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Game and Vista

Posted: November 27, 2008 in Software
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Read…. Read!
My take on gaming on Vista. Gaming on Vista. Gaming. Vista. Game. Vista. 

Reasons To Game On Vista [ Fully benefit gaming on Vista with ‘Games For Windows’ titles]

1. DirectX 10 
Got yourself a shiny new GeForce8/9 GPU ? Then its most likely to be ‘Vista Certified’ meaning true compatibility
and solid performance on Windows Vista. Suggestions for DirectX 10 games – Crysis, BioShock, Company of Heroes. Beware, you will need a high-end rig (nothing less) to play DirectX 10 games in their full glory. 

2. Games Explorer
Choose ‘Games For Windows’ titles – these titles assure you full compatibility with Windows Vista. Besides, it will fully support Games Explorer – your one stop for running games on your computer, with WEI score and links to the game website. Some games even have the menu options that take you straight to the configuration options window.

3. Xbox 360 Controller
The Xbox 360 Controller for Windows is the best gamepad you can ever have for a PC. It has the best feel and quality – its really really good. And its fully compatible with Windows Vista. No need for drivers. Most ‘Games For Windows’ titles support this controller. 

4. Widescreen Gaming
‘Games For Windows’ titles should (and is a criteria) to support widescreen display resolutions. So if you have a widescreen display (which you certainly will want as Vista gadgets are placed on the right hand side of the screen), rest assured that these games support widescreen resolutions. Crank tat’ resolution ! 

5. The future of gaming… 
Halo 2 for Vista remains the one and only game that supports Tray & Play. Pop the disc into the drive, and you can have the option to ‘stream the game and install’ – – it installs the game while you play it ! Just like gaming consoles. Also, cross platform gaming (Shadowrun & Halo 2) is possible – – you can play in multiplayer modes from Windows opponents and Xbox 360 opponents. 

6. Parental Controls
If you are a parent, feel free to feel relieved. You can lock/unlock certain games with certain ratings. So, if you’re a good dad, you would lock GTA San Andreas from your kids. If you’re bad, just say the blood in the game is just ketchup and let them play games with senseless violence. You can almost have a time limit to using the computer.. you can try setting a time limit on your ownself – that way, gaming will no longer be addictive. 

Err… hail all parents ! 

Reasons You May Not Want To Game On Vista 

1. Old games, compatibility might be in question
Old games (like Rise of the Triad) that use Dos mode may not even install ! You can always try to use compatibility mode but it may not always work. Most old games work though, but some still don’t and won’t. You will have to use DosBox or similar software to play your old games. Some games (circa 2000) that ran on Windows 98 / XP may not work in Vista. Usually its always the case of using compatibility mode, but that may not always work. 

2. DirectX 10 / Performance ? 
I question the use of DirectX 10 in games… Vista does it job, but there is just a handful of games that support DirectX 10. BioShock with/without DirectX 10 – almost no difference at all. Crysis, there is a ‘tweak’ that allows DirectX 10-like visuals although still using DirectX 9 mode (game creator Cevat Yerli says ‘this isn’t the real DirectX 10 graphics…. ???? ).

Also, not to mention the demanding resources when using DirectX 10 unless you have a high-end gaming rig. Expect games to be ‘a little slower’ in Vista compared to XP. 

3. Games For Windows ? 
Not all game titles are under the banner of Games For Windows. This raises the question – – why not ? Why won’t game developers just get to this standard. Well, game developers Valve claim they have their own system even though it fully complies with all Games For Windows standards (widescreen resolution, Xbox 360 controller support). The Need For Speed franchise (and other EA titles too) has doged GFW altogether…. for reasons unknown. 

As for me….
When Crysis was released, I wanted to shoot my computer. There goes my near 5-digit priced gaming system. It could barely make Crysis run at High. Forget Very High. And (for me), forget DirectX 10. I abandoned PC gaming. Windows Vista was part of the reason too – – DirectX 10 was all the reasons for me to keep gaming on PC, but this was the one thing that just didn’t make me a happy gamer anymore. Its the future of graphics technology, right, but let’s just say I’d prefer gaming consoles. So yes, I am a uber happy Xbox 360 gamer and I use Windows Vista on 4 machines at homes to play MSN games.

That’s right. MSN games. Geometry Wars is my favorite. 

Game on!

Choose your destiny of gaming… 

MSN Games

Games For Windows

Xbox 360


Credit to : defaultname365

Hohoho, just after a while i successfully host WoW and implement all the custom npc and warp portal to my WoW, I decide to give it a try to host custom revision 80 open source Rose EVO emulator. And woot… here it is.

URL : Solarose Official Page (Download + Register + Play)

Forum : http:://

Yep…i know i know…the website for Solarose not eye catching yet ..but hey, It works. That most important. You can register your account there, check your character, reborn, change job etc from the website. That’s what you need right. And also, you can server status, who is online, ranking page, top 100 of players, clan download rose client and solarose patch.

Best of will be FREE forever.

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