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Some Linux Tidbits

Posted: December 25, 2009 in Internet, Software
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Transform Ubuntu to Windows 7 : Read Here

How to install Office 2007 on Ubuntu (using WINE) : Read Here

Unetbootin, a dispensable tool to install Ubuntu (and other major linux distros) using your USB drive : Download Unetbootin

Having a netbook and tired with not so suitable OS (due to small netbook screensize)?. Why not try Moblin or Ubuntu Netbook Remix . Download :  Moblin | UNR

Audio Video enthusiast. How about Ubuntu Studio : Download Ubuntu Studio.

If you only interested in Ubuntu Studio theme, you may try this :

sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-look

Tired with brown and plain Ubuntu theme. Spice up your Ubuntu with some new exiting themes : Get em here

Backup your MBR before it become too late (especially if you edit your hdd mbr, backup/restore or dual boot) : Read 5 of them here. Tested : HDHacker

Tutorial on how to do disc imaging (backup) using Ubuntu (LiveCD/System Resuce CD or normal OS environment) : Read it here and here . System Rescue CD .

CloneZilla, an open source disk imaging (backup) utility. Recommended. Official Website.

Step by step guide to use CloneZilla

Guide to prepare clonezilla in USB drive

….more to come.


PS : Ubuntu 9.10 (All version : x64, x32 and UNR) totally compatible with Acer 4530 out of the box. nVidia proprietry drivers will be offered automatically once you connect with the internet. WiFi, bluetooth etc work like charm.

nVidia GeForce 9100MG Benchmark : A Reality Check

Base on previous review (you can read here) for Acer Aspire 4530 which pre-equipped with GeForce 9100MG, we know that 9100MG score 1415 for 3dMark06 and 3393 for 3Dmark03. But, how good/bad this number mean.

Obviously, for benchmark freak, they will recognize how good this integrated chipset will perform since they have ‘built-in benchmark database’ in their head. But, how about the rest of us. So, a quick check to numeruos website need to be done, to get a rough idea what that number mean.

Acer 4350 score 1415 for 3dmark06


Happy to report here, Aspire 4530 user who can’t wait any longer to install e-Power Technology for their Aspire 4530, you can install Aspire 4520 E-Power Technology without any problem.

URL for e-Power :

You need to download “AcerEFM Acer Empowering Framework” and install it first to enable e-Powering to work.

Note : My big green e button (top left of my keyboard) seem not working yet…but overall, everything work fine.


What is Empowering Technology?

Empowering Technology is designed to make operating your computer easier than ever. It provides a simple-to-use interface and versatile configurations to help you efficiently complete everyday computing tasks.

Want to know more?

Link :

Acer Aspire 4530 is my third notebook, which I review / commented in this blog. The first one is Acer 4520 (AMD Turion x2) which you can read here and the second one is Lenovo Y410 (Core 2 Duo) which you can read here.

For the record, all three notebooks, I bought and setup it using Windows Vista Ultimate with latest driver available, properly restart and defrag all of them before benchmark it using Windows Vista Experience Index. So, roughly, what I am going to write here is my short experience with my new laptop, and how good or bad it is compare to the other two.