Winzip, WinRar or 7zip

Posted: June 1, 2008 in Software
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When you want to compress your files and folders, are you still using plain windows zip utility? Or already move to more exotic paid program like WinRar? Or you actually already join free and open source community, using 7zip? For this very own purpose, I made a short complete test. (You can do yours to compare with your fav. compressor like PowerArchiever, WinAce etc)

Here is the original folder, consist of 1370 files and 126 folder. Folder size 79.6 MB but will cost me 84 MB on my hdd (4kb cluster NTFS).

For those who are interested to know what folder it is, it is 4th planet patch folder for Rose Online game. You can get it from net.

OK, now let compress it using windows compression utility (Via right click on that folder –> Send To –> Compress Folder). Default format for this kind of compression is zip.

As you might see, Windows zip compressor, compress 79.6 MB files into 35.3 MB. Not to shabby huh. More than half.

Now, let move on to all time exotic compressor, named winrar. Let see if it still able to amuse us with its magic (Winrar is not a free software. You may download it from the rarlab with 30 days trial period. After that, it will keep showing the nag screen until you purchase the software, unless you crack it :D)

Yay, WinRar able to shrink the files better. 32.3 MB vs 35.3 MB (3 MB smaller than normal windows pre-installed zip compressor.). So is it worth to spend some money to get this software? Hold on until you see what 7zip can do.

7zip is not zip. 7zip able to support rar and zip, it is not zip format. 7zip is a free and open source (this is the best part, nothing to hide, they even could provide you the whole source code if you need), no nagging screen, uber small size and under opensourge umbrella. Enough with this blubbering, let see the result.

Holly Cow… 13.9 MB only. Do you believe that. 43% of what winrar could do (in term of size).

So, lets recap :

Non Compress    : 79.6 MB

Zip (Free)            : 35.3 MB

WinRar (Paid)       : 32.3 MB

7zip (Free + OS)  : 13.9 MB

So, from almost 80 MB, 7zip able to compress the whole folder to merely 14 MB. That is quite an achievement. I am pretty surprise with this result honestly. I don’t expect 7zip to beat winrar this bad actually. I expect that 7zip able to compress the folder around 20% better than winrar, but fact is fact. 7zip just blow them away.

So..where can i download this 7zip utility ?

Here :

  1. jt says:

    What were the settings you used to compress each file? This kind of test is meaningless without those…

  2. Yakuzaku says:

    Wow Ur Right I Tried Compressing a file using 7zip and WinRar but
    7zip is more better

  3. mmstivk says:

    lol i am very mad at those people that use 7zip and tell others to use winrar to open their 7zip files… Ive used 7zip for 2 years and it is THE BEST. it can compress into just about every known type of file and do it 10x better than winrar. So why even mention winrar? brainwash people by giving them knowledge of only one alternative, buy winrar. It’s basically advertisement.

  4. mmstick says:

    sorry the name should be mmstick

  5. TechMata says:

    I have just made a simple test between 7-zip, winrar and winzip. ^_^

  6. Me says:

    You really need to take into consideration the time taken to do the compression.
    The longer the time the greater the compression. creating 7z files is very slow.

  7. TechMata says:

    Hello Me,

    If you want TIME please read this post ^_^

    Hope this helps ^_^

  8. Me says:

    Stop spamming TechMata

  9. expertester says:


    Yep, for 7zip (max compression setting) might need more times to compress file, not to mention CPU usage. But for a freeware which can give one of the best compression for mainstream market, open source and small installation size…. i m pretty happy with it.

    Will cover about compression time later…

  10. Me says:

    yep agree is pretty good, just the gui is a bit quirky

  11. Voobbcvz says:

    noOEeP comment1 ,

  12. Dash Ali says:

    for each Process…
    1: what is versions of Softwares?
    2: what is Config?
    3: CPU usage?
    4: Ram usage?
    5: time usage?

  13. […] Zip – para compactar os documentos esse é a melhor opção existente, algumas pessoas já comentam sobre […]

  14. UTog says:

    for each Process…
    1: what is versions of Softwares?
    2: what is Config?
    3: CPU usage?
    4: Ram usage?
    5: time usage?

    Hey Dash Ali? why are you just casting down on those 5 querying about? I supposed to consider num 1 but those remaining 4 ??? are non-sense. config, cpu, ram, time,… hmmm!!! they are investigating compression ranking, could you elaborate this a lil bit.

  15. roberto says:

    I made a same test for these 3 and found out that winrar compress better than the two.Please stop making any nonsense post. Just think of it why most people uses winrar? even though there are other free programs like 7zip.

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