    bro expert..
    i have an acer4530 with OS windows XP sp2.
    actually, can use paralel os with Ubuntu in 4530?
    if its possible, how to make it?

    thanks for your help.

  589. haris says:

    yes, i have install all driver…but it still cant detect… did u mean the Nforce chipset driver is NVIDIA NB Chipset NVMCP77MH…

  590. Weinter says:


    Yes thats what i meant btw was it working before or you did something to it like downgrade/upgrade from Vista to XP?

  591. haris says:

    yes, i just upgrade from XP to vista..but the problem was happen since i use xp…then, i thougt when i upgrade to vista, it would solve my prob. but it is same…other than that, i did’t do anything…is it the problem occur because of hardware? but my wireless still function.

  592. Weinter says:


    You probably want to check your BIOS settings or flash it
    using the BIOS file here
    If it still doesn’t help bring it to support centre you could have a faulty motherboard

  593. haris says:

    ok..thank you so much weinter…

  594. Jiwo says:


    Is there any release notes for this BIOS?

  595. Weinter says:

    Actually this BIOS was extracted from my Laptop
    I got it only recently
    I notice it was 1.3333 when you guys only had 1.3331 so i extracted it using WinPhlash since some here requested for it when i told him my BIOS version
    I posted the links in my blog below
    So there is no release notes because it didn’t came from a Acer site

  596. weinter says:

    For People Who are interested in How AMD Optimizer affect performance

  597. Hrishi says:

    Using 4530 for last one month & I am highly satisfied.
    I found that my screen is turning white some times. Can somebody help me out?

  598. […] nanya apa bedanya 4530 en 4520… ada review dari halaman lain, silakan baca aja langsung di sini spek lengkap baca di sini Anyway, ini speknya: Processor Model : AMD TUrion X2 Dual-Core […]

  599. Vik says:

    Hi, i got an acer aspire 4530 as well, the problem that i got is with the webcam, at times it works and at times it does not, can anyone please help me with that issue?

    Also i want to ask if i install windows xp, it is true that only one of the cores will work instead of both working?

  600. baloma says:

    whats new in v1.3333 ?

  601. weinter says:

    Try reinstalling webcam drivers also check device manager properties if power is always enabled
    And thats not true as Windows XP already support Dual Coring
    Seriously i don’t know it doesn’t come with Release guide neither was i the one who programmed it but i suppose the new version is always an improvement?

  602. pititas says:

    compaq cq40 107 owns this lappie… omg ati radeon hd3200..juz check it out

  603. weinter says:

    Also 3200HD dosen’t have CUDA or PhysiX or any other similar technologies

  604. kris says:

    does anyone know how to increase the screen resolution on this laptop? i cant create a custom resolution using nvidia control panel or maybe im doing something wrong.

  605. blurr says:

    my 4530 suddenly become sluggish last night.When i play Medieval 2:Total war,it,loading time become longer n frame rate drop.i notice cpu is constantly near 100%.Please help

  606. blurr says:

    my laptop suddenly become sluggish last night.When i play Medieval 2:Total war,it,loading time become longer n frame rate drop.i notice cpu is constantly near 100%.Please help

  607. weinter says:

    Please post your System Specs when troubleshooting to determine the cause
    Also check your temperature when running using HWMonitor

  608. blurr says:

    where 2 find system spec?

  609. weinter says:

    For example how much RAM do you have and temperature check utility here

  610. blurr says:


    Hardware monitor

    ACPI hardware monitor

    Temperature sensor 0 57°C (134°F) [0xCE6] (THRM)

    Dump hardware monitor

    Hardware monitor

    AMD Turion X2 RM-70 hardware monitor

    Temperature sensor 0 51°C (123°F) [0x198] (Core #0)
    Temperature sensor 1 51°C (123°F) [0x198] (Core #1)

    Dump hardware monitor

    Hardware monitor

    GeForce 9100M G hardware monitor

    Temperature sensor 0 65°C (148°F) [0x41] (GPU Core)

    Dump hardware monitor

    Hardware monitor

    ST9160827AS hardware monitor

    Temperature sensor 0 49°C (120°F) [0x31] (HDD)

    Dump hardware monitor

  611. weinter says:

    Looks normal
    Ok maybe you want to tune down settings on the game 9100M G isn’t that powerful

  612. blurr says:

    whait…before this i play the game with high setting event loading my saved game take longer than usual.Even CS is lagging now

  613. weinter says:

    Ok there could be a lot of reason causing this
    Most likely Malware (including spyware)
    Check task manager do you see any suspicious process appearing
    Or too much programs installed and initiated at startup
    type “msconfig” in run to see them

  614. ange says:

    can any1 tell me why my acer aspire 5535 laptop keeps randomly crashing for no reason, i have only had it for a week, thanx

  615. Kenny says:

    I always went into the blue screen saying memory dump.I mentioned abt tis problem many times here..yet still no solution.Scanned using scandish and spinrite before.No results.

  616. weinter says:

    Did you do a reformat?
    Please include your OS detail XP Vista
    Did you install any suspicous Software?
    Malware often cause blue screen
    Also always uninstall the crap ware that came default with acer laptops

  617. Andry says:

    I did have the same problems as your..
    Already spinrited it, etc..
    After reformat, problems solved…
    Dunno where is the trouble..

  618. weinter says:


    This works because companies usually do imaging there is no way to check data consistency in imaging so errors may occur

    Reformat solve the error issue as data is checked during installation

  619. weinter says:

    Another thing you can try
    Checking Files with System File Checker

    If you suspect that there may be a problem with your files, you can run the System File Checker tool to scan your protected system files and verify their versions. If System File Checker finds a protected file has been damaged or overwritten, it replaces it with the correct file from its cache. You may need to provide your Windows DVD if System File Checker needs files that aren’t held in the cache. To run System File Checker, follow these steps:

    1. Choose Start All Programs Accessories. Windows displays the Accessories folder on the Start menu.

    2. Right-click the Command Prompt, choose Run As Administrator from the context menu, and then authenticate yourself to User Account Control. If you’re logged in as a Standard user or the Guest user, you’ll need to provide an Administrator password. Windows displays an Administrator: Command Prompt window.

    3. Type the sfc command with the appropriate options using the following syntax

    sfc [/scannow] [/verifyonly] [/scanfile=] [/verifyfile=] [/ offwindir=] [/offbootdir=] These are the parameters:
    Parameter Makes System File Checker

    /scannow Scan all protected system files immediately and repair any problem files. /verifyonly Scan all protected system files but not repair any problem files.

    Parameter Makes System File Checker

    /scanfile Scan the file specified and repair it if there’s a problem. /verifyfile Scan the specified file but not repair any problem in it. /offwindir Use the specified offline Windows directory. /offbootdir Use the specified offline boot directory.

  620. Kenny says:

    My specs was the same as expertester except mine was 3gb ram,all software is the default which comes with the lappie.Mayb i did install some suspicious software which causes problem but i dont know which is it.Mayb i will do a reformat later.I am downloading Microsoft Vista Ultimate now XD.Anyhow if i reformat using Vista Ultimate,where can i find the drivers?Is it all inside the cds provided by Acer?Anyone can guide me how to reformat the pc and install Vista ultimate step by step?

  621. weinter says:

    First try using Acer Recovery you have it right?
    Press F10 while D2D Recovery in BIOS is enabled
    Then after that uninstall the crapware that came with the Acer

  622. blurr says:


    i already scan my laptop for spyware or malware using AVG free and window defender.No infection on anything.
    and i already disable much of my software at startup (ym,hp printer and so on)
    my already look like normal but still my game is lagging

  623. ming says:

    I’m using XP SP2 with RAM 2 x 2gb. But the system only detect 2,75 gb. is it okay? Or is there any effect with the system later? Thx

  624. weinter says:

    First of all you must understand WinXp will at most show 3.25GB in the System Properties
    The next thing you must know is 32bit WinXp and WinVista CAN SUPPORT 4GB via a tweak call PAE
    Physical Addressing Extension allows the processor to extend allocation of physical RAM to 4GB
    So the trick is to enable PAE but you must know for WinXp the max it will show is 3.25GB even with PAE enabled
    The Method to enable PAE is shown in my blog here

    OK you said before this it wasn’t lagging?
    So when did it started lagging? What did you last do before it lagged?
    What are the software you install on the laptop?
    Check Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
    What Processes are running when the game is loaded?
    Any extra suspicous files in C:\?
    To check select tools > folder options > View
    Select show hidden files & folders
    Uncheck hide protected operating system files
    If worse come to worse backup and reformat

  625. Weinter_Proxy says:

    First of all you must understand WinXp will at most show 3.25GB in the System Properties
    The next thing you must know is 32bit WinXp and WinVista CAN SUPPORT 4GB via a tweak call PAE
    Physical Addressing Extension allows the processor to extend allocation of physical RAM to 4GB
    So the trick is to enable PAE but you must know for WinXp the max it will show is 3.25GB even with PAE enabled
    The Method to enable PAE is shown in my blog here

    OK you said before this it wasn’t lagging?
    So when did it started lagging? What did you last do before it lagged?
    What are the software you install on the laptop?
    Check Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
    What Processes are running when the game is loaded?
    Any extra suspicous files in C:\?
    To check select tools > folder options > View
    Select show hidden files & folders
    Uncheck hide protected operating system files
    If worse come to worse backup and reformat

  626. op says:

    i have one quetion…my laptop is Acer Aspire 4530 too…and my laptop is the same like the display laptop…i have 4G RAM but when i using Windows xp its only detect 3G…how can i maximize the RAM to 4G..

  627. weinter_proxy says:

    Read the previous post =O

  628. kris says:

    does anyone know here how to increase the screen resolution larger than 1280×800?

  629. weinter says:

    Max Resol depends on LCD display too
    By forcing the display you can damage it

  630. Kenny says:

    Wow today i nearly hav to reformat my lappie.This morning i did a virus harm detected.So i shut down my lappie.During afternoon when i on my lappie,it was stuck there.It says Configurating Updates 3 of 3.0%…then auto keeps going on.I nearly wan to reformat everything.But luckily i set up a system restore point before…so now no more problem..wat the hell…last time crash dump blue stuck at the updating the way someone told me u can install Vista ultimate using Vista Basic dvds by not entering the serial number.Is it true?

  631. what says:

    for those who use vista ultimate i suggest u 2 do a complete pc back up which is only available in vista ultimate

    using that u can completely back up ur window 2 previous window,
    all programs, driver, software and every things can restore completely

    for sys restore point, it is not that useful because it cant restore b smthgs like ur registry, uninstalled programs, after that restore point

    here i thk we should use some software such as tune up utility 2008, ashampoo 2 maintain our window

  632. kris says:

    can i upgrade my memory to 3gb. i mean, adding 1x2Gb kingston ddr2 sodimm memory? is it ok to have this config even though the two sodimm have different brand?

  633. weinter says:

    Yes it will work but at half frequency
    so your windows experience index will also drop
    That means your 667MHZ RAM will run at 333MHZ only

  634. wahyu pamungkas says:

    Dear all,
    I Have 4530 with xp 3, bios version 3331, after I installed pc wizard08, it detected my cpu run changing 1000 mhz appear to 2000 mhz…sometimes 1000 mhz sometimes 2000 mhz, why it happened…is there any suggestion ??

  635. Kenny says:

    Can somebody answer my question??>.<

  636. weinter says:

    by the way someone told me u can install Vista ultimate using Vista Basic dvds by not entering the serial number.Is it true?

    Not true they are two different versions Basic has disabled features
    The best pirated Windows OS to use is Windows Xp Professional Corporate Edition
    It is great because it doesn’t come with WGA anti piracy software

    @wahyu pamungkas
    This is because laptop CPU are different from PC they throttle down to lower frequency to save power when it is idling
    AMD calls it PowerNow! Intel Calls it stepspeed
    Occurs on both Intel and AMD Processor

  637. expertester says:

    I think I need to do some clearification here.

    Windows Vista by default turn on PAE. So, those tricks won’t work. I have tried couple of months ago. I have 4 GB of RAMs, and under Vista x86, the useable space only 2.75 GB. Even I force PAE to ON, nothing change.
    If you have 4 GB of rams and using windows vista 32 bit, there is no such easy way (including force PAE to on using cmd prompt). The system page will report 4 GB (after SP1) but actuall useable memory (user memory space) only limited to 2.75 GB to 3.0 GB (depend on how much memory you allocated for 9100GM). However, if you use Windows Server 2008, even with 32 bit OS, full 4 GB can be used. No problem at all. I test both, Vista x86 and Winserver08 x86, using Sun Virtual Box, which I run 4 virtual machine on top of both OS. Page file aka Virtual Memory both set to OFF. When virtual box start to use more than 2.75 GB on vista, vista will freeze. However, using Windows Server 2008, total memory consumption close to 3.4 GB.
    After doing some research back then, PAE technically can address more than 4 GB, because it use 36bits instead of 32bits. But for the sake of marketing purpose (according to numerous forumers) and to encourage end user to switch to Vista 64bit (that is why both version sold at the same price by Ms), they explicitly limit Vista PAE to 32 bit.

    That is AMD PowerNow features in order to reduce power consumption. Both Intel and AMD processor currently has that kind of technology. Under vista, your 2 GHz processor can even run at 500 MHz. Assuming you do nothing at your PC (idling), the CPU will throtle down to lower speed. But, when you need full 2GHz power, the CPU will increase its speed at instant.

    Contradict to Weinter statement (sorry Weinter but I have to disagree on this), by using 1+2 GB memory module, you can use dual channel features. Your memory frequency will remain (either at 667 or 800 MHz), however you can’t use dual channel features. DDR2 if I am not mistaken use 64 bit (data wide). By using dual channel, effectively, your data wideness (bandwidth) will be double, which data will be transfer in 128 bit data wide. In lay man term, theortically, by using dual channel, you can make your memory data transfer 100% faster than single channel configuration.
    To understand more the different between data wide (dual channel) and raw speed (in MHz)…

    Check this one. DDR 400 is also known as DDR 3200 which 3200 mean, 3200 MB/second). In dual channel, effective transfer rate become 6400 MB/S (theoritically, as my old nForce2 Ultra only manage to squeeze close to 5000 MB/s)

    DDR1 400
    200 = (actual frequency 200 MHz),
    2 = DOUBLE data rate
    64 bit = data wide
    1 byte = 8 bit

    3200 Megabyte/second = 200 MHz *2*64/8

    in dual channel mode,
    frequency still maintain 200 Mhz, so do double (2) and byte definition, however, since it is dual channel,
    datawide = 64*2 = 128 bit

    result : 200*2*128/8 = 6400 Megabyte per second data transfer rate.

    So what all these mean? You ram performance has DIRECT (or positive relationship) with your Memory Frequency (MHz) and Data Wide (Single Channel or Double Channel).

    Hope this will clear some missunderstanding.

    I can’t confirm Vista Basic could be upgrade to Vista Ultimate with those tricks but, I can confirm that Windows Vista Home or Home Premium could be upgrade to Vista Ultimate as simple as changing license key. Seem that, doesn’t matter what version your vista is, all the files is there and wait to be activated by legit license key.
    However, your claim might has some logical correctness. Windows Server 2008 (which more or less equal to vista in term of code and package), with single disc image, I can choose either Windows Server Core, Enterprise or Datacenter when I do not enter any license key. Drawback… timebomb (limited time use).

    Maximum resolution is depend on your LCD, precisely as what weinter said. However, if you insist, there is third party tools, that could virtually increase your logical screen resolution. Drawback, you need to scroll your windows and desktop horizontally and vertically which is really pain in the arse.

    That is because we use 32 bit OS. My unit got 4GB too, but either WinXP or Vista x86, max memory could be used only 3GB (assuming I dedicate nothing to 9100MG from system RAM).Yes I know, my statement 180 percent contradict to Weinter said, but base on my self experience, PAE on vista can’t extend 32bit limitation. Perhaps, Weinter should insight us more on this one by hard evidence 😛
    I might be wrong due to my incompetency but a quick check with google confirm my finding. No one could ever proof a useable 4 GB with Vista PAE force enable trick.

    Err…are you using legal Windows or ahem-ahem one 😀

  638. expertester says:

    Windows 32 Bit and 4 GB issue :

  639. expertester says:

    correction :

    By using 1+2 GB memory module, you CAN’T use dual channel features.

  640. weinter says:

    It is possble to use 4GB in Windows
    What you see in Windows itself is the userspace memory
    The kernelspace reserves 1GB (sorry not for you) therefore you will never see a full 4GB in userspace what PAE does is make available all 4GB to the whole system but 1GB is always taken up by Kernel space
    As in WinXp system properties because it only reports userspace RAM

    @Expertester is right about PAE enable by default on HARDWARE BASED NX

    As for the dual channel issue it is proven both factually and theoretically
    You see my friend originally had a pair of 512MB RAM for Vista
    So I had a 3GB Aspire 4530 originally and a spare 2GB so i upgrade it to 4GB and pass 1GB to him
    The Windows Experience Index fell by 0.5 PTS in more than 1 section
    because it is an Intel Integrated Graphics


    If you want your laptop to run full speed all the time you have to configure power options powerplan in vista to set minimium CPU frequency to 100 percent then it will run max all the time

    For XP selecting power options as Desktop (Always On) does the same thing

    PS Expertester can you do something about the limit post/day using proxy is tedious

    Also Anyone encounter a system clock issue whenever the laptop with no power attached the clock doesn’t run
    I have open up the laptop to take a look couldn’t locate CMOS battery

  641. kris says:


    so its better to add another 1gb stick rather than 1x2gb stick on my vista x86? do you think that performance-wise the 2x1Gb config is much faster than 1x1Gb + 1x2Gb configuration?

  642. kris says:


    is the timing for the memory module must be the same for the 2x1Gb config to enable dual channel?

    or any ddr2 667Mhz sodimm will do just fine?

  643. weinter says:

    You don’t have to worrying about timings just a pair of identical capacity DDR will activate Dual Channel
    So example you have 2 stick one 533MHZ and one 667MHZ
    DDR will be activate but at the 533MHZ speed the lower one

  644. kris says:

    thanks, but i have another question. how about performance? i would like to upgrade my memory. from 1x1Gb to 2x1Gb or 1x1Gb and 1x2Gb config. which configuration would you suggest?i down want to upgrade to 2x2Gb if vista cant fully utilize the 4Gb, and it is expensive.

    btw i have a screen shot of cpu-z it says my dram frequency is only 333.4Mhz, is this the same with 667Mhz ddr2?

  645. weinter says:

    The reason it is now running on 333MHZ as shown in the screenshot is because it is now running dual channel
    If you upgrade to 3GB (1GB+2GB) it will NOT run in DDR it will be identical to your screenshot
    If you upgrade to 2GB (1GB+1GB) it will run at 667MHZ

  646. weinter says:

    For those using PAE remember to add /3GB after /PAE

  647. kris says:

    so you’re saying that 1gb+1gb setup using dual channel is better than 1gb+2gb setup w/o dual channel?

  648. wahyu pamungkas says:

    Tks for answer,
    I have another question, would it be possible to run AHCI mode on XP SP 3 ? If it does, can you show me how to setting my laptop? tks

  649. weinter says:

    The frequency the RAM will run will be doubled if capacity is identical
    1GB+2GB setup = 333MHZ same as your screenshot
    1GB+1GB setup = 667MHZ 2X faster than your screenshot
    Also the RAM you buy must be same speed (1GB DDR2 RAM 5300 667MHZ same as the one in your laptop now)
    Expertester has a article on your question

  650. Kenny says:

    Er i am not using pirated.It was the original dvd of Vista basic.So far,i found no solution to my Stuck at configurating updates and crash dump error problem.As they always said,FORMAT IT =.=ll

  651. expertester says:


    1GB x2 (2 GB total) definitely has better performance. But once your OS and application fully occupied 2 GB Rams, your OS will start to utilize virtual memory which is way slower than your primary memory (ram). In this particular case, 3GB in single channel will pawn 2 GB dual channel because virtual memory penalty way too big to compensate dual channel advantage. However, don’t worry much as even for vista with other security and office application, it barely can exceed 1 GB idle. My desktop only has 2 GB of memory, but pair with ATI Radeon 4850, I can throw any games with highest setting at this old rig without any sweat. Clearly, my vista+security software+office and programming software+Latest games don’t exceed 2 GB mark yet.

    Imagine this one.

    You are using Vista which require at least 1 GB of RAM to perform moderately good.

    Configuration one : 2×256 MB rams, in dual channel mode.
    Configuration two : 1GB+256 MB rams, in single channel mode.

    In term of raw performance, obviously configuration one will have double transfer rate compare to config2. But, if you are using vista, 512 MB is the lowest possible memory configuration for vista, which result heavy swapping between virtual memory (hard disk) and your 512 MB of RAMs. However, if you are using config2, your Vista will run significantly faster than config1, mainly because of memory space.

    To make things more interesting, if you are using windows 2000 which run very fine at 256 MB of rams, configuration one will pawn configuration two because of dual channel superior transfer rate. Hope you can understand this one … /swt

    My recommendation, upgrade to 2x2GB now since SODIMM DDR2 667 or DDR800 seriously cheap. In 2009 or 2010, where this module already absolute, you will be on the dark side, as 2 GB of this module might cost you 3 to 4 times more expensive than now. Even vista x86 can’t allow you to use more than 3 GB, extra 1 GB headroom is good for future proof, especially when people start to migrate to 64bit OS. As a 64bit Vista user, I find 64bit Vista way more stable compare to 32 bit. Furthermore, next year, Microsoft will release Windows 7, which will be base on Vista code. Expect more and more people to use 64 bit OS, and I predict, by that moment, most OS will natively support 64bit OS (better performance without WoW penalty).

    OK, one more thing, about your Memory Frequency…

    For your information, your memory frequency reported by CPU-Z is absolutely correct. As my previous post, your RAM is DDR, which is the data rate is double. Actual frequency of your DRAM unit is 336. With double the data rate (where data will be transfer at both ON level and OFF level of oscilation clock, the effective data rate is equivalent to 336*2 = 672. Honestly, this number a little bit high than standard spec, which should be 334.

    To make it simple, DDR RAM with actual frequency of 336 MHz has equivalent performance (roughly, assuming all the latency setting equal) if we compare with SDR RAM.

    A quick check at my PC currently (which use DDR2800 in dual channel), CPU-Z display DRAM Frequency 402 MHz.

    So, either u use 2+1 or 2+2 or 1+1 memory configuration, your CPU-z will always display DRAM frequency as 336 MHz (because this is the actual clock for your DRAM module, doesn’t matter dual or single channel configuration)


    I see. Hmm…no wonders my brother in law keep complaining his Vista got so much problem (he is using HP laptop at that moment). I can’t comment anything, but both kenny and my bro in law use the very same Vista Basic. Hmmm…fishy isn’t. Thehehehe.

    Kenny, if I were you, defitely I will reformat my lappy (not quick format one), reinstall vista and lappy drivers propperly. Step by step. After that ghost (I prefer Acronis TrueImage at this moment). Let see if your OS instability still occur. From my point of view, your lappy just doing fine, but unable to update the windows seem more on software side instead of hardware side.

    Note : my PC couple of months ago infected by BSOD problem too…often reported memory dump bla bla bla. My self investigation reveal that, my vista already suffered major damage due to improper optimization, over claim utilities, and incompatible VSS defragmenter. A clean format and reinstall vista (no more unnecessary utility after that), provide me safe and reliable computing experience..phew.

  652. expertester says:


    Quote from “As they always said,FORMAT IT =.=ll “…LOL, what can I say, that is the simplest, easiest, less trouble same and almost guarantee result 😀

  653. Kenny says:

    Haha…i will do a reformat once i downloaded the ahem ahem Vista Ultimate haha.I juz worried that i cant reinstall back the drivers once i reformat them.By the way,Vista Ultimate x64 and x86..wats the difference?32-bit and 64-bit?

  654. expertester says:

    Vista 64 allow you to fully utilize 4 GB of RAMs while Vista 32, bound to 3 GB limitation, generally speaking. However, due to the nature of 64bit variable, Vista 64bit consume more RAMs.

    Vista 32 with drivers alone, idle consume about 650 MB while vista 64 consume approximately 850 MB. I can live with that extra since I got 4 GB instead of 2.75 GB :p

    Dont worry about driver installation tho…as I already do that things several times at this lappy.

  655. weinter says:


    A quick check at Microsoft RAM Limits website show 4GB will be utilised in Windows 32bits
    It is just that default 2GB for you 2GB for System
    So you will never see 4GB available for you
    If you enable /3GB along with /PAE System will allocate 3GB for you 1GB for System
    And /PAE is enabled only on System with Hardware Enforced Noexecute(DEP) by default
    If system does not have DEP activated /PAE has to be manually added

    The /3GB switch is added to boot.ini file in Xp
    and bcdedit /set userincreaseva 3072 in Vista

  656. weinter says:

    What happens if you have less than 2GB on your system?
    The system will dynamically allocate the amount of system and user ram via memory manager
    allocating RAM to device drivers and deallocating them as drivers release the RAM

    So technically Vista CAN use 4GB it is just that the max you can actually use for your application is 3GB, 1GB is for system drivers and system threads not for you =P
    More info available here

  657. diyowell