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Ok, I love Vista

Posted: August 21, 2008 in Software
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Author : Expertester

Contradict to my old post (Why XP not Vista) I finally fall in love with Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (as server and workstation).

However, this is not happening overnight. A lot of effort and time had been put to understand, learn and study how to fully utilize Vista potential. Vista is the current generation of operating system and I have to work alongside with it instead of keep fighting it in order to enjoy maximum benefits of Windows Vista, thus resulting better productivity.

Bear I mind, I do not compare Vista to any operating system directly, be it Windows XP, 98, 2000, OSX or even Linux. This post more or less, explains why I as a former Windows Vista hater / basher could fall in love with this Operating System.

  • Security : Out of the box experience
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Current Technology
  • Matured driver
  • New Networking Experience
  • Advance Sleep
  • Installation and Recovery
  • Ultimate Package
  • Bloated?
  • My Documents Issue
  • Aero
  • I use Office 2007
  • I have to use Ms Visual Studio
  • Compatibility
  • Games and DirectSound
  • Stability
  • DreamScene
  • Fully Bake OS
  • SuperSearch (more…)

How to enable AHCI : Windows XP

Posted: July 27, 2008 in Software
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In case your your XP installation was done using IDE mode, and you decide to use AHCI for what ever reason, don’t worry. You can do that without reinstalling your Windows XP. This trick might usefull to for those who are confuse / lazy / afraid / <put your reason here> to slipstream AHCI driver into WinXP installation disc.

  • Start Device Manager (Right click on My Computer –> Property –> Hardware –> Device Manager


My PC got 3 OS. Vista, Ubuntu (Linux) and Windows XP. But most of the time (I could say, 95%), I use Windows XP SP3. So, as me (common user) use WinXP instead of the oooh and aaah Vista?

From my point of view…because I dont have strong reason to use Vista. Yes, it has all the bell and whistles, but I don’t use ’em. The GUI absolutely pretty..but there is no impact on better productivity. In fact, with C2D processor, 2 GB of RAMS, 1 Tera of HDD, seem Vista still slow to my liking. After I installed SP1 for Vista, the OS seem less stable than before. Blue screen start to show up from time to time. Auto reboot is common thing. I could leave my XP for a week without restart (for downloading) but not for Vista. That is for sure. So, I start to have no reason to use vista. Instead, I am thingking right now to remove it permanently from my HDD to claim back the resource (hard disk space).