Acer Empowering Technology for Aspire 4530

Posted: July 19, 2008 in Hardware, Software
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Happy to report here, Aspire 4530 user who can’t wait any longer to install e-Power Technology for their Aspire 4530, you can install Aspire 4520 E-Power Technology without any problem.

URL for e-Power :

You need to download “AcerEFM Acer Empowering Framework” and install it first to enable e-Powering to work.

Note : My big green e button (top left of my keyboard) seem not working yet…but overall, everything work fine.


What is Empowering Technology?

Empowering Technology is designed to make operating your computer easier than ever. It provides a simple-to-use interface and versatile configurations to help you efficiently complete everyday computing tasks.

Want to know more?

Link :

  1. […] Acer Empowering Technology for Aspire 4530 […]

  2. yap jin yi says:

    hi. how come i can’t download anything from that URL for e-Power : ?

  3. expertester says:

    maybe something wrong at your side because i can download it without any problem.

    I just download one of e-power to verify your comments.

    Note : I use firefox.

  4. yap jin yi says:

    Hi. I am too using fire fox. But I just went there again and couldn’t do anything! Is it because you need to install the JRE first?

  5. expertester says:

    One thing for sure, you need to turn on JS. Are you using noscript plug in?

  6. liwil says:

    only vista can install this e-power?

  7. expertester says:

    XP also can…and the web provide e-power for winxp right.

  8. Yap Jin Yi says:

    Nope..Still can’t download it. I am on XP.

  9. din says:

    ello…i just buy 4530…and i want to upgrade its ram to 4gb just like yours…i want to ask..if its waranty will still valid…tq

  10. expertester says:

    Overall warranty will still valid, but your RAM warranty gone.

    In other word, if your notebook has RAM problem or issue, they will not fix it for free. However, if other part of the laptop not working, you are on safe side.

  11. vexus says:

    i don’t think this empowering is good for our system. I only select a few presentation, e-net, e-setting,

    e-data, e-recovery, e-lock is resources eater.

  12. expertester says:

    Yup, it depend on user. Not all e-power application we need. Just download and use what might benefit us. Certain user really appreciate e-data and e-lock especially student who live with annoying brat (like my sis in law) who keep bugging her to use her lappy.

  13. ken says:

    hi expertester,

    the acer download page really cannot work..

    Could u pls kind enough to share ur one with us? 🙂


  14. expertester says:

    maybe this one could help you :

    My izzi broadband really slow to upload multi megabyte files…
    someone already upload it for us 😀

    Download it while it last 😀

  15. […] Note : You can install Acer 4520 E-Powering Technology for your 4530. Details : HERE […]

  16. IngRaM says:

    my empowering power management got error message, so i uninstall it.
    maybe i should wait for empower 4530 ?

  17. Rajaguru says:

    I am mechanical engg. i plan to buy a laptop( Accer 4530 ) beause i need to use 3d view angle for my carrier by using mechanical softeware, so i need some quality display . One of my friend suggest to me buy this brand and version because of NVIDIA Geforce 9100MG.Can you one advise me to my choise ?

  18. Andy says:

    I have found the Acer Empowering Technology for Windows XP on this page Acer Empowering Technology. It’s really works!

  19. mhamirul says:

    Try to go acer taiwan at and go search for AS4530 drivers. There’ll be a list of driver as well as Empowering technology softwares. I have downloaded them but didn’t try it yet..

    p/s the site is in Chinese language.

  20. kojen says:

    hai…gmana ya cranya buat mendownload update ge force 9100 mg..klo bsa kirimin update nya….thanks…

  21. kojen says:

    hi…how can get update ge force 9100 mg…please…thanks yaw

  22. rafi says:

    how to get update for gf 9100 mg…….smeone please tell me….

  23. Cleo says:

    @Kojen & Rafi
    Use the latest driver and combine it with CUDA + Phsyx technology from Nvidia… (for latest drive and CUDA) (for Phsyx program)

    Install progress :
    1. The driver
    2. CUDA toolkit
    3. CUDA SDK
    4. Phsyx

  24. krisna says:

    Cleo Says:
    November 29, 2008 at 9:09 pm

    @Kojen & Rafi
    Use the latest driver and combine it with CUDA + Phsyx technology from Nvidia… (for latest drive and CUDA) (for Phsyx program)

    Install progress :
    1. The driver
    2. CUDA toolkit
    3. CUDA SDK
    4. Phsyx


    Fungsinya CUDA ama PHYSX apaan ya??

    What CUDA ama PHYSX use for?

  25. m0e says:

    This link for eMpowering Tech. is not working man..i’m using the aspire 4530 with XP3, can u please tell me alternatives for the eMpowering Tech’s full download URL. Thanx before. 😉

  26. m0e says:

    reply to my email please: xtre_zar@yahoo(dot)c0m

  27. qahar says:

    i had to download the empowering, but it has an error message: notsupported operating system.

    i use vista ultimate

  28. Being Frugal says:

    Hi there guys!

    Using the url at the top.

    “URL for e-Power :

    I was able to download a download a zip file folder: “Acer ETF 2.5.4301 SP1_51”.

    Extracting it as of the moment. Will see how this goes.

    Update later.

  29. Being Frugal says:

    Hi guys!

    Currently downloading 4520 e-utilities, using that url at the top.


    I installed the framework, but the green e button still doesnt work.

    Has anyone contacted acer about the 4530 e-tech?

  30. Being Frugal says:

    Hello there guys!

    Again, using that url at the top:


    Note: Iam using firefox.

    I was able to download all of these, including the framework.


    I installed all last night and all worked fine.

    Here’s the better news, I was able to make the green “e” button work on mine.

    Here’s what I did:

    Note, you should have the Launch Manager installed. It’s in the Acer Disk.

    After installing the eTech Framework.

    I launched the Launch Manager app from the tray.

    The Launch Manager showed 3 buttons that I can customize:

    1: The green “e” button.
    2: The “Web” button. It’s the button that has the globe on it.
    3: The “Mail” button. It’s the button that has an envelope on it.

    Beside each button is a blank space that will show the link or file that the button will execute. You should click on “Add” so you can select the file.

    1: To use the Green “e” button. Click on “Add” then “Select File”. Browse your Disk where the Acer empowering technology is then look for the “eAPLauncher” file.

    You should select this file.

    The blank space should now show:


    Click OK and close Launch Manager.

    It should work.

    I have the “Web” and “Mail” button set to launch Firefox and Yahoo Mail respectively. Both works fine.

    Note: I terminated the Launch Manager app from the tray and the buttons stopped working. So I assume that Launch Manager should be running for this things to function.

    -Being Frugal.

  31. ikhsan says:

    @Being Frugal
    hey bro…i can install the emPowering,and all of the installer but not for recovery…when i install the recovery it say “Not D2D System,eRecovery cannot be installed”….how to solve this prob???eny one know this prob??email me plezz…

  32. vikas says:

    i have window xp sp 2. i have e power technology files & setup. but when i install these files then only one mesg. om the screen not supported opertaing system. plz. tell me how can i slove this problem. email me on my email address

  33. Puge says:

    can someone just upload it to their server and give us the link for it? i think it’ll help alot of guys here!!

  34. Vincentius says:

    p/s the site is in Chinese language.

    works great!! it’s the latest empowering software like latest acer products..
    unlike 4520 has, this empowering is for 4530, docked at the upper-side of the monitor…
    but still, I can’t install the eRecovery…

    • Luart says:

      Hi.. I see you say that you got
      empowering for 4530

      Please Can you share the files??
      i went to the web page that you post and there is only empowering for 4530 Windows Vista.


  35. anuar says:

    hi there
    how to get launch manager for my aspire 4350. I’m using windows 7 32bit….help me 😦

  36. c-kista says:

    “URL for e-Power :”

    I went to this URL using IE7 nor FireFOx but nothing happened, it just showed the page, how can I have this empowering technology

  37. imran says:

    Me too….i had download it using firefox.But nothing happen

  38. Divas Dahal says:

    I have GeForce9100m G but my hardware does not support any latest driver and it was said that this hardware support physX and cuda but my Geforce9100m G card does not support this features also. please help me. my email

  39. Roni says:

    saya mau tanya, setelah saya instal ulang windows di laptop saya. kameranya jadi gak nyala padahal webcamnya sudah saya instal…laptopnya acer asphire D 4530…

    tolong dijawab ya

  40. ikhsan says:

    hye all…
    @Being Frugal
    hey bro…i can install the emPowering,and all of the installer but not for recovery…when i install the recovery it say “Not D2D System,eRecovery cannot be installed”….how to solve this prob???any one know this prob??email me plezz…

  41. dai-lami says:

    hi..i just want 2 ask u about the bios and graphic…
    can bios be upgrade to newer version n how?

    for the graphic, is acer 4530 geforce come with turbocache..
    could u pls xplain what turbocache is n how to do it/maximize the lappie performance…


  42. Chetan says:

    I tried to install Acer eRecovery on Aspire4530 but it shows the error: 1.Bootable file

  43. Jeremy says:

    I installed all Acer Aspire 4530 empowering technology for Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and ran well with turning compatibility option for Vista SP1. All are working well except for eRecovery. Still looking for solutions.

  44. Jeremy says:

    Btw, the green button on my acer 4530 also works for Empowering Technology Framework.

  45. love acer says:

    Acer AOD250-1197 10.1-Inch Blue Netbook
    great netbook, substandard os
    The computer itself is great. I love that its compact and has plenty of battery life. The touchpad is the least annoying of any laptop I’ve ever used. The windows 7 starter operating system, however is not. its a highly abbreviated version created for emerging markets in third world countries. There’s so much lacking. you cant even put up a picture on the desktop background. Save your money and buy the XP version. I wish I did.

  46. tahir says:

    4630Z acer d2d recovery download software

  47. one says:

    hi bro,4530 is buid in bluetooth.can you help me how to use the bluetooth button? nothing happen when press it down.

  48. GUNDAM says:

    I wouldn’t want to mess up with the BIOS, I’m not that confident to do so 😛

    To all readers: Can anyone provide the FAN CONTROL for acer which is shown at the PICTURE above



    For all who still have problems:
    Download and install FIRST the Acer Empowering Framework before using the other utilities here:

    in the dropdown..(I recommend: FIREFOX for downloading)

    For Nvidia 9100M G (Go to nvidia/drivers)

  49. seo says:

    As the admin of this web site is working, no question very
    rapidly it will be famous, due to its quality contents.

  50. […] Acer Empowering Technology for Aspire … – 19-7-2008  · Happy to report here, Aspire 4530 user who can’t wait any longer to install e-Power Technology for their Aspire 4530, you can install Aspire 4520 E-Power … […]

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